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Asia » Thailand July 4th 2010

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667I forced mum to get up at 6.50 this morning so we could go for a walk along the beach. It was beautiful, the water was hotter than the pool and it was very busy. We got there as the tide was going out, so when I wanted to go to an 'island' which was 20m away still along the beach, by the time we got there it was no longer an island just more sand. We saw some interesting things while at the beach - a man sweeping on the sand, some people catching little fish and put them into a bottle and we saw them setting up for the Jet Ski final. Nothing was planned for today and mum and I really wanted to go to the 'Cha Am Premium Outlet' so ... read more
Early morning walk along the beach
Early morning walk along the beach
Cha Am Beach

Asia » Thailand July 3rd 2010

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667Got up early this morning and had a swim before breakfast. We were the first people there but some Thai's came in later to do their laps. We sat right next to the railing at breakfast meaning the road was only a few meters away. All of a sudden we saw 4 people run out towards the road with chairs and plastic bags, we thought they must've been crossing the road to the beach or something but no, they stopped and put their chairs down right next to the road. The next thing we know all these Monks are coming in a single file. At the chairs they stopped and held out their begging buckets, the people put their food in and off they went. Two minutes later we heard someone talking on a ... read more
Leftovers from afternoon tea for breaky
The Monks are coming
Parade of Monks at 7.45am

Asia » Thailand July 2nd 2010

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667While we were at breakfast this morning Mr. Long, the travel agent came up to us and asked if we wanted to change our tour time from 2pm to 11am so if we wanted we could see the elephant show, we agreed and went back to eating our breaky. We then went for a swim as we still had 2 hours before we were due down at the travel agents which is only just down the road. We got there and found out that we were being driven by Noi a lady who I don't believe Nana and Pa had ever seen before. She drove us straight to the Elephant show in Hua Hin (26km down the road) where we got out and were greeted by 2 very good English speaking people in their ... read more
Starting our elephant ride
Off we go
Ridin' the elephant

Asia » Thailand July 1st 2010

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667At breakfast this morning I said I wanted to go to the fishing village so we did exactly that. We walked up to 'Family Mart' as next to that is a place that hires bikes. It was only mum and I getting the bikes and we decided to get the 2-seater bike, but when we tried to ride it, it was a disaster. So we both agreed that individual bikes would work much better. While we were getting them we all started coughing and there was this burning sensation in the back of our throat from the lady's cooking and they started laughing at us until he came over to help us and was coughing to. We rode the bikes up the street, to the right where the road parts and straight ahead. On ... read more
At the park where the roosters are
The King enjoyed cockfighting
We tried to count the birds but.......

Asia » Thailand June 30th 2010

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667Our choices for breakfast this morning were pancakes, eggs (cooked to order), lettuce soup with pork, fried baby corn with pork, stir fried rice noodles, fried rice, boiled rice with fish, chicken pork sausage, ham, bacon, stir fried squid with chilli and herbs, steamed jasmine rice, pancakes, 4 types of bread, assorted pastries, salads, fresh fruit, cereal, pancakes, consommé soup with ?, and 1 or 2 other dishes.I had cereal, eggs, bacon, pancakes and orange juice. Nana and Pa got to breakfast before us and the manager (who they'd made friends with) put them in 2 seat table so when we got there we had to sit by ourselves until we moved to bigger table when one became vacant. We went down to the pool and then remembered we were going to check out ... read more
Pa's breaky - 1st course
Cha Am beach (photo from Pa)
Methavalai from a nearby hotel room (Pa)

Asia » Thailand June 29th 2010

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667Went down for breakfast this morning and we could choose from brown rice, spaghetti beef bologais (their spelling), pork fried noodle, chicken fried with ginger, steam rice, chicken with bokchoy, congee pork, vegetable salad, eggs, ham, frankfurt like sausages, cereal, bread, croissants, and a Chinese croissant. As I said yesterday, nothing for us. Nana made up a salad for herself for breaky. She had cherry tomatoes, shredded cabbage, cucumber cubes, lettuce, peanuts, watermelon, onion rings ,melon, chicken sausage, sultanas, tomato sauce, topped with thousand island dressingWe then bought all our bags down to the lobby and waited for the taxi man we organised the day before. At 4 minutes after he was meant to arrive Nana and Pa walked over to reception to see if they could organise someone, but on the way back ... read more
River Kwai Hotel breakfast coupon
The girls in the hotel dining room
Mum in the hotel dining room

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi June 28th 2010

Geo: 14.02, 99.53Went to breakfast this morning for the first time at the River Kwai Hotel. It was very extensive but nothing really tickled my fancy except for the bananas. There was no apple or orange juice, no bacon, no yoghurt and the toaster was incredibly slow, but Nana and Pa loved it as they're used to eating what we'd have for dinner at breakfast.Mum and I went to reception so they could get us a tuk-tuk, but they said 'No, taxi only, no' so we agreed and then a pick-up truck arrived and by this stage Nana and Pa were down stairs to so we all piled in and off we went. It was about 1.5km from the hotel to the bus station from which mum and I would catch a bus to the Erawan ... read more
Our bus to the fails
Melissa and the bus
Our top-notch ultra-modern  bus

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi June 27th 2010

Geo: 14.02, 99.53We got up an early and did a bit of packing then went down to breakfast for the last time. It was rather sad but in a way I was happy because since we've been back from Kanchanaburi in 2006 and I didn't cross the bridge the whole way because I'm petrified of bridges I've wanted to cross it and today was the day. We had a quick breakfast because mum and I wanted to have a quick swim. The pool was empty and very nice but we couldn't spend long there because we had to do last minute packing. So within 15 minutes we were back in the room. 10 minutes later we went down to reception to check-out then catch the taxi we organised two days ago. It was a different taxi ... read more
Outside our door
Outside our door in Bangkok
Outside the Manhattan Hotel as we were leaving

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 26th 2010

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521For the first time this trip we caught the underground. It was just like any other underground train just not as hi-tech. We bought our tickets and Nana and Pa got theirs from the counter as they're seniors so get them half price but then they told us to go to the station after Chatachuk Park because it leads straight into the Chatachuk Market but by this stage mum and I had already got our token for Chatachuk Park anyway a man showed us the way to the station and waited with us until we were on the train which was nice of him. When we got off the train we went to walk out but as our tokens weren't for this station we couldn't get out, so we waited for the man which ... read more
The easy-to-read market map
The clock tower in the middle of the market
The market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 25th 2010

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521After breakfast we headed out and saw the taxi driver Nana and Pa use so we booked with him to go to Kanchanaburi and I went back up to the room to get hats but when I was walking back the guy that orders the taxi asked my name so I told him as I was walking through the door the doorman opened for me, well I was meant to walk through it but instead I walked straight into the wall next to it causing everyone around to go into hysterics. Then when I came down again he was like how are you Melissa? What are you doing Melissa? Have a good day Melissa. But the way he was saying my name was like Mmalllissssaaaa. It was so funny. We then continued walking onto ... read more
Train Ticket
Train Ticket
The Chao Phraya River

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