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October 14th 2020
Published: November 11th 2020
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During the covid-19 period additional rules were applied to the ones which were put in place in 2019.

The steps surrounding the monument remained closed to prevent overcrowding. In addition, the social distancing rule of 1 metre, and the mask-wearing law which are currently in place throughout Italy, were being enforced by the municipal police and the military.

On August 21st 2020 the police handed out the first fine of €400 to a visitor at the Trevi fountain who refused to wear a mask. (23 Aug 20, The Local Italy, ''Covid-19 : Rome's First Fine for not wearing mask handed out at Trevi Fountain'')

The current law, states that all people must wear a mask whilst they are outside, as well as inside. The mask should be worn over both the nose and mouth, apart from when a person is eating and/or drinking whilst seated at a table, or when doing sport. Two exemptions are made. One is for children aged under 6 and people who have disabilities or conditions. (3rd Nov 20, Covid-19 updates ''Tips for Safe Travel')

There is also a strict procedure in place for a visitor to follow if they develop Covid-19 symptoms whilst visiting Rome. The person should make themselves known to an official member if staff, which in this case would be a state police officer. If no such person is available, the ill visitor should call the national coronavirus hotline on 1500.


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