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10th April 2019

Coffee is SO important
Loved your comment about doing the stairs in Kings Park and then going for coffee Gill. You have to have your priorities straight!
27th December 2016

Happy New Year
Your blogs are always a smiling inspiration Gill. Keep them flowing. I wonder where 2017 will take YOU - you make my now almost annual trips to Nepal seem quite unadventurous by comparison with your world-roaming !
14th November 2016

A great second best . . .
As always, aware of, and interested in, the geography, history, culture, and the people: your travel blogs are the next best thing to actually travelling and being there myself ! Thanks Gill.
11th July 2016

Hello gillg , its nice that you enjoyed your trip to Iran , and you are always welcome to visit Jordan
12th April 2016
Steps down from Pura Bukit Gumang

Steps to Pura Gumang
We wanted to go to Pura Gumang. We had our own car, so we only needed to get out at the car park and walk up the steps from there. Except that after 50 steps or so there were no more. Just as a steep slope covered in loose stones. Looked impossible to walk up, you'd have to climb; and extremely dangerous to get down again. So we gave up the idea of going to the temple. Very likely the steps have deteriorated since you were there.
3rd March 2016

Upper Mustang
I had another read of your trip to the Upper Mustang Region, I enjoyed your report very much. It certainly is a wonderful area. I did the trek in 2012, with much the same route that you. I enjoyed the area so much I have found someone who was interested in going to Upper Mustang. so we are going at the end of March, Heading up to Lo Mathang on the normal route and returning back on the east side through Yara, Luri Gumpa, Tang
3rd March 2016

I must admit I am envious. I a yearning to go back to Nepal! Have a wonderful trip!
21st August 2015

Wonderful !
I am a travel buff from India. I stumbled upon your blogs. I have read all of them re Iran. Wow. Fantastic. I liked your comments on people, Sweets and tiled mosques. Thank you very much.
2nd May 2015

Thank you
Hey Gill, thank you for your wonderful blog. I will be travelling in Iran also this month and would like to ask a question: When you arrived at airport, did the Immigration Officers ask you for a name of a contact in Iran and if so, did they telephone them? I will be couch-surfing in Tehran, which, from what I have heard, is illegal. Certainly would not want my hosts to get in trouble. Thank you for your opinion resp. experience at entry. Have a lovely weekend!
2nd May 2015

Entry to Iran
Hi Claudia, Thanks for your kind words! The airport entry was completely straightforward, I was not asked any questions at all. However, I already had a visa as opposed to a VOA - not sure if that made a difference. Have a fantastic trip- amazing country! Gill
21st March 2015

Brilliant blog
Very informative and interesting blog.I very much want to travel around Iran like you did.I have travelled extensively in India alone on local transport but was a bit apprehensive about the safety of Iran.You have made me see it is possible.Thanks for sharing.If you have any advice I would love to hear it.
30th December 2014

Gillian, what an amazing story, and an amazing trip. I stumbled on your blog post searching for Lombok, but was riveted by your trip to Iran. Not sure I'd be up for the mountain climbing, but it all sounded fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
30th December 2014

Thanks Keren
Enjoy the Lombok trip!
21st December 2014

great blog , i've read it all ! what does "be arami" means ?
21st December 2014

Be Arami
It means slowly- I tried to keep a theme happening- bistari is slowly in Nepalese, pelan is slowly in Indonesian. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment!
1st November 2014

Welcome back !
After a blog-less week it's good to hear of your latest travels. Stay safe, inquisitive, and happy !
12th November 2014

Sorry Alan
The pace needs to be picked up again!
1st November 2014

Welcome back !
After a blog-less week it's good to hear of your latest travels. Stay safe, inquisitive, and happy !

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