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Asia » China April 5th 2010

Geo: 22.2, 114.133Today we went to Lamma Island. We caught the Star Ferry across the river then another boat to Lamma Island. It was pretty rough and I felt really sea-sick, I don't usually get sea-sick but this was rough and then at the end we got caught in another boats wake and it was really bad. The island was really nice, quite small and very rural. There wasn't many other tourists, but there was a lot of locals there. It's a public holiday here today. We went straight through the island and started walking to the other side. It was really long and really steep, but we made it. Mum and I walked together and Uncle Andy, Elyse and Hayley walked together as we wanted to take photos but they weren't interested in that.We stopped ... read more
View from Lamma Island
Lamma Island
The view

Asia » China April 4th 2010

Geo: 22.2951, 114.171The day started with an Easter Egg hunt. I would love to say that these three 'older' girls found the eggs within a minute or two but it took a bit longer - quite a bit longer and quite a few hints later to find them all!! And, no I'm not talking hundreds of eggs, just a big bunny each and a few small eggs each!!!After we all got ready and a small (or not) amount of chocolate had been consumed, we went out. After crossing hundreds of bridges (well, that;s what it felt like when your scared of them!) we went for a walk/ride up and up and up the escalators, stopping half way up for a subway lunch.The escalators are 800 metres (2,600 ft) long with a vertical climb of 135 metres ... read more
Easter Egg hunt
Easter Egg hunt
Easter Egg hunt

Asia » China April 3rd 2010

Geo: 22.295, 114.171We had breaky in room this morning. We had brought cereal from Australia here (although we could have bought the same brands in the supermarket here) and had bought a carton of Pura longlife milk yesterday to have with it.We met Uncle Andy and girls at the lift and headed out. We walked along the streets and alleys near the hotel. Uncle Andy went into a shop to buy sneakers for the girls then we went into an Australian watch shop!!Mel and I stayed out shopping while the others headed back to the hotel room to watch the footy on pay TV (30 minute delay) , listen to it on the radio (live) as well as having it on the internet.We bought a necklace for me after going into quite a few shops. It ... read more
Prehistoric Hong Kong
The Dynasties: From the Han to the Qing
Folk Culture in HK

Asia » China April 2nd 2010

Geo: 22.3099, 114.042Today we went to Hong Kong Disneyland, although it was just mum and me as they were all really tired from the plane.We caught the underground from Tsim Sha Tsui to Tsuen Wan, from Lai King to Sunny Bay and from there we caught the Disneyland train to Disneyland. The Disneyland train was very easily detected by the bright blue colour and the Mickey Mouse shaped windows. Inside the train was the same, the seats were a darker blue, and looked more like a lounge than a train-chair, the things you hold when standing up, that helps you keep your balance was Mickey Mouse shaped also and in each carriage there were four statues of different Disney characters. The ones closest to us were Tinkerbell and Mickey. The train station was just like any ... read more
Map of the park
Mickey surfing
Mickey and the whale

Asia » China April 1st 2010

Geo: 22.2634, 114.159When we got to Hong Kong airport, we made our way to the baggage carousel to get our suitcases. In KL, we were able to check our cases in at the main train station – meaning we didn't have to take them on the train ourselves. It also means you can get rid of your bags and go shopping/sightseeing etc for the rest of the day. It also meant that the suitcases made their way to the airport REALLY early. This meant that we waited and waited for our bags to get off the plane. There was only about 10 others waiting with us when the bags finally arrived. We quickly made our way through customs and out to the bus stop. We found where to buy the tickets and jumped on the bus ... read more
The girls at the Star Ferry Terminal
Elyse on the Star Ferry
Hayley and Mel on the Star Ferry

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 31st 2010

Geo: 3.15037, 101.714We had a sleep-in day today. As it's our last day in Kuala Lumpur and we'd done everything we wanted to and had planned to do. As usual we went to breakfast and got the normal things we get. We'd been eating for 20 minutes when a Muslim lady wearing a full sari and head-dress walked in with her husband. We had pretty much finished breaky by this stage but were going to stay to see how she ate. She walked around for agers before finally sitting down to eat. To eat she pulled up the thing covering her mouth, put her food in her mouth and back down it went. I couldn't and wouldn't ever put up with that. After 10 minutes of watching her we went to Reception and got our check-out ... read more
Actually, this is our door!!!
The pool on level 10
View from our room

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 30th 2010

Geo: 3.15039, 101.715We got up nice and early today - 6.12 as we were going to see if we could get tickets to the Petronas towers. After a quick breakfast we caught a taxi to the towers. We got dropped off right outside at 7.21. When we got down to the bottom floor the line was already massive. Mum estimates 200 people and they opened the doors at 8.30! Every so often the guards were coming through to push us all closer together to fit more people in and not everyone got in the line. There is a quite large spot in between the escalators that was filled with people who didn't fit in the line. When we first got there I knew we'd be in for a long time so straight away I sat down. ... read more
Hope the view is worth this!!
The queue
Why stand when you can sit

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Batu Caves March 29th 2010

Geo: 3.23333, 101.667After quite a nice sleep-in we ate breakfast then went straight to the Batu caves. We'd organised to get a taxi last night so it was all ready and waiting. Once there we got out and the taxi driver showed us to the ticket booth. We bought our tickets and went in, little did we know that we'd only brought tickets to an art gallery thing and to see a few snakes. Neither of us were interested in this so we just walked straight past it trying to find the entrance. After walking back and forth many times and asking three different people for help we found the steps.272 steps! After walking ten or so flights of slippery (it was raining) stairs we were both stuffed. We stopped for a minute and looked and ... read more
Batu Caves wristband
Worlds Tallest Golden Statue of Lord Murugan
Batu Caves - check out the stairs

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 28th 2010

Geo: 3.15027, 101.714Today was our first morning at the Prince Hotel and Residence so going down to breakfast was quite exiting. The First World's buffet was average and so far our best breakfast was at the Methavali (Thailand) and as this is a 5-star hotel were hoping it would top it. Breaky was very good (but the Methavali is still way ahead) but the people weren't- at all! Me, being a kid was pushed around everywhere I went, when I put toast in the toaster someone took it, when I went to fill up my orange juice someone moved right in front of the dispenser and stayed there for a while. Everyone in this hotel is a snob, or so it feels like. They all have their Gucci , Coach or Louis Vuitton bags and sunnies ... read more
Hop On - Hop Off Bus
The view from our hotel room
Postcard showing the gardens in front of towers

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 27th 2010

Geo: 3.15031, 101.714Today we got up early to get everything ready to leave and then went to breakfast, before going to the 'Sky Venture' a sky-diving simulator. We walked up the stairs to the Sky Venture at 9.30 - half an hour before it opened as you had to book in. It was first in best dressed. We got in at 10.50am.Mum and I walked around the mall and then went back to the skydiving place. We got there early and watched the group before us. We went in and put all our loose clothes, shoes, glasses and jewellery in a locker then went through to the next room and put on a jumpsuit and then went into another room where we practised. We learnt the symbols the instructor gave us (thumbs up- you're going good, ... read more
Dressed to fly
Mel being presented her certificate.
Mels Certificate

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