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11th July 2016

Interesting comments.
Nice to see how the other half lives Rosemary...I loved the commentary and the photos fit the description very well...I will be looking forward to the continuing story of your visit to Argentina...
24th May 2015

your blog about Holland
Dear Rosemary, I have read your travelblog about your visit to Holland and it was very interesting! I am Dutch myself and for my Geography Masterthesis I am doing research among tourist bloggers from abroad. Your blog caught my eye because you visited some less famous places in Holland, like Arnhem, Ruurlo and Steenwijkerwold. It is so interesting to find out why a part of the tourists in Holland visit those less famous places next to the highlights like Amsterdam and its surroundings. That's why I am wondering if I could ask you some questions about your visit, to complement the info in your blog. It won't be a long survey, but more of a short interview-type conversation about your experience and opinion. You would help me a lot and I am also very curious to know about what you think about Holland and the reasons why you choose to visit it. I really hope to hear from you. The interview will be used in a completely anonymous and confidential way. Kind regards, Theo van Veenendaal
30th June 2015

sorry about the late reply don't check in on here very often, happy to answer questions if youlike thanks
25th September 2013

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25th September 2013

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25th December 2012

Tantrums in China Too
I recently found your blog while searching information about Jinan. I have really been enjoying it! We are also living in Jinan this year and when I read this post, I realized that I have a different impression of Chinese children. Since we have two children (aged 9 & 7), I am very attentive to the behavior of Chinese children, especially as it compares to my children's. We live in a typical neighborhood with lots of children and we see plenty of tantrums. However, another thing I've noticed is that often tantrums are averted simply because parents give into whatever their child wants. I see parents (or more often, grandparents) initially say no to something only to say yes when the child starts to raise his/her voice, talk back, or even hit the parent. I think there are badly behaved children all over the world :).
2nd January 2013

Hi, Yes children are children and in China they have 6 adults to manipulate. And some of the oder ones are pure attitude. However the little ones are very carefully attended to rather than spoiled in my opinion. Enjoy Jinan its a pretty city
10th December 2012

I Agree
Dear Rosemary, I recently went to Brisbane for a few days and spent time on the train. Toddlers these days get too many choices- they rule the roost! Parents constantly ask them do they want this or that, and the child just says "no" to any limits. The Chinese seem to be getting that parenting right! Cheers Paul PS The heat here is terrible at the moment, and no rain since July!
11th December 2012

Bring me the heat, large lake near the uni partially iced over this morning, that's OK only if i have iceskates! Under 5's, there shouldn't be any choices; OK maybe peanut butter or vegemite sandwich might be the limit. Think in China having 4 grandparents hovering whilst you are parenting and also doing a lot of the parenting keeps those old fashioned values intact.
1st December 2012

Cities of the coast.
Please, pleeease, show me the nearby "cities in the forest". My friends visited these cities on 2011, and told wonders, but they lost the photos. (I mean Carilo, Mar de las Pampas, Valeria del Mar, Costa del Este, those cities in the beach). I know that the beaches are nothing to call home, but the garden houses are charming.
2nd December 2012

I only visited La Plata within the city area really, I haven't been back there since i did this blog, sorry
29th November 2012

Loved your blog.... Brings back our first impressions of China in 2005. Also makes me wander why we're going back in early January.....
30th November 2012

The winter fashions are a sight to behold. The saying less is more applies to nothing in China. Any and everything has to be flashier and more out there. You should be OK for cold as you are in the south? Freezing here now, really cold all day.
29th November 2012

missing your blog
Dear Rosemary, Your daily blog has gone silent! I am missing your experiences shining forth on the page! Back here it is hot, humid with no rain! Two weeks till school finishes! Want to sing Christmas morning-Jenny has to play at Bucasia! Cheers Paul
29th November 2012

Oops, no Christmas day, sorry, will be in Emerald i think with Martin and his family.
29th November 2012

About to blog tonight, have been bogged down with marking. 90 assignments x 3 subjects to be done in the next 2 weeks, students allowed 2 attempts, so lots of remarking as well, and then results to be input onto spreadsheet and uploaded. Yes singing on Christmas day sounds great at Bucasia, happy to do that. No mass here can't find a church within easy reach.
25th November 2012

Swimming hole........
Peter and I swam in that swimming hole! One young boy offered me his blow up ring!
25th November 2012

It's a beautiful little place, not easily found unless you know it is there. Way too cold for me now to swim, but the Chinese are exercise crazy and they are still there.
24th November 2012

Great blog Rosemary
You are really getting stuck into the Jinan way. Fascinating to read of how well resourced the kindy/centre was- I would love to know if schools are equally blessed! Your obsession with Western bread's absence reminded me of trying to get a cup of tea in the US- I went out and bought a kettle! Leaving through the blog today I thought your time there has really gone very quickly- enjoy even more the days to come! Cheers Paul
25th November 2012

Bread and cheese and decent coffee are my only three big wants, the search for them is half the fun really. Isn't it amazing what a few little things like that can make to life in general. Yes time had gone quickly but am really looking forward to being home and being with family & friends. I'm not a person who chooses to live alone.
23rd November 2012

The Revolution.........
Hi Rosemary, I actually started working this way with students in Cohorts 1 and 2..........a song a day..........a bear hunt........shaving foam, playdough, painting.........whatever I could carry on the bus.
23rd November 2012

They were very wary of the cornflour paint, i coloured it with cold tea so it looked like day old snot! But they are actually making progress with this type of learning with reluctance at times, the dramatic play was the best. Small steps i hope to better learning
22nd November 2012

After the week I have had seeing some very ordinary early childhood practice this was very refreshing. Get me a job as well
22nd November 2012

Today was more ordinary, less flashy kindy, bit tired looking but still quite good practise. Lots to learn from here, may make a PPT up to share with you all at the PD in February.
22nd November 2012

This sounds unreal
Well done Rosemary this sounds a fantasic experience, we are all wishing we were there with you

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