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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole June 16th 2016

Day 43 Long Point Shelter to Mt Clare Shelter 13.6km (!!! short day!!!!) A 4 hr walk today, getting in to Mt Clare at just after 1:30. Wrote this diary entry at 6pm inside my sleeping bag, inside my tent, inside the shelter in a storm. The day started kind of badly after a really, really bad sleep. One of the group from last night had gone to bed at 6pm, the reason for this I guess was that he liked to get up at 4am and spend 2 hours getting ready for his day. Flossing, brushing, breakfasting, crinkling, unzipping, crinkling, packing, zipping, crinkling... we heard every single thing... really frustrating. Anyway, such is life on the track, each to their own, etc- I just wish he'd camped and gotten up at 4am and spent 2 ... read more
Little Cove View Point
Little Cove View Point
Little Cove View Point

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Walpole June 15th 2016

Day 42 Woolbales Shelter to Long Point Shelter 18.5km A very mixed terrain day that took 5:45 hrs of walking and 1 hr and 15 minutes of assorted breaks. Best bits the slippery granite rocks where I took a long early break the big boulder granite rocks dotted throughout the morning last bits of wading through water the last bit of karri forest- beautiful the beach with the sand under my bare feet walking into the sea (only up to my knees - it wasn't that hot!) the sky being blue the absence of rain Not best bits being temporarily lost- at the end of the karri forest was a massive overturned tree (like really massive), I went off track to get around it and completely lost the trail. I thought I'd head through the tree ... read more
Little Bit Of Water
Granite Rocks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pingrup June 14th 2016

Day 41 Mt Chance Shelter to Woolbales Shelter 21.8km + 1.5km Mt Pingerup Loop Hoping for a miraculous patch of fineness to have another crack at the Mt Chance dome. Pack up all my gear, the only things that had dried were my tent inner and footprint. All of my walking clothes are still wettishly damp. Very unappealing sensation putting on wet undies, wet shorts and a wet long sleeve T. Even worse is pulling on cold wet socks and shoes (Note- I do have another pair of dry undies and pair of dry socks but figure they will only get wet again and it's nice to have dry stuff at the end of the day). Leaving my pack in the shelter I took the spur trail to the dome but after getting even less far ... read more
Going To Fine Up!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Northcliffe June 12th 2016

Day 39 Maringup Shelter to Dog Pool 25.7km Predictably glorious sunrise. Super flat hiking, flat, flat, flat and really wide cleared track- as in Bibbulmun Super Highway wide. It was very nice when the granite outcrops started popping up randomly throughout the terrain (cue coffee break). The surrounding vegetation was fantastic- grassy plains and a lot of mixed vegetation. Next highlight were the really tall grass trees, the third highlight was tadpoles. Yes, tadpoles in the puddles. Pockets of intensive birdlife then long stretches of silence and flatness. Took a lunch break at the 20km mark at an access gate. It became quite balmy at this point so the last 5 flat kms were in short sleeves under an alternating blue and cloudy sky. Got to admit I was ready to see the campsite. Pulled in ... read more
Variety of Crossings

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Northcliffe June 11th 2016

Day 38 Gardner to Maringup Shelter 17.1 km In an attempt to alleviate the possible boredom of reading my last few entries this entry is a bit more light hearted and was composed on my phone during the many hours of darkness in my tent (the actual day to day stuff is dot pointed at the end)... At the Northcliffe Visitors Centre, whilst collecting my resupply box, I absent mindedly picked up a pamphlet entitled, "What We're Doing About Feral Pigs". I actually didn't want to know what they were doing about feral pigs at all, I just wanted to sit inside out of the rain for 10 minutes before finding somewhere to stay for the night. I should have picked up the pamphlet "Mindfulness, Yoga and You" or even "Northcliffe- Services in Your Town". What ... read more
Spider Web Haven
Big Cat- Not a Pig
Pig Digging?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Northcliffe June 10th 2016

Day 37 Northcliffe to Gardner 15.2 km Couple of items of business to attend to this morning- had an extra week of leave confirmed from my manager, called my friend, Meg, who wants to join me in Walpole to do the Walpole to Albany section- she's still keen, and posted the book that I had finished to Jude, one of the sisters I met on the Balingup to Pemberton leg. So, a later start than anticipated but another relatively short stint today so no big deal. Soooo much weight with the new food package!! I feel about 3kg heavier with all the food I ate yesterday too! Really excited (and re-energised) about this next 7 nights of hiking into Walpole (my last 7 by myself). It is quite an easy morning of sandy flats, very few ... read more
Scrubby Roadside
Random Chairs in the Middle Of Nowhere
Lots of streams

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton June 9th 2016

Day 36 Schafer Shelter to Northcliffe 14.5 km This would have to the most amazing place to wake up so far- the most stunning sunrise over the dam, two distinct colour schemes within ten minutes. As you can see for the multiple pics, I was impressed. In no hurry to leave today as it's an incredibly short 14 and a bit kms into the next track town- Northcliffe. I feel very energised today even knowing another town is ahead and it's been a short little section from Pemberton- maybe it's the sunrise effect. So, having dawdled this morning it has been a good dawdle and I finally set off at 09:00. A lot of mixed terrain today, lots of flat as well as some of the more difficult slippy stuff. The track is very well cleared ... read more
Schafer Sunrise
Schafer Sunrise
Schafer Sunrise

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton June 8th 2016

Day 35 Warren Shelter to Schafer Shelter 22.1 km Two chickens walking on the footpath One goes to cross the road The other one says "Don't do it, you will never hear the end of it!" Dot points of my day Slept in! 07:10! Left at 08:40 Moved the 20m branch off the path on the way to the loo- glad it didn't come down on the shelter Walked for 2 hours before a break- legendary apple, nut muesli bar and a coffee Hiking today had the Warren River for company- popping in and out of view as well as a few of the little wooden bridges Speccy bridge of the day- River Road Bridge, the old 150 m long timber carting bridge- a mix of old and new sleepers (this link provides more historical info ... read more
Track Marker Post Diversity
River Road Bridge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton June 7th 2016

Day 34 Pemberton to Warren Shelter 22.6 km Only a very short section ahead- 2 nights and 3 days of walking until Northcliffe. A bit of a late start with repacking and breakfast, etc. Geoff dropped me back down to the trailhead so that I could walk back up past the bnb (I can't bring myself to take shortcuts!). As I walked through the streets past the DPAW office and towards the Gloucester Tree the sky was getting darker and darker- it opened up just as I got to the highschool and completely set in. Sought shelter at the public loos at the Gloucester Tree for half an hour while it torrentially down poured and hailed. Needless to say climbing the tree was out today. I was glad that I had climbed it a couple ... read more
Gloucester Tree
Lots of Walking Track Options

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton June 6th 2016

Day 33 Beedelup Shelter to Pemberton 25km For the first time in a week spent with the sisters I leave after them at 07:50. It's not that I slept in (despite a loud multi person snoring night) or that I am suddenly disorganised today, it's more a case of that bittersweet feeling that town days are now giving me. Pemberton is only a 25km walk away and Geoff is meeting me, but with that brings all the news of home and that I have to think about that stuff again, I am very much enjoying my escape from the reality of the day to day of my normal life. So, I dawdle. Enough of that... Leaving camp there is a seriously big hill- where did it mention that one in the guidebook?!!! Not much further on, ... read more
A Stile

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