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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Fiesole January 23rd 2020

One thing I really like to do when I’m waiting for public transport is to read the names of the other stops on my bus route and find the English translation for the Italian words I don’t know. I do this before I get on the bus, and then if the journey is boring, at each stop I can imagine why it was given a certain name, so for example one stop was called ‘mille passavanti’ which in English means ‘’a thousand passages.’ Then, when the bus stopped at ‘mille passavanti’, although the place was very non-descript I could imagine a thousand different coloured passages, some going up to the sky, some on ground level, and some going down into tunnels. I did this with every stop, and I managed to turn a 30 minute dull ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 3rd 2015

I went to change some money in Calle Florida, as recommended by Abel's dad. It was a pleasant walk to the city centre. I stopped off in a nice café in my neighbourhood Montserrat for a coffee and medialunas (two tiny croissants shaped like crescent moons.) I watched the news about the heavy floods in Cordoba and heard about the volcano, Villarrica in Chile which had erupted that morning. That got me thinking about all the stories I’d heard from other travellers and combined them with my own experiences and came to this conclusion: ‘There is something in Latin America to cater for every risk taker. DEAR RISK TAKER If you want a flood just hang around anywhere in the lowlands after a period of high humidity and wait for a downpour, if you wants a ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 2nd 2015

EVENING It was 7pm when I’d had some rehydration sachets and felt well enough to finally go looking for a newspaper. I must have searched in twenty different places for one, where each owner had directed me to another place. I’d tried sweet shops, book shops, kiosks and magazine shops but not one had a newspaper. After one hour I found a kiosk with a couple of tabloids. I was curious about the shortage of newspapers. The owner explained: ‘First thing in the morning all the unbiased newspapers were selling out quickly and by midday they had all gone. The second set of newspapers to sell were the less objective left-wing, socialist ones in support of Cristina. By 7pm the only ones left unsold were the right-wing tabloids which were against Cristina, the socialist president.' Well ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 2nd 2015

When I awoke at 8am in the hammock on top of the hostel roof I noticed that the clouds in the morning sky were passing by Buenos Aires much faster than they pass by the UK. At first I wondered if I could have been drunk but then I reassured myself by the thought ‘No this happens because the earth is round and the earth tilts on an axis so it is likely that some parts of the earth spin through the atmosphere faster than others. This must be one of those parts of the earth that spin faster than others.’ The earth is indeed round, and does tilt on an axis and clouds do tend to linger longer over the UK than in Buenos Aires due to the UK being an island but my worst ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 1st 2015

EVENING After today's excitement I decided that from now on I would adopt the pacifist Bolivian attitude of doing nothing and waiting for an act of God or the Gods to decide my fate and send me in a specific direction. This way I wouldn't have to look for adventure, it would come to me as easily as it did yesterday in the form of the presidents' speech. One week ago I had dreamed of spending the unadventurous last week of my trip on a beach with palm trees reading my Swedish crime novel about a girl who went missing, relaxing knowing that it hadn’t happened to me. I had survived South America. I was here. I was alive, well and fit to face the UK. This was my big dream. At 8pm my adventure was ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 1st 2015

MORNING I was having a nice sleep in until 10am when my friend Elizabeth (from Norway) and I were woken up by the sound of firecrackers, gun shots, drums and Argentinian flags flying past the hostel windows. There were hundreds of them. I ate breakfast quickly thinking I must be missing ‘Carnaval’ like what we had in Bolivia. As soon as I hear noise and the sound of drums and explosives I immediately think that there must be a party, like there was in Bolivia. But oh no, this was something bigger, a historical moment which was about to include me, a chance to celebrate democracy with the Argentinians, democracy which many British take for granted. I raced out of the hostel having just heard that it was the annual opening of the Congress (after the ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 28th 2015

The weather was bad in Salta and my flight had been delayed by one hour. Planes weren’t able to land in the airport and my plane was one of the many circling around in the air waiting for the storm to clear to be able to land. There was no mention of this in the airport. On the screens it read ‘ask the flight team’ but by word of mouth I got to hear why the flight had been delayed. I was furious and feeling ready to stage a revolution against ‘poor air services’ there and then , especially after my recent experiences. I’d paid a small fortune for this flight as I had done for my last flight. The least I expect when a flight is delayed by so long is a clear explanation and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 28th 2015

I met Elizabeth, a Norwegian girl who was staying in my dorm. She arrived last night just like me, she had travelled for a few two months in Australia and she was now travelling for two months in South America. Today was her first day in South America, whilst this week was my last. I gave her as much advice as I could whilst avoiding revealing facts that might scare her and whilst leaving a lot for her to find out for herself. I wanted South America to be just as much an exciting adventure for her as it had been for me, with exciting adventures creeping up on her everyday. Feeling sure that this girl, being Scandinavian, not speaking any Spanish and having just arrived in South America would be a sensible, non-risk taking, travelling ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires February 27th 2015

PART TWO Once I’d arrived in Buenos Aires airport I found that none of the cash machines in the entire airport had cash in them after spending 4o minutes walking around with my luggage trying them all. I wanted to make sure I had more than enough money for the taxi to my hostel in case a taxi would take me round the longest routes possible, which one did. I managed to change some dollars for a poor rate but I had enough for the taxi, just. Once I got to the taxi a porter was waiting by the taxis lifted my rucksack and put it in the back of a taxi for me. Of course as it is the custom I had to tip him money. Grrrr. Three minutes it took for me to realise ... read more

South America February 26th 2015

I’d seen most of the places I wanted to see in Salta after one day. I went to one more museum – ‘the museum of textiles’ which was very interesting and not very well-known to tourists. It mainly focussed on art works made by the indigenous people, who would worship Catholicism alongside Paganism. There were lots of Catholic images with Pagan heads ,or earth symbols. Also there would often be a snake in their pictures which would represent fortune, not a Catholic symbol. Before this museum I didn’t even know that this type of art existed. I continued eating Italian food, picking up where I had left off before I left Argentina to go to Chile back in January. On every corner in Buenos Aires there are Italian restaurants and pizzerias, and there are plenty of ... read more

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