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Oceania » Australia » Victoria July 14th 2012

Geo: -38.1, 145.717... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria July 13th 2012

Geo: -38.1, 145.717By 6am we were dressed, had managed to squeeze everything into our suitcases, obviously tired and were in the bus to go to the airport; despite having more people than seats on the bus and another bus just sitting there not being used, we were off to the airport which was 10 minutes away. We grabbed a trolley for our bags and went to stand in queue (Nana please take note): The check-in and internet check-in counters were lined up with only one queue which was very long. Five minutes after joining the queue I went for a walk to see if we could cut the queue because we were internet check-in. With no luck, I went back and sent mum off. The internet check-in counter was roped off a few meters in front ... read more
No turning back now - we are on our way home
An enormous statue in the middle of the terminal
This is depicting an epic Hindu story

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 12th 2012

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521We went down for breaky and I chose my favourite spot to sit - at the front so you can see the passing traffic. Nana and Pa find it too hot here so sit further back in the restaurant (and nearer to the food for Pa!) Mum's bites, by this morning, were no longer bites but a rash that had spread over her tummy and was really itchyIt was time to leave. Nana and I walked down the lobby leaving Pa and Mum with the bags waiting for the bell-boys to come up; the lift opened to fifty people with suitcases literally standing right at the door and none were very keen to move to let us through. Nana checked us out only to be told that the room was missing a hair-dryer (that ... read more
That's a nicer smile!
Mel getting ready to leave
Looking down to the unused pool bar

Asia » Thailand July 11th 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667After breakfast and having a long swim, Mum and I headed down to the hairdressers to get a 'hair detox' which would put moisture back in our hair that was taken out by the chlorine (but I thought every pool was a salt pool so don't ask me). I lay down on the massage-table to get my hair washed and stuff put through it and the lady while very nice wasn't at all gentle; I was then taken to the 'cutting area' of the room I guess you could call it and my hair was wrapped in glad-wrap then a moving hair-dryer was made to circle around my head. Half-an-hour later I was taken by another girl, who was wearing a face-mask to protect herself from ‘germs' which I was a bit offended by, ... read more
Bless you Nana
Hotel lobby
Hotel Lobby

Asia » Thailand July 10th 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667We struggled out of bed at 7am after I again had a sleepless night and made our way down to breakfast to eat as much as we could as fast as we could then caught Mr Long's van down to the fishing village. Mum and my aim was to get down there as early as we could so we would see the village when it's really 'alive' and at 7:40 when we got there it still well and truly was. The way it's set out is that on one side of the road is the piers and restaurants and the other size is the houses of the rich, but if they have so much money I don't see why they would live in Thailand's smelliest place. On the side of the road with the ... read more
The Fishing Village
Smells very fishy here!!!
Sorting fish

Asia » Thailand July 9th 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667After spending all morning deciding what we would do today and finally deciding on the going back to the fishing village, we went back on our idea thinking that we would get there at the same time as yesterday, so we changed our mind to the fruit and vegie market but we were going to be too late. Pa realised that he'd lost his beloved Men's Shed hat so I went into the restaurant to check but it wasn't there, Mum and Nana searched their room with no luck and I eventually spotted it behind the pool-boys desk; they had picked it up this morning. We dipped into the pool for a quick swim that ended up lasting for a few hours. While in the spa with Nana and mum, I spotted Nana's friends ... read more
Cha Am Beach waves
Cha Am Beach
Girl swimming in the Gulf

Asia » Thailand July 8th 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667I was woken at 10:30 after leaving breakfast abruptly because I felt sick again. At 11:15 we all trooped down to Mr Long's for him to take us around Cha-Am as Pa had organised an hour beforehand but somehow through the language barrier we were booked for 12:30. Because of this, Mr Long and the car were down in Hua-Hin still. Our first trip was to the fishing village a couple of kilometres up the road so with no other reasonable option we hired a taxi from across the road to take us. The fishing village consists of two main piers with small bamboo planks leading to particular boats. Despite Cha-Am being a small town there was a good 200 boats of all different sizes, mostly they go out at night with their illuminous ... read more
Beautiful hand-carved swans
They are amazingly beautiful
The hotel must have had a dinner conference

Asia » Thailand July 7th 2012

Geo: 12.7953, 99.9662After our early bed time yesterday we were awake and up by 7am and decided to go for a walk on the beach, which was quite busy for a small town. I took photos of different things until deciding that breakfast was well overdue - well maybe not but I was hungry. Mum felt sick so we went up to our room only for me to become sick after five minutes of being there so we went for a sleep. An hour later mum felt fine but I still felt sick but it slowly faded and we went for a swim. Knowing that the Scandinavian tour group left this morning we expected to be alone but another group had arrived, some stealing our chairs; how dare they! After lunch we all went to the ... read more
Hotel front
Pulling over to answer the phone
Policeman on phone

Asia » Thailand July 6th 2012

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667Again today was a lazy day. We hung around the pool all day leaving mum's white legs with a tip of sunburn on the top making her look even more ridiculous than what her ridiculously white legs already did (sorry mum). Again we had the pool to ourselves for the majority of the time with only one Scandinavian sunbaking. Pa was sitting there with the antenna for his radio spiralling all the way up the tree, mum was reading Readers Digest and I came back up to the room to read on the balcony; I have no idea where Nana was or what she was doing. After lunch and an hour or so of very heavy rain mum went down to find the pool empty, surprise, surprise, I carefully tipped ¼ of a bottle ... read more
Cha Am beach
Cha Am beach
Cha Am beach

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