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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda August 14th 2009

We woke up on Friday morning to discover (we knew already really) that Enda was missing. The sly dog. He got back in and we all decided to head to the thermal baths. A quick hop skip and a metro away and we arrived in the north (?) of the town, to these pretty extensive thermal baths. There were hundreds of people there. It was like a night club except during the day, with no booze, with lots of water and swimsuits. Yep, thats exactly what it was like. We messed around trying different water temperatures (i recommend 36 degrees) before heading out into the outdoor heated pools. We even contemplated a second massage of the trip, but that involved standing out of the nice warm water for a bit too long. No thanks. The lads ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda August 13th 2009

We woke, we showered, we lounged in bean bags, we planned what to do for the day. I had an interesting chat with the most ignorant Irish guy i have ever met. It wasnt Conor or Enda. That guy really pissed me off. Maybe it was the heat. Probably not. We took a group decision to walk around town rather than use public transport. This was actually alot of fun. For the first two hours. The second two hours were a mix of sweat and effort and cursing. We saw lots of sights...the chain bridge, the palace, a GIANT hill which we almost climbed completly. There were some damn spectacular views from that hill, i will admit. Budapest is a really interesting city. I dont know if id call it pretty, but there is lots to ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda August 12th 2009

Following the huge activity day the previous day, we had decided to follow it up with paragliding. It should be noted that we skipped our night train to do so.....but we (mostly me tbh, figured it would be worth it). So five of us set off (our three intrepid heroes and an Aussie and a Danish guy) to a nearby town to go paragliding. I could go into it, but basically, it was expensive. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. He was charging us for stuff even before we got to the top of the hill/mountain. So we bailed. We headed back to the hostel and hung around for a couple of hours before running accross the street to the train station to catch a train to Salzburg, then to Vienna, then to Budapest. The train journey was nice. ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 11th 2009

Ok, today was due to be an action packed day, And it was. We got up fairly early at 8 to organise ourselves and get a bit of food into us. (Yummy hostel buffet of bread and cheese and ham and cereal) On a side note, would it kill hostels to invest in a bit of apple juice. Anyway we (the three of us, three australian girls and Annie and Sinead) were picked up from the door of the hostel to be brought to the adventure centre. Sweet. I spent the trip convincing Annie and Sinead that they should do both Canyoning (legend) and Rafting (also legend). It worked, and the three of us as well as the two girls were kitted out to do some jumping into and off stuff (waterfalls mainly). The first up ... read more
Post rafting pic (we are all freezing)
Good pics of rafting to follow 1
Good pics of rafting to follow 2

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 10th 2009

Having left Prague and its mean stingy people behind, we headed south east to Austria in a much nicer train than we had arrived to the Czech Republic in. Air Con, Trolley service, Microwave, Jacuzzi, butler, gym and a concert area. But really it did have air con. We managed to commandere a whole 6 person cabin for ourselves and proceeded to sleep and sleep and sleep. In a stroke of genius i put our bags in between the seats and created a bed type effect. Then in an even greater stroke of genius i slept on the floor and was able to lie down properly. I am the sleep master :-) We continued along our way and about half way through the journey the police checked our passports and gave out to us for not ... read more
Yawwwwn 2: Revenge of the sleepies
Foot wars 3: The virus takes Manhattan
Not Paradise, but pretty and clean and green

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Bílá Hora August 9th 2009

Fully rested and bright and chippy from not drinking for the first time in perhaps 7 days, i woke up relatively early and went to get breakfast (something i would not usually do anyway) with Enda. In a surprise shock, Conor slept in. After Breakfast we did some research for getting out of Prague (those first few encounters had us hankering for Austria ((which by the way i can now say we were right to do)) which of course was the next step of our journey). Enda got talking to an annoying little fu#ker from Austria (most Austrians are lovely, but this guy was terrible) but i managed to avoid the little......guy.....for now. We went back up to Conor and got him out of bed before heading out to get our culure on. We took a ... read more
Pointing at its best
You can take the man out of Kilkenny...
(Insert witty comment)

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Bílá Hora August 8th 2009

Upon getting up at five due to Mr. Snore, i went for a quick two hour walk around Munich to watch the sun come up. That is in fact the second time i got to do that in this holiday, although this time it was for a different reason to Conor ´needing the room´ :-) Anyway, i got one last stroll around Munich in before heading back to the hostel for a sit down and to say goodbye to some of the people we had met the daynight before. I nearly threw up as they ate due to a combination of hungoveredness and fatigue. Avoiding the faux pas of actually throwing up in front of themon them, i went upstairs to wake the lads so we could catch our rediculously early train to PraguePraha. This was ... read more
Uncomfortable train 2
Uncomfortable train 3
Foot wars 1

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich August 7th 2009

Having calmed down about the snoring guy (I didnt actually get back to sleep) i thought i should fill you in on our second day in Munich. We woke up at the early time of midday, having missed breakfast yet again, and decided to go for a wander. We also decided to go to another country during the trip (Austria). Well actually we first decided to sort out our shit before moving on. We went to the train station and booked a night train from Austria to Hungary, so that everything would fit together nicely...but i get ahead of myself.... We went to the train station and got all the reserving seats and checking train times that we would need to do. The train we were getting to Prague in the morning was at 8.44, so ... read more
Contemplating getting stuck in
Getting stuck in
Fountain-age II - Requiem

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich August 6th 2009

OH. MY. GOD. Whoever is the Irish guy in our 5 man room that snores needs to be taken out back and shot. I swear to god. We just had a freaking amazing night (details to follow) and we head back to the room (which we share with two other people ((who are irish randomly)) and one of them is like a rhino with a deviated septum) and this guy keeps me, who stayed relatively sober so that we catch our 8.44 train to Prague, awake. Bastard. Absolute bastardo. So I got back to Berlin at about 8 o clock in the morning on thursday, having gotten ´maybe 6 minutes of sleep on the train from Poznan. I then set about retrieving my bike which i had left outside the main station in Berlin, and cycle ... read more
Bar adjacent (well in the hostel actually)
Nice place
Friendly staff gives waves

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan August 5th 2009

So. A friend of mine, Magda, from my heady days of 'studying' in Holland said she might come and meet me while im in Berlin. For work related reasons, she couldnt make it, but she did invite me to come and visit her in Poland (mostly to show off her new place i think). So soon after we repaired the bikes in Berlin we went to the central train station in Berlin (HBF) and i looked up and bought tickets (with very little time to spare). All three of us ran downstairs to sample some local cuisine (the McRib and two Big Macs). While in the cue a german girl randomly came up to us saying hi and asking us about Ireland (the accents stand out im told) and she also ate with us. She was ... read more
Messing with ice cream cone 2
Messing with ice cream cone evolution
Yes, Conor is in fact 6 years old

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