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South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Valparaíso February 5th 2015

In 2003 Valparaiso became part of UNESCO, a world heritage site, mainly because of a famous modern building called Çubo de Vidrio. Since then several other art galleries were established and Pablo Neruda’s museum hosted visitors. These events lead to more and more hostels being built to cater for tourists. The immigrants at first were reticent to welcome tourists, but when UNESCO threatened to invest all their money in their rival port San Antonio, Valparaiso soon welcomed tourists because it desperately needed the money.... read more

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Valparaíso February 5th 2015

My feelings which have been growing day by day since I arrived, could be summed up by this dismal town. My feelings and my perception of Chilean society, not altogether backed up by facts, is sprayed in the graffiti of every wall of every street here, haunting the delapidated buildings and conveyed by the isolation of the Cerros. In Chile there seems to be very little focus on society and community, people seem distrustful of their neighbours like described in the days of Pinochet, trusting the local policemen on every street rather than trusting their neighbours, there are still buildings where only the rich can go and the poor can’t, and money is all important here, if you have a lot of money you can go to university, if you don’t there seem to be no ... read more

South America » Chile February 5th 2015

It was during the Californian gold rush that Valparaiso became a rich port. When people were sailing to California, they would stop off at Valparaiso using it as a half way stopping point. People then began stopping there longer, and settling there with their families. Valparaiso became wealthier and Calle Serrano in Valparaiso became the richest street in Latin America. Then once the Panama canal opened people travelled through the canal instead on their way to California and had no need to stop in Valparaiso. However, the port of San Antonio (not Valparaiso) was the most important port of Chile , located about an hour away by bus from Valparaiso. Valparaiso, was mostly famous for its salmon production. Chile now produces more salmon than Japan or Norway. This is one of the reasons why customs are ... read more

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Valparaíso February 5th 2015

Don’t ever judge a town solely by the amount of dog poo in the streets but be aware that a lot of dog poo does mean that there are a lot of stray dogs roaming around. This is one of the less problematic issues in this town. After doing two tours with two different companies, one in Spanish, and one in English to make sure I understood the details properly I found it was a port steeped in history, but a port not to relax in. The morning weather was foggy, drizzly with sea mist, cold with a dark sky. There is dog dirt on every pavement, stray dogs follow anybody who gives them food, signs to the nearest Tsunami evacuation sites are found everywhere (if there is an earthquakes in the ocean it automatically sparks ... read more

South America February 4th 2015

I had a nice and relaxed Peruvian lunch in a restaurant on the same street as my hostel just after checking out. I’d collected two big bags of laundry, changed some money and handed the cleaner and owner of the hostel a little red post box keyring and a postcard which I’d bought in Leeds and thanked them for the wonderful 8 breakfasts I’d had during my stay and for 7 very good nights sleep, apart from last night when a group of people were having a smelly barbecue and a loud party under my window. I arrived in Valparaiso easily enough, about an hour ago, but I’m suddenly wishing I was back in Santiago. My hostel advertised itself as having lockers which it does but none of the lockers close so I’m now in a ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 3rd 2015

Right now I am in a Beatles bar which I passed by chance when desperately looking for a cup of tea. The walls and tables are all decorated with newspaper headlines about the Beatles. There are posters of Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, red buses and the British flag. After having being on the Beatles tour in Liverpool with Noriko I am now more of a fan than before. I brought postcards, keyrings and fridge magnets of red buses and post boxes from the UK to give out to any friends I meet in South America. At a push I would give out postcards to the Argentinians but no way could I give out keyrings with red buses and red post boxes. To Argentinians these are the cotroversial symbols of the Falklands, but Chileans would accept ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 3rd 2015

One of the most frustrating things I found at first in both Argentina and Chile were the very long waiting times for everything. I jump out of bed at 8am thinking I can RUN up that hill I see in my neighbourhood, RACE back to the hostel to get a shower, JUMP on the metro whilst just POPPING into the supermarket to buy some bread, then get to the museum just at 10am when it first opens then I can BE READY to eat Menu del Dia in a restaurant, QUICKLY pay the bill and then SKIP to the bank to exchange some dollars for pesos.. I must forget these adverbs and replace them with comforting slow words such as CALMLY, PLOD, STROLL and STEADY PACE as in Latin America fast adverbs do not seem to ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia February 3rd 2015

I had a very successful shopping trip and bought about a fifth of the things that were on my list. They were all mandatory things for the rest of my trip such as a bikini. I got a really nice sarong which I can use as a towel in hostels as cotton will dry faster than towel materials, some very comfortable and brightly coloured pumps and some orange light, baggy Korean trousers so I don’t get burned. The rest of my clothes were put into laundry this morning. I definetly brought too many clothes and luggage in general. For my next trip I have a very good idea of what not to bring.... read more

South America » Chile February 3rd 2015

One of my biggest problems I’ve had on this trip has been due to my relationship with time. I regularly feel frustrated and that I am losing time. It makes me panic and I think it's a problem I need to address when I get back home as it is stopping me relaxing and leaving me feeling restless. On this trip I realise I’m having to split time between 1. socialising (not doing so much of that at the moment), 2 planning the next part of my trip and reseraching for the next day, 3 the mundane but necessary jobs that take a long time to do here in Chile – such as changing money, buying food before a long bus trip to prepare sandwiches and looking for a launderette to do laundry, 4 my travel ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region February 2nd 2015

Today was the day off I’d designated for myself, which I spent changing money at the bank in the city centre, planning my next couple of days in Valparaiso, speaking to Dad on skype and reassuring him about the earthquake before it made international press and counting my money just to check that I was sticking to my budget. I opted for a lunch in a restaurant which I’d visited before on my first day here and went for the same meal I had as before with a different dessert - a huge chunk of watermelon. It was very vanilla of me but I didn’t want to take risks after the earthquake, there had been enough novelty for one day and I didn’t want to spoil my day by ordering something I didn’t like. There are ... read more

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