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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia February 1st 2015

There are more things that concern me about Chile and its culture than intrigue me. I think I am more concered and ask myself more questions about their culture than they do about their own culture. For me it’s worrying when people only talk about the good aspects of their cultures, see other Latin American cultures as a threat and consider them to be inferior. From every Chilean I’ve met so far I’ve sensed that. They seem introverted and not very expressive. I’ve stayed in this hostel a week but I haven’t got to know any of the staff any better. We talk about the weather as the Brits do with strangers. After 1 week in Argentina I had got to know people’s individual political views, their feelings about the Falklands without even asking. Politics were ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 31st 2015

In the evening I got a takeaway pizza and sat on the grass in a park in my local neighbourhood where I watched many youngsters from the neighbourhood dancing swing to old American tunes on a record player which they had brought into the street with them, . It was the coolest dance I’d ever seen and I’d never seen it danced in England before. The evening was beautiful, I ate my pizza watching the kids dance in time to the swing music. The sun was setting over the mountains on one side of the park, the statue of the Virgin was lit up in the mountain and the coloured fountains were bright in the background but again I thought to myself ‘where is Kathryn when you want a drink and a dance’... read more

South America » Chile January 31st 2015

In the afternoon I climbed up Cerro San Cristobal to the Japanese Gardens, and then onto the Botanical Gardens which had been set up to protect plants growing in the 4 regions of Chile – the far North (the desert), near North, Central zone and Southern zone (the most beautiful). The one I remember was the Chilean palm tree, which was endangered. I mainly studied the Medicinal plants section as that was what interested me most. I took photos so I could read up on their healing properties later.... read more

South America » Chile January 31st 2015

I then learned about the Incas. They came to Chile, taking over the areas with the best mineral resources which they could use for agriculture and mining complexes. They brought with them religion, the Quechua language, the Inca Roads and tambos (way stations) I saw many cups which the Inca used to drink Chicha from. Chicha is an Andean corn beer and a drink which is still very popular today in Chile, esecially during Andean ceremonies, important events and rituals. The nobility drank Chicha from cups, the cups used indicated their status and were buried with the people when they died. The nobility drank from silver and gold cups whereas the poor people drank from cups made of wood and ceramic or cups made from woven plant fibres. I also saw the Ceramic jug used to ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago January 31st 2015

THE MUSEUM OF PRE-COLUMBIAN ART This museum was fascinating and as its’title suggests it exhibits mainly sculpturs and items used by the indigenous tribes who had lived in Chile before Columbus came from Spain and discovered America. Tribes first came to Chile in 12,500 AC, the Incas inhabited Chile from 1400 to 1500, the Mapuches ruled from the 1600s and Valdivia accompanied by the Spanish lived in Chile between 1500 and 1800. I looked at the chronology of events and couldn’t believe that whilst Chile and South America were still being inhabited by indigenous tribes and hadn’t yet gained its’ independence from Spain, Europe was having the French Revolution in 1789 and man first walked on the moon. It shows how old Europe is and how relatively new South America is as a continent. Stonehenge had ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 30th 2015

Still not ready to go home and on my way back to the hostel, I stopped at a bar on the end of my street called the Elves so that if I got drunk after one glass of beer which I usually do here in South America as one sip of alcohol usually knocks me out I could get home without too many problems. Inside the bar, the walls were covered with pictures of elves and the whole Eminem and Slim Shady soundtrack was playing in the background, then Blue, and then some RnB lyrics along to the tune of the yodaling song from the Sound of Music, and I began to think of my friend Kathryn back in Leeds and The Sound of Music tour we did in Salzburg. The music and atmosphere in the ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago January 30th 2015

I headed to the National History museum and found it was closed due to refurbishment, so I began climbing the famous hill Cerro Cristobal where the Japanese gardens and botanical gardens were located. To get there I needed to walk through a leafy residential area in the direction of the mountains and climb up a mountain in the afternoon sun. It was getting late and I didn’t get there so I decided to head back down. On the way up many cyclists were passing by and I decided that next time I would hire a bike and bring a helmet with me to cover more ground faster. I was tired but at the same time I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful way to pass the time in such a beautiful part of the world, walking under ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region January 30th 2015

Inspired by the information I’d just read in Quinta Park I immediately went off to try the national drink of Chile, called ‘Mote con Huesillos’ – it’s a very cold, sweet drink made with ice, sweetcorn and coca cola. In my opinion this is something you try once and only once. Like my experience of scubadiving, you need to do it a few times before you really appreciate. In scuba diving you need to get used to the breathing and carrying heavy oxygen tanks. With this drink you would need to drink it every day to become both addicted and immune to the horrible taste. Then hungry, I headed off to the famous ‘Mercado Central’ fish market. There was a lot of hussle and bustle, fishmongers shouting all different types of fish at me, nearly all ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago January 30th 2015

After spending the morning at the Human Rights Museum studying some very moving content I had a walk around Quinta park, a park located nearby . By chance, I stumbled upon some very informative notice boards explaining the culture of Chile, it’s food, it’s drinks and from what rituals they came from, it’s most famous films for which it had won awards and it’s famous playwrights. I took photos and made notes so that I could try some of the food and drink during this visit, watch some of the films when I get back to the UK and when someday I return to Chile eat any famous dishes I didn’t have time to eat on my first visit and see any famous plays at the local theatres. I read all about the different types of ... read more

South America January 30th 2015

30 January 2015 11am, Santiago, Chile the day I went to the Human Rights Museum was the day my political view changed forever. In the space of 2 hours I’d developed a real appreciation of democracy and an urge to fight to protect human rights like never before. BRIEF FACTS ABOUT THE MILITARY DICTATORSHIP ACCORDING TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS’ MUSEUM During the dictatorship laws were passed which banned other political parties from forming,the government was reorganised and civil servants were made redundant. Many people who opposed the dictatorship were jailed in very bad conditions after being interrogated and tortured. Prisons and detention centres were set up in schools and public buildings which were loaned out from people in favour of the dictatorship. The press was under heavy censorship, all books were burned and trade unions were ... read more

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