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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay May 22nd 2007

In 1860 John Mackay ventured north from Brisbane found the Pioneer river and its natural deep water anchorage and travelled in land and built himself a homestead which is now called Greenmount on the edge of the town of Walkerston which is close to Mackay. Cattle were introduced to the area and did well in the relatively lush pastures around the Mackay area. It was decided that sugar cane might be a good crop so it was planted and it thrived. Sugar mills dotted the landscape in the late 1880- to 90's and Mackay was booming. The fair skinned settlers of European descent found it hard doing the manual labour required of cane farming in that era, with hand harvesting and planting so it was decided to hire labour in the form of South Sea ... read more
Cane burn
Cane burn

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay May 15th 2007

This week is show week for Mackay Comedy Players. Beauty & The Beast will be on the Mackay entertainment Centre stage all this week. Its been a huge slog with auditions in November 2006 and then rehearsals started in February 2007 . The leads are all brilliant and well chosen for their parts. The Fantasty chorus involves a cast of dancing girls in the most amazing costumes which have been made by the wonderful Carol. The leads all have the most spectacular costumes all made by hand and designed by volunteers. These are so hard to get on and off stage in as they are huge. The wardrobe and tea pot have to wear special cooling vests as under the lights and inside their huge costume it is very hot. Once inside them they cannot ... read more
Musical director
Pit Singer 1

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Makay May 4th 2007

Held each Labour day weekend for the last 11 years near Mackay is this wonderful music festival. It started off as a tiny local event for the folk muso's in the area, and now it has become a huge four day event with guest artists from all over Australia. It is held at Cameron's Pocket which is north and west of Mackay on private property skirting the foothills of Eungella National Park. Jenny Drake and Chris Cann were the initial organisers who have been fantastic enough to give so much of their own time, money and energy each year to run this wonderful event along with thousands of volunteers and friends. This year Bob Eden came on board as festival organiser. 2007 brought fantastic acts from all over Australia singing a range of music from ... read more
Welcome to Wintermoon
Welcome to Wintermoon

Oceania » Australia April 24th 2007

Alex's birthday Australasia » Australia By rosy59April 24th 2007Rosemary ShanksAlex's birthday yesterday so i thought i would run around with the camera and provide you with a family update... read more
Alex's car
Car shot

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík March 22nd 2007

Around the world in 6 days Europe » Iceland » Reykjavík By rosy59March 22nd 2007Rosemary Shanks Had a very surreal travel experience in March when i spent 2 days flying to Iceland from North Queensland Australia, 48 hours staying there and then 2 days for flying back again. So i left on Thursday morning at 6-45am and arrived in Iceland on Friday 4-00pm their time, via Brisbane, Sydney, Hong kong, Heathrow and then into Iceland. In 48 hours i managed to see most of what was on offer in Reykjavik, thanks to Barbara and Jana, Asta and Solveig and Rosa and her family. I stayed in a wonderful apartment in the old part of the town, got driven around all the tou... read more
Iceland from the air
Friday night

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