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Asia » Thailand July 5th 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667Today was an incredibly lazy day when I look back on it. Obviously we had breakfast but that's about it. Mum and I had a swim for a few hours while Nana and Pa were getting much needed haircuts and pedicures and we watched as ten people got off a bus. The Scandinavians tanned at shockingly horrendous angles from the pool and as a chubby boy hung onto the edge of the pool for an hour. Other than that, I did a bit of homework and went through a puzzle magazine and mum went to the chemist to buy me cream for my infected (?) underarms. We spent the afternoon listening to Nana and Pa in their room go through all the reviews of the Methavalai seeming to take offence to some which was ... read more
Hotel from the pool-side

Asia » Thailand July 4th 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667Our first breaky at the Methavalai was very nice, but a slight disappointment with no pancakes - we've been very lucky with our previous hotels! The dining area was renovated 2 years ago when we were here; it now feels modern and calm and makes the most of the beach which is 6m away. I cut my breakfast short to go for a sleep, I can't believe how many nana-naps I've had here - I never, ever sleep during the day at home. Mum and Nana went to find the Laundromat with absolutely no idea where it was, although they were getting ready to go for 1.5 hours, and the clothes were already in the bags - doesn't sound like something Mum would do at all! Apparently the laundry was 500m down the road ... read more
Cha Am train Station
Cha Am train station at back of market
Cha Am train station

Asia » Thailand July 3rd 2012

Geo: 12.7953, 99.9662At some ungodly hour, well 7am, Sassie came running in telling Nana to "come quick" which Nana then passed onto us. Being woken up so early so fast I automatically thought something was wrong with Pa but thankfully Pa was fine. We followed Nana outside and Sassie explained to us that there were gibbons on the mountain literally 1m from the back of their block, or 20m from our bedroom. None of us could believe our luck. Nana saw gibbons when she was there last year but Sassie said they haven't been back since. Even if it wasn't a gibbon, I'd be excited but I was super excited because gibbons are close enough to monkey's for me! There were maybe five gibbons who all sat very still and blended in well, sometimes the only ... read more
Boxer - the pure-bred Thai dog
AKA a Mah Thai Lang Ahn

Asia » Thailand July 2nd 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667We decided last night that we would visit a dam today and go for a boat ride around it, but I can't say I was very excited at all, luckily I didn't bail out. We all piled into the car and set off for pretty much Burma as Nana said which took roughly 1.5 hours; the trip up was amazing. I've always thought you get more out of going to villages than you do going to tourist attractions and that still stands. It's always magical going through tiny poor villages with some walls only made out of rubber banners and mud, people washing their clothes in the river, wild dogs all around (which are said to mostly all have rabies) and the gorgeous smiling faces of the townsfolk. We were all very surprised about ... read more
Kaeng Krachan National Park
Thai: แก่งกร
Melissa looking over the dam

Asia » Thailand July 1st 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667Breaky was served to us outside on the balcony next to the kitchen. We started with cereal, then tomato, baked beans, eggs and bacon before finishing with fruit. We were treated like royalty with Seawon, one of the servants, kneeling down when she was near us. I came back to the room and did 3.5 hours of homework-I figured I really didn't have choice. We all got in David's car and drove off to Premium Outlet which was only five minutes down the road (yes, I am jealous). We all went into Adidas and Nike to look for running shoes for mum but with no luck we all piled out and decided to split up. Mum and my plan was to go into every shop that looked to sell nice things, pick up the ... read more
Our favourite Cha Am shopping centre
Premier Outlet
Warehouse - The tops made into patterns

Asia » Thailand June 30th 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667After breaky I went for a sleep, again. Mum was keen to go to Terminal 21, the shopping centre, again to take photos of all the different toilets based on the different cities. After going to the toilets on levels 7 to 1, I asked if the other toilet on each level could have different themes. Unfortunately for me they were totally different so up we went, again. Luckily for my ego we were amongst several others taking photos of the toilets. I know, it's sad, but they were like this: Terminal 21 shopping mall was opened in October 2011 and is an airport-themed shopping mall with each floor assigned to a different city around the world. The whole centre takes up 40,000m2, is 9 storeys high and has about 600 shops. When you ... read more
Manhattan Buffet Breakfast
Manhattan Buffet Breakfast
Manhattan Buffet Breakfast

Asia » Thailand June 29th 2012

Geo: 13.75, 100.517In order to get a 6-seater table in the morning we had to sit 10m from the buffet tables, this was fine until Pa saw it; he wasn't at all impressed saying "you sat too far from the food!'' Mum went to order herself some bacon (we'd been told if we want something and it is not served, to ask for it) but they misunderstood brought out four plates of bacon!! Mum and I caught a taxi to Vimanmek Mansion, where we went yesterday. We bought new tickets as our ones that were valid for a week meaning they had already somehow expired, even though we had only had them for four days (entry was include in the Grand Palace tickets). We made our way to the lockers to put everything inside, which they ... read more
Our room
Melissa having some down time
Chilling in the room

Asia » Thailand June 28th 2012

Geo: 13.75, 100.517After breaky I felt sick, so like yesterday I went up to our room for a sleep, mum thought it was the perfect opportunity to do the same thing; the only problem was by the time Nana decided she should wake us up it was 11:15! We caught a taxi from out the front to Vimanmek mansion, with a lot of trouble with the language barrier. We drove through an amazing wide road (a good 200m) looking onto an even more amazing marble palace, I was very upset when we didn't stop but the driver was taking us to the very entrance. With absolutely no signs we walked hoping for the best, we didn't have to pay as tickets were in included in what we bought at the Grand Palace. As we know now, ... read more
Showcases filled with jeweled boats&golden enamel
Works shown here - replicas of royal thrones/barge
Throne Hall

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 27th 2012

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521Our first breaky at the Manhattan was very nice but a little disappointing after being spoilt at the Grand China Princess! After breaky I had a nana nap then we headed to Jim Thompson's House. Walking to the Skytrain station we stopped in to see George the Tailor quickly, who Nana and Pa have become friends with over the years. Although it isn't really relevant now, George told us that the average Thai annual wage was 10,000-12,000B ($333-400 AUD!) We caught the Skytrain (BTS) from Asok station, opposite Terminal 21, to Siam Central where we switched over to the subway (MRT) to the National Stadium station. It was a short walk to Jim Thompson's House (500m) down a dainty old road with no sign of other tourists and only one sign indicating that we ... read more
One of many random nets
Melissa loved taking close-up photos
Another close-up photo

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 26th 2012

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521Nana and Pa stayed at the Grand China for the morning then caught a taxi with all the luggage to the Manhattan Hotel where we were to meet them later this afternoon. Just before going out Mum decided that she wanted to look at the Miniature House display; the largest mobile museum, which was in the hotel lobby; there were probably 50 class containers 30X30cm in size that contained different settings, bakeries, jungles, kitchens, shops etc. all made out of clay in immaculate detail. The concierge fetched a tuk-tuk for us to go to the flower market; the driver figured that the faster we got there the faster he could get another customer so we were weaving all over the streets at the fastest speed we could go! The flower market was on both ... read more
Our room at the Grand China Princess
Our room at the Grand China Princess
Our room at the Grand China Princess

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