here in South America there is something to cater for every risk-taker

Published: March 4th 2015
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I went to change some money in Calle Florida, as recommended by Abel's dad. It was a pleasant walk to the city centre. I stopped off in a nice café in my neighbourhood Montserrat for a coffee and medialunas (two tiny croissants shaped like crescent moons.) I watched the news about the heavy floods in Cordoba and heard about the volcano, Villarrica in Chile which had erupted that morning. That got me thinking about all the stories I’d heard from other travellers and combined them with my own experiences and came to this conclusion:

‘There is something in Latin America to cater for every risk taker.


If you want a flood just hang around anywhere in the lowlands after a period of high humidity and wait for a downpour, if you wants a good old earthquake go to Chile, if you want to experience altitude sickness go to La Paz in Bolivia, if you wants to ride on dangerous mountain roads go to Yuncas. If this isn't your style and instead you want a good old-fashioned violent mugging with knives go to Venezuela but for a more modern, imaginative, less violent mugging involving distraction techniques go to Buenos Aires. And if all this just isn't risqué enough you can travel a lot further and pop up to Mexico for a special encounter with Guerillas.’ UK (news on msn)

I am defintly not a risk taker. I’m a hobbit by nature, a hobbit who just wants to eat cheese and cucumber sandwiches and be warm and comfortable by the fire. At least until I'm ready for my next adventure.


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