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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Greymouth August 17th 2016

Murchison to Hokitika has a choice of 2 routes, via the coast road and Westport or through Reefton and the inland. Either way you get to go through Greymouth which is the largest city on the west coast. And home to Maccas and quite fast wifi. The road takes you initially along the Buller Gorge and at times we were 60metres above the river, sheer cliffs down to a fast flowing green river. Hard to think that the early explorers came through here in the early 1800's equipped with only a few Maori guides and the ability to live off the land. Many accidents occur along this stretch of road, the Murchison rural fire brigade gets called 2-3 times a week in the summer to attend to motor accidents. Coming into Greymouth you come into coal ... read more
displays and history

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Murchison August 16th 2016

Richmond Mall proved a great palace to upload my blog. I had logged on in Nelson city to the Maccas wifi on Saturday and the Richmond Mall Maccas automatically recognised and let me in, no password, no time limit and more importantly fast upload. Today our plan was to drive to Murchison and fish along the way if possible in the Buller River which runs alongside much of the road. So head through Richmond, Wakefield and follow the signs towards Westport. The road takes you through major pine forest areas, over the Spooner Saddle and throug dairy and sheep farming. There is a major intersection just past Murchison, left to Christchurch via the Lewis Pass or right over the bridge to the West Coast. The largest swing bridge in NZ is just past the turn off ... read more
The Buller river
Our lunch spot
Brunker with Maori guides took 550 days to explore from Nelson to Westland

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson August 14th 2016

A fine day today, so off to Lake Rotoiti. From Nelson you head off towards the West Coast, through the vineyards and apple orchards. Nelson is a vibrant growing community with many bows to its quiver. Tourism, fishing, wines, fruits, farming and a massive forest and logging industry. Past the historic village of Wakefield and head off through St Arnaud's to the lake nestled in the mountains. This lake and the rivers were an area that the Maoris used as an access to the west coast which was the site for gathering the highly prized greenstone or pounamu. Huge eels could be seen swimming off the jetty, they are protected and happily swim amongst the ducks and swans. The water in winter is around 4-5 degrees, so no swimming or water sports until summer. The depth ... read more
Nelson suburb views

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Blenheim August 13th 2016

Sitting in the capital of Sav Blanc country, Blenheim; and Aussie wines in the supermarket are cheaper, not sure what is going on! The major supermarket chains of Coundown and New World sell alcohol in Canterbury and Marlborough, oh so handy to pick up your chops and potatoes and a vino to go with it.Today we travelled from Kaikoura to Blenheim, less than 200kms but very scenic. Along the coast initially, turquoise blue waters, with a milky shallow section, stony beaches, seals along the roadside and snow capped mountain.This scenery changed once we left Canterbury to Marlborough's rolling hills full of vineyards and of course sheep and newly born lambs.Lunch today was at The Store which is a restaurant north of Kaikoura, on its on, on the right side of road going north. Perched right on ... read more
North of Kaikoura views

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura August 10th 2016

A sleep in to 8-30am thanks to $6- worth of pillows, and a $15- grey blanket, which made sleeping oh so warm and comfy. And then bacon and eggs to start the day, admiring the hard frost from the dining room window. Minus something this morning at 6-30am when nature called brrrrrr! So off on the big lap this morning via the Apollo motor home office to find out about the gas heater, get a lid for a saucepan, get a latch for the ever swinging bathroom door and whilst there use their free wifi and free coffee. I managed to drive my way there, most of the roads in Christchurch are almost the same post earthquake, but there are a few new fly overs. Off to Kaikoura for the night and through magnificent wine growing ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch August 9th 2016

We slept in a manner of speaking for our first night in the van. Pillows are 2 thin little wafers, blankets one thin quilt, so our little electric heater went flat out all night. A visit to an op shop is on the cards very soon for 2 more pillows, a blanket, plus a basin for carrying washing up, umbrellas, door mat, and a fry pan with a lid. And to make it even more tough we had a 6am start in order to catch to 8-15am departure of the TranzAlpine express.This train takes you from the Christchurch train station, on the east coast of the South Island, through the Arthur's Pass and onto Greymouth which is on the west coast. Two vastly different climates, west being temperate and wet, east dry and cold.The train carriages ... read more
Alpaca farm.
The Southern Alps
Tranz Alpine

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Akaroa August 8th 2016

Arriving at 2am with minus 2C is not that wonderful, but a quick free shuttle to our motel, welcome warm rooms, a bed, and a 8am start in the daylight. The motel gave us a free shuttle to our motor home place where we filled in paperwork and having paid ahead we thought that away we would go. not so! Add on insurance, liability, chains, table and chairs, diesel surcharge, blah blah, double again what we had paid! Not happy Jan but no choices in the matter with a very understanding girl trying to make it as best as possible. The weather was cold and a promise of rain, so after a bakery breaky, we headed off through the city (mistake) and off to Akaroa. This is a lovely little French town on the Banks Peninsula, ... read more
Ohh look snow
Wow more snow
Worried driver who hates snow

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 30th 2016

My last full day was spent having a neighbourhood wander, a shopping expedition to the main city area and then going out for a lovely meal in the evening. La Plata is the capital city of the Buenos Aires province, around 1million people, and was a well planned city from the start. Street are arranged in a grid and numbered off, and there are diagonals intersecting these with a plaza at each intersection. Each plaza has exercise equipment, cafes, fountains, childrens play equipment, some community gardens, and provide a meeting space and play area for many apartment and multi-housing dwellers. Streets are one way and the next street across is going the opposite way, so an odds and evens system which is very effective for moving traffic safely and efficiently. Interspersed in each little set of ... read more
Green parks and walkways, old railway land
Good old fashioned play equipment
Old railway station in La Plata

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata July 27th 2016

Monday morning our bus departed Florianopolis, Santa Catarina Island, Brazil at 10-30am heading south to Puero Allegra. We unfortunately could only get semi Cama class which is seats that recline but not fully, no food and no blankets. But we had come prepared with snacks, warm clothing and extra to put over us, as well as games to while away the time. As luck would have then, many seats were empty including the 2 front upstairs seats which we quickly claimed, until they filled at Puerto Allegra at night fall. This part of Brazil has bad smog, possibly a combination of large cities, industries and fires. This ruined the lovely scenery and lakes that flew past our windows. Roads are mostly 4 lanes, with either a concrete divider or a nature strip. Well sign posted, lots ... read more
front seat upstairs views
Beautiful highways

We left the east part of the island this morning with the intention of buying our travel back via bus in 2-3 stages back to Buenos Aires Argentina. Because the ticketing person at the little east kiosk couldn't help us, so we had to take a trip into Florianopolis long distance bus terminal. We decided checking out and taking all our luggage seemed the best option, since we did not know what and when our move south would happen. So walk to terminal C and catch the 410 back to Terminal A, sum total 3-50Rial per person. From there it was a quick walk to the long distance terminal, where we became increasingly despondent at our lack of choices. Doing the journey in 2-3 stages seemed impossible, so we have bit the bullet and tomorrow at ... read more
The view from our hotel room in down town Florianopolis
A cafe serving Lattes!
Campeche beach views

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