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Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore August 1st 2019

Lahore Day 3 Wake up to another visa "request for more information", resend all the documents again. I am confounded as to what information is required, they have every single document I had originally submitted and there is no one to ask about the specifics. Third time lucky? Pretty slow morning, given the short time we have in Lahore, we decide on the Badshahi Mosque and Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort) in the Walled City. It's an Uber ride away (200 PKR), we leave the hotel in bright sunshine but within 10 minutes it feels like a cyclone is coming through- the sky is black, the temperature drops and a monsoonal deluge descends. The uber driver dutifully takes us to our drop off point, it is still deluging and we try to get him to drop us ... read more
Picture Wall
Through The Window

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore July 30th 2019

Lahore Days 1, 2 Perth to Lahore via Bangkok. Cost- AUD $652 Uneventful flights, 18 hours door to door. Note to Thai Airways- when did you get rid of your air vents? We could possibly have deflected the trillion airborne virus the guy sitting next to us for 4 hours coughing and spraying was creating. Arrival proceedings in Lahore were surprisingly efficient. Separate queue for females- bonus! Very, very short queue. Straightforward, a couple of questions and stamp, stamp of my 30 day visa (arrrgggghh- still annoyed about that!! -see trip description for details). Luggage carousel was orderly too- after last year's arrival into Dushanbe I was expecting much of the same mess but this was really efficient. Finally, at 02:00 we're in the steamy air of Lahore, 02:40 arrive at a barbed wire compound- the ... read more
Faletti's Hotel
Faletti's Hotel
Wagah Border Ceremony

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta December 28th 2018

With almost 2 weeks of leave over my least favourite season (summer) for the Xmas and New Year break I was going a bit stir crazy. What to do? Where to go? Where could I go that wasn't going to cost much and wasn't going to kill me with heat stress? Well... with lowish summer temperatures down south for the following week, a very impromptu 7 day solo 135 km trek from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin seemed to fit the bill. ... Impromptu, as in... decide on Wednesday night, prepare on Thursday and leave on Friday. I'm completely kitted out for this style of trip now and usually have a few homemade dehydrated meals kicking around for last minute trips like this so it just took a small amount of preparation to be ready. On ... read more
Cape Leeuwin Start Point
Clean and Ready to Go
Post Boardwalk Section Coastal Views

Asia » Tajikistan » Fan Mountains August 25th 2018

Day 5 25 August Zimtut Village (1910m) to Chukurak Lake (2350m) Wake early feeling average at best, no appetite. Breakfast arrives- bread and condensed milk (good), but then more breakfast arrives- oily egg/onion/tomato dish. Oh dear... Head up the hill with the 2 little girls to try and walk it off. There are a lot of donkeys arriving on the hill below me from the valley, they are all laden with massive dried grass loads and being driven by small kids with big sticks. Load our donkey then, like breakfast another one arrives. We have 2 donkeys, I knew we were oversupplied :). Finally 3.5 hrs after waking up we are off. Donkey 1 is a good donkey, Donkey 2- not so much- he's naughty, flatulent and loud. It's hilly from the get go, lots of ... read more
Time To Leave
Fully Loaded

Asia » Tajikistan » Fan Mountains August 24th 2018

Day 4 Collection time is 0900, awake really early, still have cramps and diarrhea. Do the whole Azithromycin, Buscopan, Gastrostop thing. Feel v apprehensive given how yuck I feel. Having said that, I still get completely packed up- my backpack plus a bag to leave at Marians, in record time. Manage an egg with some bread and jam. Buscopan, my friend... By the time Mohammed, my guide, arrives I am feeling ok- 5/10 ok. Today is going to be light and mostly driving so fingers crossed it'll be ok. But first, a trip to the supermarket. Mohammed is 23 (same age as my youngest son). The driver, Joomart, probably 30's. The jeep, green and sturdy, not sure. Saidali (owner of travel company) calls- there has been a change of plan, Mohammed will be my guide for ... read more
Spotted in Supermarket
Spotted in Supermarket
Bee Keepers Kettle

