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September 15th 2013
Published: September 28th 2013
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Sunday- Day Nine at Sea on route to Nagasaki
We had been warned that we were traveling into a storm building into a typhoon and by midnight you could feel a distinct rocking or as the captain put it "Motion in the Ocean"

We awoke to nasty grey skies, dirty looking seas and whitecaps, and for me a distinct queasy feeling.
No tai chi was having enough trouble walking upright with the swaying never mind balancing.
Our cabin attendant Hitesh was looking a lovely shade of yellow, he's Indian, and was feeling very sick and sorry for himself. This is his first trip on this boat, I'm not sure if he has worked on any others.

Breakfast soon fixed me although the scrambled eggs took a little bit of encouragement to stay down. But all seasickness gone and a sea day stretched before us.

All outside decks were closed off, deck chairs stowed away, pools emptied and lots of indoor activities were on offer.

Seas got higher with the official quote of 4-6 metres high waves. We were no closer than 200 nautical miles away from tropical storm Man-Yi at any time but it sure made for some interesting moments, with dishes flying in the eating areas, a distinct drunken walking gait affected by most, and seasick bags tied to the end of staircases.

We played a new game today, which was a camera scavenger hunt. So basically we were given a list of things to photograph from all over the ship and 20 minutes to do it in.
And the usual trivia games as well as playing card games ourselves.

I borrowed a book from the exchange section of the library today; there is small selection of books in 2 rooms that people have left on board in various languages.

So between booze, bars, food, company, cards, games and trivia we have managed to while away a very rocky sea day.
Show for me tonight and casino for Martin to spend his winnings.

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