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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan March 3rd 2019

i had to break down and buy a days internet on board the ship again. it is expensive and very slow, but i have all day to write and no where to go. we are currently in the pacific ocean heading towards kagoshima, japan. our arrival date is thursday, march the 7th. quite a long stretch at sea, but so far the sea is much calmer and i think cyclone oma is finally behind us. i wrote in my last blog that after sydney we would be heading east then north to avoid oma but that was incorrect. oma was making her way east after brisbane so we headed north hugging australias coast line. the passage was still very choppy. i think there must have been quite a few disappointed passengers re. missing the great barrier ... read more
cruise wear, glitter top
traveling up the coast of australia
yorkeys knob, australia

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan October 13th 2017

September 28, 2017 – Autumn Leaves in the Rockies. We began our adventure on September 27th, leaving Victoria shortly after moving all our belongings into storage and cleaning our condo into pearl condition (thank you so much Anita and KPL – you rock!). The familiar trip through the Rockies was a fabulous new experience with the autumn foliage shining brilliant yellows, reds and orange against the evergreens and majestic mountains. We stopped briefly in Jasper reacquainting ourselves with Alberta and the beauty of our home province. We arrived in Edmonton to celebrate Darold’s birthday with his family at the Moose Factory in South Edmonton. After a wonderful visit, we stayed with Darold’s brother, Shawn and Karen (thank you for your gracious hospitality) who live in Downtown Edmonton on 104th street. We were amazed at the transformation ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan September 15th 2013

Sunday- Day Nine at Sea on route to Nagasaki We had been warned that we were traveling into a storm building into a typhoon and by midnight you could feel a distinct rocking or as the captain put it "Motion in the Ocean" We awoke to nasty grey skies, dirty looking seas and whitecaps, and for me a distinct queasy feeling. No tai chi was having enough trouble walking upright with the swaying never mind balancing. Our cabin attendant Hitesh was looking a lovely shade of yellow, he's Indian, and was feeling very sick and sorry for himself. This is his first trip on this boat, I'm not sure if he has worked on any others. Breakfast soon fixed me although the scrambled eggs took a little bit of encouragement to stay down. But ... read more
4-6 metre swells
A day of indoor activites
shopping time

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan September 13th 2013

Friday- Day Seven sailing from Muroran to Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean. Today we came within 50kms of the Fukishima nuclear plant, sailing down to Tokyo. We last took water on board in Muroran yesterday with an assurance of not taking on any water until we reach Tokyo. At 4pm we were advised of being the closest we would get with the assurance of the radiation risk being less than that of an XRay. So another sea day today when there are many choices of ship board activities and another formal night. Again a night for suiting up, and minimum standard of cocktail dresses in the dining room, fine dining, and tonight in the dancing venue was the 9 piece orchestra that plays for the shows each night. Trivial pursuit this morning was a ... read more
In line skating fun
9 holes of mini golf
huge climbing wall

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan September 9th 2013

Monday- Day Three Sailing from The Korean Strait into The Sea of Japan Without a light source it is so easy to keep sleeping, so we woke around 8-45am. Quick shower and walk the length of the ship to get to the aft lift to get to Deck 13 and TaiChi. Our cabin is 6527, quite near the front and low, with big seas we would feel quite a bit of movement but up to today it has been like a mill pond. This is a busy piece of ocean, lots of fishing fleets, cargo boats, floating garbage and yesterday huge amounts of jelly fish. They were huge, golf umbrella size and bigger. Think the world is conspiring with me. Our cabin is forward and this is the end of the ship where the ... read more
Schooner Bar
Most days were very calm
Reading the compass

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan October 6th 2008

(Day 185 on the road)Just a short entry to mark my departure from Japan. I hadn't realised that I have been in the country for over a month by now, spending most of my time traversing countless mountains, be it on Hokkaido, in the Northern Japan Alps, or on Mt. Fuji. As always, time has been flying, and I have the feeling that if I keep going at this speed, I will never circle the world before my money finally runs out. I thus have the firm intention of spending less than a month in Korea, so that I can finally reach South East Asia. Down there, I also hope to find a peaceful and pretty place to stop and rest for a while. I feel a little worn out, so a relaxed break from travelling ... read more
First image of South Korea at Busan

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