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Asia » Thailand July 18th 2006

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667Woke up at some stage quite cold. Due to temp outside, the air conditioner had been left on all night but near morning I got quite cold. Bed has two blankets sandwiched between two sheets!! I pulled bed cover onto bed to help keep me warm. Finally back to sleep. Woke up just before 8. Mum and Dad had already been up and swam in sea!! Mel and I beat them to breaky!!We walked along road about 10 – 15 minutes from hotel. Anything goes here. It is often easier to walk on the road. The footpath is littered with signs, bikes, people (including the spruikers for the shops – mostly tailor shops) and food carts. During the day, it was mostly chickens for sale, in the evening lots of fish. These food carts ... read more
Hotel Coaster
Do you need a Lounge Suite??  Good Price!
Mel on slide

Asia » Thailand July 17th 2006

Geo: 12.8, 99.9667After breaky we went back to Gems to look at jewellery. We were given a free taxi/minibus there and back. As soon as we arrive we are offered a soft drink then asked where we were from. Somehow you are allocated a guide who carries with her a calculator. As you look at something, she looks at price and very quickly works out the cost in Aussie dollars. I looked at bracelets but they only had 18ct – too expensive for me. Maybe not the same quality but I am happy with 9ct beville bracelet. I also looked at charms – an elephant. The two I liked were $115 and $148. I really wanted one but decided they were too much. I was very disappointed. We headed back to hotel and packed our bags. ... read more
Number 8 Fried Rice
Cooked while you wait

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 16th 2006

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521Had breaky (surprise surprise) – same fare as yesterday and day prior. Packed and off to the Grand Palace. Pa stayed outside as Nana, Mel and I went in. Pa had seen it before. We walked around looking at the amazing buildings with their tiled columns, walls and 'guardians' (mythical creatures). The roofs were also very elaborate. Everything sparkled of gold. We went into see the Sitting Emerald Buddha. People kneeling down in front of him – some just looking, others praying. When sitting, you were not permitted to face your feet towards the Buddha. No shoes and no photos and you must talk in a hushed voice.It was amazing but incredibly hot. We tried to follow the map but very poorly written/drawn. I had worn a sleeveless top so had to 'borrow' a ... read more
Grand Palace

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 15th 2006

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521I slept well until Kyla sent Mel an SMS at 5.30ish!! I showered and we headed down to breaky – Mel arrived at the lift just as Nana and Pa did.After breaky, we headed to the Chatachuk Market. We caught a taxi there – cheaper and quicker than the train with four of us. The taxi stopped off at 'gem' shop. He took us to 'a place' (as it happened it was Gems) – if he takes tourists some place, he gets a token for petrol. As he said "please 5 minutes, maybe 10 – you help me"It was unbelievable. When we walked in door we were welcomed and offered a free drink. Then we were shown the (mostly) men making jewellery. At this time I realised that we had a lady to escort ... read more
Soap carving

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 14th 2006

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521Got up and went straight down to breaky – no time for a shower. Had leisurely breakfast – scrambled and poached eggs, bacon, toast, french toast, pikelets and fruit with yoghurt. We met up with Tim and Helen – also on our tour group. We met them yesterday. We (including Tim and Helen) all walked to the sky rail station and caught the train then walked from there to dock and caught a ferry for 30 or so minutes. I made Mel wear travel sick wristbands - I believe they helped. She even walked up to the back of the ferry – Tim was there and it was a better view. In the boat we had the tarpaulin pulled up to block out most of the water spray which also cut out the view ... read more
Melissa at Cabbages & Condoms
Nana and Helen @ Cabbages & Condoms
Cabbages and Condoms

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 13th 2006

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521I tried to sleep but it was very hard to get comfy when I only had the two seats to 'stretch out' on. If I tried propping back up between the wall and chair, the pillow would fall down between them. Chairs lie back a bit but the arm rest between the chairs didn't go as far back so it made it uncomfortable. Putting my head on the arm rest at aisle was most uncomfortable. Maybe drifted off, but not for long. Mel wanted to do school work but very hard when the cabin lights are off. You can turn on your own light but that does annoy other people. As they started to serve breaky, Mel said she felt sick. I buzzed and got her a water then buzzed again to get some ... read more
Waiting for the boat
Waiting on the moving wharf

Oceania » Australia » Victoria July 12th 2006

Geo: -38.1, 145.717Let Mel sleep in this morning - she woke at 8.05. We got her to school in time. I went home cleaned, vacuumed and washed floors then went to the canteen to get things up to date. Collected Mel after play and went home. Did last minute packing and tidying. We were ready early - said to Mel we can wait here or at the airport. Mel decided to wait at the airport. Dropped off Avon catalogues then went to surgery to collect mail - letter with THB480 from Dorothy Graeme for me or mum? Drove to the airport. Couldn't believe the smell as you go through the tunnel in Melbourne. Commented to Mel about it. She cracked up laughing - it was her!Easily found Jetport Parking. We changed out of our warm clothes ... read more
Checking out the plane
Jessica found the plane a little chilly

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