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6th November 2020
Views to Peak Head

If only but when
Western Australia has so many tracks to follow. Coming from Sydney I yearn for the WA border to open so I can return to WA to so follow. Sigh!!!
16th September 2020

Thanks for this!
What a great resource! Thankyou for taking the time to document everything so well. It'll help a lot of people :)
6th April 2020
The Elder Goat Keeper and Sharaf

How good is that?
Memories flood back of our times with Tajiks in Tajikistan & Uzbekistan...hospitality that is truly humbling and memorable. This photo is definitely one for the pool lucky were you...what a special moment.
14th January 2020

Fantastic pics
Some of your very best photos in this blog. Fantastic. I have posted some in TB's "Majestic Mountains" thread in the Photography Forum and hope some make Front Page as well. Check 'em out.
4th December 2019
Made It!

Made it
Another for the pool room! Your exhilaration and joy of achievement is palpable in the pic. Another for Magnificent Mountains thread in the Photography Forum. Check it out and please post some of your favourites on the thread.
5th December 2019
Made It!

Thanks Dave
Shall have a look at the thread- got a lot of mountain pics!!
4th December 2019

I plodded away
Slowly slowly seems to be the theme of your trek. Maybe you chant the Urdu word for that. I was once a mountain goat but alas no more. My mantra when trekking up up up is "Like a Tibetan foot after a Tibetan foot after another". In case I've missed it, what is the Urdu for "slowly slowly"?
5th December 2019

Slowly, Slowly
I wish I knew the English translation- I asked both guides and neither could quite grasp the concept... maybe I'll have one last crack
4th December 2019

A fantastic pic. What makes trekking in wild mountains so worthwhile. Gotta be one for the pool room!
5th December 2019

Ah Dave...
Hard to take a bad shot when the subject matter is soooooooo amazing
20th November 2019
Monument to Ismoil Somoni

Really like your pics and enticing arcs and curves
20th November 2019

The streets of Dushanbe
Loved your description of the signless wandering the streets of Dushanbe. At least there were pics everywhere of the President waving when we were there.
18th November 2019

Low cloud to the west I think
Wanna Oliver said to Mr Sykes, "Can I have some more?"
19th November 2019

More, more, more on the way. BTW I have enjoyed your blogs immensely, the countries you have visited often have predated my trips and been v helpful.
18th November 2019
River Bed

The Sky is Falling
I'm breathless just reading...whoosh...a flood coming towards you and shortly after you are sleeping like a log. Oh man...that was scary...but exciting.
19th November 2019
River Bed

It's always nice to get feedback! Such an amazing trip and, yes, a scary night!
18th November 2019

The Plan
I see the weirdest pic I've ever seen on front page and go "What's that?" don't know what it is...a word "gillg" and "Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan" my interest...gotta find...found "The Plan" and what a plan. Gotta find out more. How come I didn't know about this? Then a plane...a 4am arrival in Dushanbe...a pic of "my room'' and then the lights went out and I end up in Pakistan!!!! I'm breathless for Murghab and Kara Kul and the exhilarating air of the Fann Mountains and the High Pamir. Please turn on the light.
19th November 2019

Trying To Turn On The Light
Thanks for the comment Dave, I promise I will get back to the write up on this trip! Whenever I do an extended period of "writing" I manage to stir up a nagging hip/buttock/piriformis issue aka "sitting at the computer for hours on end" pain! I am intrigued as to which pic was on the front page?
10th April 2019

Coffee is SO important
Loved your comment about doing the stairs in Kings Park and then going for coffee Gill. You have to have your priorities straight!
27th December 2016

Happy New Year
Your blogs are always a smiling inspiration Gill. Keep them flowing. I wonder where 2017 will take YOU - you make my now almost annual trips to Nepal seem quite unadventurous by comparison with your world-roaming !
14th November 2016

A great second best . . .
As always, aware of, and interested in, the geography, history, culture, and the people: your travel blogs are the next best thing to actually travelling and being there myself ! Thanks Gill.
11th July 2016

Hello gillg , its nice that you enjoyed your trip to Iran , and you are always welcome to visit Jordan
12th April 2016
Steps down from Pura Bukit Gumang

Steps to Pura Gumang
We wanted to go to Pura Gumang. We had our own car, so we only needed to get out at the car park and walk up the steps from there. Except that after 50 steps or so there were no more. Just as a steep slope covered in loose stones. Looked impossible to walk up, you'd have to climb; and extremely dangerous to get down again. So we gave up the idea of going to the temple. Very likely the steps have deteriorated since you were there.

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