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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 12th 2016

Today my daughter was teaching all day so I had a day of shopping, cooking, loads of walking and some shopping, all alone. After 4 days of meeting so many people, trying to speak some Spanish and understanding the torrent of words around me, not committing major faux pas culturally, and speaking English but a variant to accommodate various understandings, it was nice to just do my own thing. This morning I was sent off with a note to go to the butcher to get some mince. Well basically I chickened out and bought it at the nearby supermarket. So much easier than having to mime the eventual questions I am sure the butcher would have asked such as beef? regular? premium? Grabbing a packet off the shelf is much more certain. The lady in the ... read more
Graffiti is everywhere and nothing is done to remove it
Wide avenues
Sellers of this and that are common

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 11th 2016

Sunday is a day for meeting people in this part of the world, so this we did all day. Meet and greet started with my daughter inviting some friends over for home cooked ravioli for lunch. Because there is a huge Italian influence many people cook their pasta from scratch which means making the dough, making the fillings, and making the sauce with real vegetables. I was drafted into ravioli making, using the little moulds that you fill and then press out. Hmmmmm not my forte but they looked ok and tasted fantastic. Someone bought bread another wine and we had a lovely meal with 5 friends at the house. Most Sundays there are markets on somewhere so after lunch we all took to bus to Plaza Malvinas to a huge market that is held monthly. ... read more
And down the street, cobbled areas common
Opposite the street, winter trees
Common footpath with broken tiles

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 9th 2016

Left Brisbane Australia this morning at 9-35am on Lan airlines to Beunos Aires via Auckland and Santiago Chile. The lady at check in admonished me for having 27 kgs of luggage in one bag, and told me this time she would not fine me. Must have looked like and old lady in need of TLC. Tiny tiny plane to NZ 3 and 3 seat configuration. 3 hours of flying with Qantas service. Auckland airport was a long 4 hour wait with people that talked funny and coffee and a ginger slice to remind me of how good the baking is in NZ. Flight to Chile was quite empty, great service, great food flowing wine, and very helpful bilingual staff. Almost 13 hours flying on this leg. Was a little worried that I had no time to ... read more
The Andes, no filter, no zoom, just from plane.
Bus from airport to down town BA

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki August 19th 2015

Our last day on Waikiki, sleep in and slow start. Starbucks will miss my usual order of 2 Venti Lattes for Rosemary each morning. I'll miss having a coffee place less than 200 metres from my bedroom. What to do today, and very little was the answer.We had yet to visit Kahala Mall, but had been past it a few times on the green trolley so this was the destination for today. It has been really hto and humid the last week so full air conditioning seemed like a nice option for a hot afternoon. What a difference to AlaMoana shopping centre. AlaMoana is huge open plan, and encompasses life from all ends of the spectrum. Usually there seems to be about 10% Caucasian anywhere we have been, today at Kahala the percentage went up to ... read more
A must have adaptation for every push bike
Whole food at Kahala
100% organic

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 18th 2015

Come to Hawaii and relax on the beautiful beaches of Waikiki goes the advertising blurb. I have yet to lie on the sand and have swum 3 times only at Waikiki, seems like a waste of a holiday to do just that, there is so much to see and do. Today's early morning start involved a 7am out of bed, breakfast and catch the green trolley line to the Diamond Head Crater to hike to the summit. Our stop to catch the trolley was opposite the zoo and the beach where we watched one seriously good game of beach volleyball, 2 couples who looked quite professional. The green trolley takes you up to the gate where you need to pay your $1- to access this national park. It was made a national natural landmark in 1968, ... read more
The ants go marching one by one

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 17th 2015

We got up early in eager anticipation of a trip to Hanauma (pronounced ha-now-Ma) Bay and the promised best snorkelling in O'ahu. Our roomies next door decided to monopolise the shared bathroom from 6-30am to 7-30am so we eventually got into the shower and downstairs (4flights) for cereal and banana around 8am. We were told to walk up the street to catch TheBus #22, because if you get it closer to the our stop near the zoo it would be full and this was the best piece of advice we had all day.We boarded it way up Kalakaua Ave up past the Moana Surfrider, in the direction heading towards the zoo, and managed to snare the last two seats. By the Waikiki Aquarium stop we had loaded about 60 plus people on the double bus, we ... read more
In Hanauma Bay
Fish top left 15cm of water

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 16th 2015

Amazingly with all the noise of the next door Queen Kapiolani Hotel parking, valet and luggage areas as well as various construction work nearby we managed a sleep in and Martin slept till 9-30am. Our plan today was to take the blue Waikiki trolley on the South East corner tour of the island. We thought 11am would be great, however after a slow lazy morning we managed the 1-36pm departure. We chose to get this double decker bus at its third stop which is at the Duke statue along Waikiki beach. After some very assertive lining up we managed to get a seat on the top facing the coast. This is a 2.5 hour round trip, with informative commentary and two stops for photos. You can pay a single $20- fee or purchase a multi line ... read more
View from Trolly stop 3, duke statue
The nice burbs
The golf course for the rich and famous

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 15th 2015

A slow start to the day and no real plans other than a game of football to go and see tonight at Aloha Stadium. Grid Iron and all its mysteries! We took an extremely crowded pink trolley to Ala Moana shopping centre midday it was a double decker and every seat was taken with people standing as well. People can pay $2- and hop on this pink line Waikiki trolley at any time, it is cheaper than The Bus which is $2-50 a ride. (Always ask for a transfer for TheBus, your $2-50 allows a change of routes which could be a return) We went and paid Walmart a visit and decided this was a more of a general store rather than groceries but got a few things we needed.I went bra shopping and boy are ... read more
Grid iron maiden experience
Huge professional stadium

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 14th 2015

Our new roomies in the dorm beside our private room have no concept of the word share or what it entails. They were quite incensed to find us walking through "their" room to get to ours and when I mentioned they were sharing a bathroom it all seemed a little too much. They told us they were catching a cab to the USS Arizona tomorrow morningso needed the bathroom early. We are also going to Pearl harbour tomorrow early too,and said we were catching the 6-41am No42 bus. No problem with bathroom sharing they were up at 5am loudly proclaiming their intentions for the day, heaps of door slamming and an amazing amount of noise.We quietly got up at 6am, they had left by then; showered changed, grabbed a banana and drink from the nearby ABC ... read more
8am National anthem

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 14th 2015

The mission for today was to purchase trolley bus tickets. We had looked at this online and found a 7 day pass for $59- per adult which included all 4 lines. Stop and go and get on and off as you please. Pink line was shopping, red historic, green scenic and blue line panoramic coastline. But when we went to purchase them online it said it would take 2-5 days to process the tickets. We have only 7 days left so we decided to purchase them on foot at the depot. Well this was a search and a half, but eventually we found the depot in T Galleria off Kalakaua Ave up near the Royal Hawaiian centre. Two very slick sales ladies then lead us through a power 5 minutes of a speed dating version of ... read more
Polynesian dance show
Cheesecake factory

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