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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton June 4th 2016

Day 31, 32 Boarding House to Beavis, Beavis to Beedelup 21.2km, 22km Rain, rain, rain. Clearly affecting my face- today it looks very old lady... settling is required (a friend, Karen, told me once that as you get older your face "settles" through the day- I am beginning to agree with her). Rain, rain, rain. Stops at 0800, out of the shelter at 08:10. Even though the rain has stopped there is 7.5kms of waterbush to contend with. The waterbush is absolutely laden with water and every movement creates a waterfall. No matter which way you move the bush will flick or whack you across the face, head, neck, etc and release a cascade of water. Then it rains again. Rainbow. Rain. Waterbush. The actual terrain wasn't arduous at this point, just wet. The actual terrain ... read more
Corridors of Waterbush

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton June 3rd 2016

Day 30 Tom Road Shelter to Boarding House Shelter 24.2km in 5 hrs, 50 mins of walking plus 70 mins of breaks Slept well but a noisy hut to start the day, consequently on the trail by 0700 (which is pretty early in winter when it's still dark until later). My mood lifts as the sunshine breaks through the tall trees, much milder temp this morning. Lots of green tunnels to walk through and the Donnelly River ever present even when obliterated by thick bush at times. Lots of bridges, lots of karri bark strips. Pass through One Tree Bridge campsite which is deserted. take advantage of the public loos and rubbish bin as well as a picnic table for an extended morning cuppa. It's a great stretch through to the swing bridge and then the ... read more
Donnelly River
Sunshine Breaks Through
Donnelly River

Day 29 Donnelly River Village to Tom Rd Shelter 16.2km There's a turquoise plastic hiker box now located in the DRV general store- it began its useful life as a lego box in my son's bedroom in Mt Lawley in 1995. 21 years later I used it as my resupply box for pick up at DRV, having been advised that, given their rodent problems, it would be advisable to mouse proof the box. As I collected it yesterday and saw all the other resupply boxes (cardboard) and post bags I wondered if any of them had taken a hit. The sisters and I made a significant contribution to the turquoise box as we set out on the DRV to Pemberton section of the BT. My additions- 2 serves of Moroccan Beef, single serve of cereal, 2 ... read more

Day 28 Gregory Brook Shelter to Donnelly River Village 22.5km Super cold, damp night. Super cold night time toilet visit - damp uneven, slippy, tortuous route ... damp toilet. Up at 06:45 - numb fingers packing up makes for a slower pack up. Hot porridge warms them up (briefly). I note that my gas bottle seems a bit depleted- still got 1/2 can left, maybe the cold? maybe using it without a wind guard? Head off at 08:15, it takes a full 2.6km to thaw out. The trail to Karri Gully (Brockman Highway) is very easy-nicely cleared yesterday by Di, there's a little tunnel of bush, flowering wattle and thick waterbrush and a bright blue sky. Start to hear the highway long before reaching it. The tall trees emerge as do a couple of small creeks ... read more
Sandy Tracks
Guy Rd
To The Picnic Area

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Balingup May 31st 2016

Day 27 Blackwood to Gregory Brook 18.2km Unsettled night- really cold, lots of snoring. Any disquiet disappears the minute I get up and take in the amazing, amazing vista- massive cloud banks in the lowlands and the sun peaking through. More speccy than anything I have seen in the past 27 days (even Helena Hut sunrise which is up there). Breathtaking. Tear myself away to get the morning started- I got my backpack and food bag down from one of the many hooks on the shelter walls and noticed that it had been broken into!! I couldn't believe it! My food bag had been broken into and the little ziplock bag of peanut butter had been stolen! (Work friends- remember the stolen cheese incident? -Clearly related!). Well, perhaps not completely stolen... Half of it was missing ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Balingup May 30th 2016

Day 26 Balingup to Blackwood 17.4km I am soooooo ready to get back on the track, out the door at 08:30 having had the best sleep in a month. It is a beautiful, balmy 4C and sunny. Let the chooks out of the shed as I make a beeline for the coffee shop- last proper coffee for a couple of days and I know they have banana bread. Hussain, the new co-owner of 3 weeks, waves me off with half a fruit bowl as well as my purchases, wishing me a good journey. Pretty generous folk in Balingup. I'm still blown away that someone did my washing! Anyway... the trail... after skirting the main highway I am on my way to the section that runs through the Golden Valley Tree Park. Jonquils line the road and ... read more
Golden Valley Tree Farm

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Balingup May 28th 2016

Day 24, 25 Grimwade Shelter to Balingup 22.9km Glistening- that's the prevailing condition this morning- the sun is out and everything's sparkling. On the trail by 08:10, accompanied for the first 2 hours by the raucous calling of the black cockatoo. The trail has a lot of intersecting old vehicle tracks and sufficient diversity in flora and fungi to keep it interesting. Take a break early, no hurry today and the weather is pretty glorious. I'm meeting Geoff this afternoon at some point and sleeping in a bnb and taking a day off tomorrow- my first since I started walking. Perhaps that's why I don't feel like hurrying- I am liking it out here! The rest of the day trails by km by km - slippery moss on compacted slippery mud - couple of near misses ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Balingup May 27th 2016

Day 23 Noggerup Shelter to Grimwade Shelter 23 km Chilly, chilly, chilly wake up call by the black cockatoo chorus. Coldest morning so far, I actually start out walking wearing a fleece, gloves and the legs of my zip offs (first time so far). Took a little bit of walking for the feet to defrost. Easy terrain except that the slip factor is high. Take my first break after a couple of hours, having descended through a little oasis of peppermints, ferns, fungi and other assorted bushes. The frogs provided a backdrop to morning coffee. Morning coffee also means morning snack- today's ration is vac packed fruit cake (heavy-ish I know, but oh so delicious. I actually find myself licking every last trace of sugary residue out of the bag- so delicious). Also totally enjoying my ... read more
Leaf Pests
Into The Peppermints
Tiny Fungi

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Collie May 26th 2016

Day 22 Yabberup Shelter to Noggerup Shelter (via the Mumby Pub) 20.2 km Beautiful morning after a couple of overnight showers. The gear talk continues over breakfast (oats, chia seeds and dried blueberries- OMG delicious). Offload some trail mix to my hut buddy and am on the trail at 08:40. No hurry with a 20km sunny day. The overwhelmingly crisp smell of pine forest at the 3.9km mark succumbs to smell of wood smoke. The smoke smell continues all the way to the Glen Mervyn Dam and my initially clear views of the dam become shrouded in smoke by the time I cross the wall. GMD is a "swimming allowed" site and you can tell- the place is strewn with trash, toilet paper and discarded clothing - such a shame. It's also a bit of a ... read more
Termite Mound 1
Closeup of the Termite Mound
Termite Mound 2

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Collie May 25th 2016

Day 21 Collie to Yabberup Shelter 19.5 km What is it with sleeping in a bed these days? Another not awesome sleep- why? Too comfortable? Too many town noises? Too much to eat last night? Who knows, but this morning is misty and rainy and perfect for a late start. The Colliefields Hotel includes a help yourself breakfast (homebrand bread and spread, individual yoghurt serves and individual fruit cups) and has the added bonus of an onsite cafe which I hit up before starting my walking day (mug of double shot flat white, muffin, ham and cheese sandwich to take-away for lunch $16). Michelle, the owner, drops me back up at the trail head. It's 10:21 and so begins Day 21! I am so glad to be back out here!! The sun has come back out ... read more
Weird Camera Effect
Collie River
Old Railway Bridge Over The Collie River

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