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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Laie August 13th 2015

Today we took a North Shore tour from our youth hostel. Cost per person is $25- and this compared very favourably to the prices of $70-$100- which the tour touts were suggesting as the bargain price along Waikiki. But we could have listened to a presentation only 90minutes long from these super salesmen and then the price magically was reduced to $20-. These presentations were going to be about an all in one "wunderbar" on line travel facility, which of course we would have no obligation to buy off. Hate hate hate these. The North shore trip today was with Jessie our driver, who works as a Jack of all trades at the hostel, currently he is remodelling the bathrooms as well as being a tour driver as needed. It took us from Waikiki up north ... read more
The dry hills of Hawaaii
Drought is an issue here too
dole pineapple plantation

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki August 12th 2015

A very slow start to the day as Martin has just made a huge discovery. He was happily drinking Coors light beer thinking that light meant 2.5% alcohol volume like Fosters light Ice, Hahn Premium Light or Cascade Light which is what he drinks at home. Almost water, he can sit on these all day. However Coors light is 4.6% and after a happy hour or three at Lulu's, plus a six pack in the evening over cards and tea, his judgement and inhibition was all gone by 10pm so heavy beers, shots and whiskey followed until 11pm and curfew. Suffice it to say today he is a little worse for wear and activity had not commenced until 12-30pm today. The Honolulu zoo is almost opposite Lemon Road on Kahalulu Ave, so we wandered over the ... read more
Flamingoes greet you upon arrival
Each colony had its own island

North America August 11th 2015

Today we ventured forth to buy new pillows and there shall be serene and peaceful sleep tonight. One of the down sides to staying in budget accommodation can be the lack of quality bedding and in most cases this manifests itself in the way of pillows which are thin and worn and light and yuck or a saggy mattress. Ours issue luckily is pillows so we decided a trip to Walmart was in order to buy the cheapest quality pillows, worth it for the next 10 days if it meant a nicer sleep. We budgeted on around $5 per pillow, the price of a coffee. This morning we made the pancake breakfast which is a free offering put on by the Polynesian Hostel each morning, unlimited, freshly cooked right there and then. A great ruse to ... read more
Japanese food court food
Over 40 shops of delicious food
Japenese locals and tourists

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki August 10th 2015

Sunday funday all day. Another leisurely start to the day with a late breakfast of cereal, the company of Paul a young English soldier and a quick dash to St Augustines for 10am mass. This church sits right on the Waikiki strip nestled amongst the high rises, restaurants and shops. Stunning music delivered by guitarists, 3 male voices lots of harmony and all the hymns were ones we do at home too. Lots of beautiful congregational singing. The priest was a Hawaiian native, and gave the final blessing in Hawaiian. Returning along the avenue on the beach there were lots of police cars and traffic diversions, an enquiry told me it was going to be a parade. No one seemed really confident about what sort so I grabbed Martin and we found shady seats. Cars drove ... read more
March image
Lots of men dressed traditonally

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki August 9th 2015

Ah holidays and a sleep in until 9-30am was in order to set up the system for the northern hemisphere. Our plan today was to walk along the waterfront and head towards the military museum.So a light breakfast of cereal and banana at 10am in the kitchen area started our morning. The nearby ABC shop is perfect for picking up things like milk and odds and ends, yesterday we did a toiletry shop at The Food Pantry which is a regular supermarket on Kuhio Ave,a 15 minute walk from here. But as you will know if you know me, my day really does not keep working until I have a coffee, sometime after 10am is best and it has to be the real deal. And as luck would have it a Starbucks is about 200 metres ... read more
The Duke, founder of all things surfing
Moana Hotel grand old lady of Waikikik
Another grand old lady

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 7th 2015

Today was huge in fact it was 30 hours of huge. Getting up at 5am Australian time Friday 7th, driving the 1 hour to Proserpine airport from Mackay, waiting for our delayed Jetstar flight to Brisbane and then the hanging around until 6pm to depart Australia direct to Honolulu. Gotta love airport food and drink, almost $100- spent today just hanging out and eating and drinking. Pick the terrorist today, 2 gunpowder swaps in Proserpine, and a full body scan in Brisbane. So after a 9 hour flight we arrived 7-30am Friday the 7th USA time. ( this was 3am Saturday Australia) which is no problem when you can sleep on a plane, and a huge problem for Martin who only sleeps luxuriously tucked up in a real bed.And guess who got pulled aside for a ... read more
$10 worth of airplane entertainment
Not comfy, but quite Ok
Sunrise coming into Honolulu

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD September 29th 2013

The return We negotiated a taxi fare to the train station that has the direct line to the airport. 2 taxis were at the end of our alley, first man said Y200- then the lady quoted Y100-. They were bonfide taxis, but the metre did not show. That’s OK as for $20- we saved dragging our cases up and down stairs, through the subway, onto 2 lines and generally getting hot and sweaty. Our plane was leaving around 3pm so we had lunch at the weirdest Irish pub ever at Beijing airport. The Lucky Shamrock decked out in purple and red lanterns, food was Ok though. Our China Southern plane was a huge one to Guangzhou, 3 seats, then 4, then 3 across, with an upstairs section. The service was quite good; entertainment screens ... read more
Beijing Terminal 2
How china southern airlines does cold beer
Plane from Beijing to Guangzhou

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo September 28th 2013

Thursday-Day Six Muroran- near Sapporo Setting the alarm for 7am feels all wrong on holidays but it's a shore day so best not waste it. We dined in the Carmen dining room deck 3 with 2 other Australian couples who complained about the terrible coffee on board, the terrible service when they had to get to the ship from Beijing, and the terrible tours they have taken. Some people are hard to please. We really had no idea of what to expect today, people were saying there was nothing to see and best get the train to Sapporo, and others just walked around the quay area and surrounding countryside unwilling to spend on either a tour or a train to somewhere. We shared a taxi with a German solo traveller and got to the ... read more
Loo with a view
Washing hands prior to prayer
peaceful calm

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng September 19th 2013

Thursday- Day Thirteen Arrival in Tianjin China, welcome back to the smog, and China's version of organization. La Scala, on the ship deck 3, at 8-10am was our scheduled muster point for disembarkation and we started to leave around 9-15am and made it through customs by 10am. No one wants to see any of your luggage, no one asks any questions, you just get your passport looked it and stamped an off you go. And miracle No2 a bus taking us back into Beijing and the Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven. Easy to find, and we departed with a full bus load (2nd attempt, we turned back to collect others) at around 10-30am. For some reason all luggage didn't fit under the bus so the whole aisle was completely blocked off with suitcases, ... read more
Food from the Urumqui region
Trying out a traditional instrument
hutong police cars

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Yellow Sea September 18th 2013

Wednesday- Day Twelve Sailing from Busan South Korea to Tianjin China in the Korean strait and Yellow sea. 2am this morning our clocks went back an hour to get us back to China time, so at 7am I had run out of sleep and we were ready for breakfast before 8am. We thought dining at Carmen's today would be nice with fresh pastries, tomato juice, omelets, and nice fruit on offer which is not available in the casual dining area. Little did we know we were to experience something akin to Fawlty Towers. 45 minute wait for cooked food, all without some ingredient we had ordered, and the waiter wiping his brow, looking harassed and finally telling us "the kitchen had fallen to pieces". Not sure what had happened but by 9-30am we gave ... read more
The Bridge "Voyager of the Seas"
Iceskating fun
exercising and keeping up the fluids

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