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 23rd 2018

Day 3 NO, I am not better. Had a horrible night, abdo cramps +++ Loaded up now on Buscopan, Gastrostop and Panadol. Skip breakfast. Feel revolting. Go downstairs anyway and have a cup of tea (having triple washed my cup- discretely). The Polish girl is gone, there is an Italian girl this morning- she is covered from head to toe in bed bug bites and is on antihistamines and antibiotics (I tell her I know a good pharmacy nearby should she need to stock up - hahaha...). She picked them up somewhere on a homestay on the Pamir Highway. Two Scottish girls appear, they are heading off on the Pamir Highway that morning- they carefully note down the Italian girls homestay places so as NOT to stay there. Next comes the elusive Marian, she asks me ... read more
Rudaki Park
Typical Breadshop
Annoying Way To Spend In Dushanbe

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 22nd 2018

Day 2 Dushanbe Fast Facts Population 679 400 Elevation 800m Settlement- 5th century BC Dushanbe evolved in 1929 with establishment of a railway, aka Stalinabad- capital of new Soviet Tajik republic 1950's back to Dushanbe (which means Monday), Tajik immigrants from Uzbekistan, German POW's and Russian exiles 1990's civil war with the fall of the Soviet Union 2002 peace prevails, city transforms Wake up after not enough sleep with a cold, unfortunate timing but I can deal with it... My room in the daylight- big, white, spacious, old Persian rugs, big puffy curtains (hmm). white linen, navy privacy curtain into small ante room and bathroom, all very spotless, very, very spotless. I love it (with the exception of the puffy curtains), art on the walls-local eurasian, r... read more
Tried And Tested Broom
Architecture of Dushanbe

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 21st 2018

Day 1 Warning- this blog post will give you no insights whatsoever into travelling in Tajikistan, it's just my personal start full of inane detail. Read on at your peril.... Up at 03:00, out the door 03:30. Win 1- Big, heavy unwieldy pack is checked all the way through to Dushanbe, no need to reclaim in Dubai. Win 2- Qantas Club let me in at 04:30 (despite my Emirates boarding pass). Win 3- Window seat with 2 empty seats next to me. Then I lose. Having gloated about not getting the virus that ran through our household last week, at the 5 hour mark of the flight my throat is tickling. Slightly worried. By the time we get to Dubai I have a full on killer headache. I had pre-booked a room at the Holiday Inn ... read more
Empty Row
Blurry Airport Departure Shot

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 20th 2018

This trip came about when a friend (Terry, met in Iran in 2014) sent me photos of his trip incorporating the "Stans", specifically Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It only took about 5 minutes to once again shelve Mongolia and completely switch destinations. I knew nothing at all, in any shape or form, about Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan, I'm not so sure that I'd even heard of them before. Immediately I took to scouring blog sites (like this- Shane the Travelling Camel, Dancing Dave and Dave and Merry Jo in particular), independent blogs (The Adventures of Lill Nicki), info boards, forums, TA, IndyGuide, Caravanistan and Lonely Planet (etc, etc, etc.....) to construct an itinerary. It was a tough one as there were absolutely endless places to see, mountains to climb and things to do in these 2 incredible countries. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland September 18th 2017

Alas, the last part of the Scotland trip! Have had the 2 day Glasgow interlude, the awesome WHW walk, the Edinburgh family reunion and fantastic explore of the city, the wedding -my sister, Lesley and now husband, Si had a great night complete with kilts, clans and cake. Now it is time for... The Isle of Mull with the parents! Pick up hire car (with additional hidden charges, of course... grrr), drive Edinburgh to Oban with parents via my WHW villages and some random forest roads as per the GPS instructions (only missed 2 turnoffs, hence the random forest roads I think), miss the ferry to Mull, drive (OMG!!!) onto next ferry 2 hours later, very smooth 45 min trip across to Craignure on the Isle of Mull. Very impressive, these ferry's, with lots of seating ... read more
Ferry to Mull
Driving Onto Ferry

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