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Asia » Japan » Toyama September 10th 2013

Tuesday- Day Four Toyama prefecture and Takaoka- north west coast of Honshu. Upon arrival in Japanese port all passengers regardless of whether they are disembarking need to go through a face to face immigration procedure. This involves being digitally fingerprinted; thermal imaging for heat, and a photo, so 3000+ passengers requires some logistics in accomplishing this smoothly. It was so amusing to see people who just would not line up try various strategies to not queue; bullying of staff, cutting in line, trying to join the tour lines, pushing in, distraction, lying, you name it, it was tried. This only happens once, so our other 3 Japanese stops are basically get on and off. Really the whole process from line up to getting on the wharf was less than 45 minutes, and Takaoka had ... read more
Rice growing between houses
Kojo park
our red bean iceblock

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan September 9th 2013

Monday- Day Three Sailing from The Korean Strait into The Sea of Japan Without a light source it is so easy to keep sleeping, so we woke around 8-45am. Quick shower and walk the length of the ship to get to the aft lift to get to Deck 13 and TaiChi. Our cabin is 6527, quite near the front and low, with big seas we would feel quite a bit of movement but up to today it has been like a mill pond. This is a busy piece of ocean, lots of fishing fleets, cargo boats, floating garbage and yesterday huge amounts of jelly fish. They were huge, golf umbrella size and bigger. Think the world is conspiring with me. Our cabin is forward and this is the end of the ship where the ... read more
Schooner Bar
Most days were very calm
Reading the compass

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Yellow Sea September 8th 2013

Sunday-Day Two of Cruise sailing on the Yellow Sea and into The Korean Strait. Royal Caribbean line run many ships and Voyager of the Sea is one of the biggest. We have 1165 crew on board from many countries. Most of the staff seem to be Chinese, Indian or Pilipino, but as the clientele come from all over the globe so too do the staff. Our room attendant's name is Hitesh and he's from Bombay. His job is to wait on us hand and foot, keep our rooms clean, basically our own personal butler albeit shared with 9 other rooms. This is the closest I will get to feeling like royalty. At tea last night Jun Jiang was our waitress, an English master’s graduate from the north of China. She had spent 6 months ... read more
theatre seating in 3 tiers
one of the bars
Pig and Whistle Pub

Asia » China » Tianjin September 7th 2013

Saturday- Day One Beijing to Tianjin and sailing. The cruise company, to our delight, posted a sign in The Great Room at breakfast yesterday advertising that there would be a bus to take us to Tianjin and the port TangGu. Be there 9am it said, the hotel staff knew nothing, we had not been told that this would be happening, so we had plan B just in case. Plan B was take a taxi to Beijing South train station, a train to TangGu, then taxi to the ship. And lo and behold a bus did arrive, in fact 3 buses. I'm suspecting that this bus is for people who have pre- arranged transport with the cruise organization. But we climbed on board, no ID needed, plenty of seats, and no questions asked. The trip ... read more
toll gates are plentiful
these dominate the sky throughout the drive
kilometres of these at the port

Asia » China » Beijing » Xuanwu District September 6th 2013

Precruise Day Two Day Friday 6 September-Beijing Xuanwu district. Tried to have a big sleep in but by 7-30am China time I was awake and making use of the free wifi, but alas not facebook. We are staying at The Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven, Nanwei Lu, which is a short walk away from TheTemple of Heaven in the Xuanwu district of Beijing. It's a typical western style hotel with western toilet and bathroom facilities and a free buffet breakfast each morning in theGreat Room which has lovely views of the surrounding gardens. The buffet is a mix of western (or an attempt at this style) plus Chinese food, juices, fresh fruit,yoghurt, cereals etc. No fridge in room but tea making facilities, free bottled water, fresh white towels and hard Chinese beds! A ... read more
Taoranting Park
artist at work
The street

Asia » China » Beijing » Xuanwu District September 5th 2013

Precruise Day One Another overseas holiday begins today with a 6am wake up and a short work to Central train station in Sydney to catch the airport train to the International airport. We stayed at The Great southern Hotel on George St, which is a great heritage listed hotel right in behind China town. Arrival at the international airport required a long walk to the farthest ticket counter to board our flight with China Southern airlines to firstly Guangzhou and then on to Beijing. Modern well fitted out plane, but as usual with things Chinese some things don't work and that's that, take it or leave it. This pretty much describes the service or lack of it for the flight. Personal viewing screens worked for only half the flight, luckily I had a good ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 17th 2012

My trip from Jinan city to the airport was eventful,pouring rain & sleet, total darkness,blocked expressway to the airport, back roads from hell, I imagined if we had crashed my body would never be found. But...... I was dumped at the domestic entrance by my driver who has night vision and driving skills better than Brock and all those blokes combined, and found my way to international departure. A big sleep after the morning breakfast and hello HongKong. My business had arranged my hotel and airport transfers for me, I just had to follow the signs, easy, and by 1-30pm wearing multiple layers, hot sticky and a little shell shocked I found myself in LUXURY. I was booked into Harbour Grand Kowloon Hong Kong, 19th floor which has a club on this floor similar to airlines ... read more
My 19th floor room, welcome fruit platter
full size bath tub

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan December 13th 2012

I’m hoping this will be my last blog from Jinan as my flight is due out tomorrow morning at 8am. However there is a forecast for snow overnight so let’s hope roads and airports remain open. So these are the things that are on my mind after living and working here for 10 weeks: There is an obsession with keeping the roads swept with an army of people out there with their brooms, dust buckets and bags collecting up anything that may fall on the roads and footpaths. Yes this does employ lots of people. But there is little education about putting rubbish in any of the numerous bins, little information about what rubbish is recycling and total disregard for littering with some areas looking like garbage tips, right beside an immaculately swept street. The new ... read more
Footpath ideal to park your truck
Green means go but not just walkers
Gutted and abandoned buildings

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan December 9th 2012

Putting away the dishes this morning whilst waiting for my kettle to boil water for the pot of tea that is MANDATORY to start the day I had to break up the ice on the dish draining rack. Hmmm, yes it was cold overnight. I keep the window open a little in there and door closed to the rest of the apartment, but there is a radiator heater in there to take the chill off things, thank goodness the red wine may have frozen otherwise. English corner today and then lunch with Howard from Australia and 4 young Chinese guys. The top today was 0C but around midday today it was really cold, enough to freeze any water drops being dripped from the buckets being dragged up from the springs, into little icicles along the stone ... read more
Spring water
Picture menu
Interior of restaurant

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan December 8th 2012

I decided to go for a walk in the beautiful winter sunshine. Blue sky, little wind, half my wardrobe on me and out I ventured around 11am. According to the internet it was -4C, yes it was cold and water froze in puddles from mops and bowls of water being thrown out on the footpath, but walking in the sun it seemed OK. My new beanie which I bought from Carrefour for Y9 kept my head warm, my jacket crackled in the cold and off I went to walk the whole side of Daming Lake from the East to the West. As usual there were people out and about everywhere; winter does not deter the Chinese from the great outdoors. They just rug up with the children wearing so many layers their arms almost stick out ... read more
Ice at midday
Rugs for sale
Hot roasted goodies-delicious

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