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October 11th 2020
Published: October 18th 2020
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'In 1640 Pope Urban VIII initiated the rebuilding of the fountain. This project was presented by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini.' (1) However, the rebuilding was not carried out, due to financial problems in the papal court.

Competitions to design new fountains and structures were common during the Baroque era. 'In 1732, Pope Clement XII announced a competition for a design of a new fountain, in which the major artists of the time took part. The Pope chose the Niccolo Salvi project. The work started in 1732 and took 30 years to build. Salvi died in 1751 before the work was finished, and it was completed in 1762, by Giuseppe Pannini.' (2)

The work we see today was the product of Pannini and Salvi. It was officially opened and inaugurated on May 22 by Pope Clement XIII.

'This replaced the previous fountain, which was designed by Leon Battiste Alberti in 1435.' (3)

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