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Asia » South Korea » Busan September 17th 2013

Tuesday-Day Eleven Busan South Korea A huge harbour complex greeted us prior to breakfast this morning, the third largest port in the world. Mountains on all sides, a mixture of commercial and high density housing crowded between very new port facilities. Docking at 8am today we were informed previously that if you weren't taking a tour you would need a taxi into Busan which would cost around 7200Won. We were pleasantly surprised to find shuttle buses. Armed with a map, and a plan to see the UN Memorial cemetery we joined the throng of people waiting for shuttles, tours and taxis and quickly decided to give this a miss and go to the Maritime Museum which was within the terminal area. But on our way there we saw a shuttle bus with the door ... read more
port of Busan
fresh as
huge prawns

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Nagasaki September 16th 2013

Monday-Day Ten Nagasaki- Kyushu Island We docked in this beautiful harbour side city and disembarked with the mission to find "The Peace Park" & Atomic Bomb museum and anything else connected with the nuclear bomb which destroyed Nagasaki at 11-02am 9 August 1945. We have docked right in the city and there were ample stalls set up with maps and information and willing English speakers. We purchased an all day tram ticket for ¥500 each and with some very clear instructions we set off. Within a 5 minute walk of the terminal you catch No5 tram at stop no 48 Oura Kaigan Dori, get off 2 stops later at No 31 Tsuki- Machi, cross the road and get on No1 tram to stop no 19 Matsuyama-Machi ( plenty of English signs and maps). Follow ... read more
walkway in
Peace fountain
Cloak of peace a gift from NZ

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan September 15th 2013

Sunday- Day Nine at Sea on route to Nagasaki We had been warned that we were traveling into a storm building into a typhoon and by midnight you could feel a distinct rocking or as the captain put it "Motion in the Ocean" We awoke to nasty grey skies, dirty looking seas and whitecaps, and for me a distinct queasy feeling. No tai chi was having enough trouble walking upright with the swaying never mind balancing. Our cabin attendant Hitesh was looking a lovely shade of yellow, he's Indian, and was feeling very sick and sorry for himself. This is his first trip on this boat, I'm not sure if he has worked on any others. Breakfast soon fixed me although the scrambled eggs took a little bit of encouragement to stay down. But ... read more
4-6 metre swells
A day of indoor activites
shopping time

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ginza September 14th 2013

Saturday-Day Eight Tokyo for the day and sailing to Nagasaki on the Pacific Ocean We arrived in Tokyo this morning at 6am so regretfully had to set the alarm this morning to make the most of the day ashore as we had to aboard by 4pm and sailing by 4-30pm. The port of Tokyo put on information tents with maps & free shuttle buses to take us from Oi Futo (wharf) to Shinagawa train station. This is a major station and an interchange for at least 4 lines. It is light rail above ground, not the subway. So we blundered into this, found ticket machines by watching other people, looked above the machines at an English map, found Tokyo, worked out how to buy tickets, which train line to take and jumped on board ... read more
Toyko is very proud about Olympics
best little coffee shop in the East
Railway station fast food

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan September 13th 2013

Friday- Day Seven sailing from Muroran to Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean. Today we came within 50kms of the Fukishima nuclear plant, sailing down to Tokyo. We last took water on board in Muroran yesterday with an assurance of not taking on any water until we reach Tokyo. At 4pm we were advised of being the closest we would get with the assurance of the radiation risk being less than that of an XRay. So another sea day today when there are many choices of ship board activities and another formal night. Again a night for suiting up, and minimum standard of cocktail dresses in the dining room, fine dining, and tonight in the dancing venue was the 9 piece orchestra that plays for the shows each night. Trivial pursuit this morning was a ... read more
In line skating fun
9 holes of mini golf
huge climbing wall

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo September 11th 2013

Wednesday-Day Five I got up at 9am to do TaiChi on the basketball court on deck 13, Martin is not a well boy and slept on after his big gambling night. We are sailing to Sapporo today and will get there at 4pm. Its overcast and I can actually feel some motion underneath me. Today I shared a breakfast table with a German couple. There are so many nationalities on board, the largest group being Australians and also large groups from Korea, Singapore, and HongKong. But we have met people from Lithuania, Armenia, Holland, Brazil, England, China, Japan, Spain, USA, Thailand, France. This is the fifth day on the ship and only today did I discover Cafe Promenade on the fifth floor, part of what I call the main street. I knew that you ... read more
sunsets at sea
lift carpets with a removable day section
dancing each night to the live band

Asia » Japan » Toyama September 10th 2013

Tuesday- Day Four Toyama prefecture and Takaoka- north west coast of Honshu. Upon arrival in Japanese port all passengers regardless of whether they are disembarking need to go through a face to face immigration procedure. This involves being digitally fingerprinted; thermal imaging for heat, and a photo, so 3000+ passengers requires some logistics in accomplishing this smoothly. It was so amusing to see people who just would not line up try various strategies to not queue; bullying of staff, cutting in line, trying to join the tour lines, pushing in, distraction, lying, you name it, it was tried. This only happens once, so our other 3 Japanese stops are basically get on and off. Really the whole process from line up to getting on the wharf was less than 45 minutes, and Takaoka had ... read more
Rice growing between houses
Kojo park
our red bean iceblock

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan September 9th 2013

Monday- Day Three Sailing from The Korean Strait into The Sea of Japan Without a light source it is so easy to keep sleeping, so we woke around 8-45am. Quick shower and walk the length of the ship to get to the aft lift to get to Deck 13 and TaiChi. Our cabin is 6527, quite near the front and low, with big seas we would feel quite a bit of movement but up to today it has been like a mill pond. This is a busy piece of ocean, lots of fishing fleets, cargo boats, floating garbage and yesterday huge amounts of jelly fish. They were huge, golf umbrella size and bigger. Think the world is conspiring with me. Our cabin is forward and this is the end of the ship where the ... read more
Schooner Bar
Most days were very calm
Reading the compass

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Yellow Sea September 8th 2013

Sunday-Day Two of Cruise sailing on the Yellow Sea and into The Korean Strait. Royal Caribbean line run many ships and Voyager of the Sea is one of the biggest. We have 1165 crew on board from many countries. Most of the staff seem to be Chinese, Indian or Pilipino, but as the clientele come from all over the globe so too do the staff. Our room attendant's name is Hitesh and he's from Bombay. His job is to wait on us hand and foot, keep our rooms clean, basically our own personal butler albeit shared with 9 other rooms. This is the closest I will get to feeling like royalty. At tea last night Jun Jiang was our waitress, an English master’s graduate from the north of China. She had spent 6 months ... read more
theatre seating in 3 tiers
one of the bars
Pig and Whistle Pub

Asia » China » Tianjin September 7th 2013

Saturday- Day One Beijing to Tianjin and sailing. The cruise company, to our delight, posted a sign in The Great Room at breakfast yesterday advertising that there would be a bus to take us to Tianjin and the port TangGu. Be there 9am it said, the hotel staff knew nothing, we had not been told that this would be happening, so we had plan B just in case. Plan B was take a taxi to Beijing South train station, a train to TangGu, then taxi to the ship. And lo and behold a bus did arrive, in fact 3 buses. I'm suspecting that this bus is for people who have pre- arranged transport with the cruise organization. But we climbed on board, no ID needed, plenty of seats, and no questions asked. The trip ... read more
toll gates are plentiful
these dominate the sky throughout the drive
kilometres of these at the port

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