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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Collie May 24th 2016

Day 20 Harris Dam Shelter to Collie 22.2km ++ Weirdly, I don't seem to have written up this day in my book. The book that I have been reading (and writing a daily diary in to save on weight) is called The Solace of Leaving Early by Haven Kimmel. The book was entirely unforgettable but now I have to keep it as it is my physical record of the walk. I wish it had the physical record of today's progress! As I write this entry very belatedly I am relying on my photos for cues. It's not going to be a standout diary entry folks. So, what stood out today? Someone had planted a fairy garden at the side of the track complete with fairies, coloured glass stones and a gnome baring its backside- not sure ... read more
Gnome Home
The Gnome

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Collie May 23rd 2016

Day 19 Yourdamung Shelter to Harris Dam Shelter (Very short 3 1/2 hour day) 14.6km I think I have developed tinnitus, or maybe I've always had it but have never spent so much time alone and quiet, but last night as I lay awake at various times I became aware of this low grade, constant industrial noise- worse in my R ear. The rain drops on the shelter roof were also particularly loud. Between those noises and anticipating the wild pigs coming into camp whilst sleeping on the bottom bunk of the shelter, it was an interrupted kind of a night. However, I then managed to sleep in until 07:30!!!! which was no big deal as the day was going to be short. In the back of my mind I was thinking about the double hut ... read more
Sandy Flats
A Fellow Human Being

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Collie May 22nd 2016

Day 18 Possum Springs Shelter to Yourdamung Shelter An easy breezy 19.4km Incredible night- the sky was clear (cold) and the moon was so bright you could walk to the loo without a torch. We were all up and ready by 08:00, the others were heading south- definitely an advantage in that they could have a look at the river for a potential crossing and cross as a group, hope they don't have to take the long way. Can't remember if I had mentioned that I had a message from the BTF to say that they were coming to Yourdamung today to do maintenance and that they'd bring me morning tea!!!!!! Well, I was pretty keen for them to arrive, so keen in fact that I'd offered to keep the other's rubbish for them to give ... read more
A Very Full Temporary Tilting Toilet
New Shelter
Fancy New Toilet

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dwellingup May 21st 2016

Day 17 Dookanelly Shelter to Possum Springs 33.1km via diversion day Day 17 didn't start well, mostly because when I woke up at 10:21pm it was still Day 16. Not sure why I woke up but it took a while to get back to sleep. Woke up again properly at 03:30 when the storm started- lots of things dropping on the roof, heavy, heavy rain and gale force winds. Glad I was secure inside my tent inside the shelter- it saved me from getting wet with all the rain and moisture swirling around inside the shelter. Lay awake for a long time wondering what to do given the big km's and the storm. I contemplated spending an extra day in the shelter but then didn't really have enough food to last me and given that I ... read more
Some Wetness
More Wetness

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dwellingup May 20th 2016

Day 16 Murray to Dookanelly Shelter 19.5 km A super chilly night, woke up at 4:30 to the sound of machinery?? Eventually got up and out by 07:37 still with 1.75L of water- enough to get me through the day and not have to dip into the river for a top up. A really misty, grey morning with brand new BT waugals to guide me. I really loved the contrasts of colour this morning- grey, grey saturated skies, silvery beaded cobwebs and vibrant green regenerated seedlings and shoots sprouting out of rich red muddy earth and scorched black trees. A visual feast. Some people dislike the burnt earth, I'm not one of them. Some of the more striking scenery for me is that which has been decimated by fire. Apart from the contrasting colours, the bushfires ... read more
Misty Grass Trees

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dwellingup May 19th 2016

Day 15 Swamp Oak to Murray Shelter 19.2km A seriously slow day to cover the above distance- 6 hours of walking and an hour and a half of breaks. WHY? 1. Multiple, multiple, multiple breaks with the AFT- actually his name is Brandon 2. Convincing Brandon with help from my very good French friend, Stephane (in San Francisco), using dodgy intermittent phone signal/Messenger app on top of a massive hill that he needed to leave the track at the first available road 3. A protracted break at Yarrigal Form at midday where I gave Brandon very precise instructions as to how to get to the Pinjarra Rd (10 km approx), a map, and 5 hrs of daylight 4. Some tough inclines and declines which were super slippery 5. My pack weight was heavier carrying 4L water ... read more
Handy Rest Stop
Swamp Oak Shelter Water
Archer's Cortinarius

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dwellingup May 18th 2016

Day 14 Dwellingup to Swamp Oak Shelter 13.3km A conflicted morning. Visited both the DPAW Office AND the Visitors Centre AND then contacted the BTF about how best to go about the impending track closure between Yarragil Form and Driver Road (taking out Murray Shelter from the track). I had contingency plans to cover it still being closed but was really hopeful that it would be open by now (I actually had about 3 variations of said contingency plans). After hours and hours and hours of talking to various knowledgeable people and walkers that had recent experience of the area, I plotted out a course that would take me on a good approximation of the track- it really was troubling me that I wouldn't be "doing a proper E2E" if I got a lift around the ... read more
Autumn Colour
Autumn Colour

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dwellingup May 17th 2016

Day 13 Chadoora Shelter to Dwellingup 20.7km Chilly night! Today I make it into my first track town - there's some excitement at getting into Dwellingup, but a real enjoyment at this pared down ritual of walking/unpacking/sleeping/packing. I head off at 08:10 into the day as a light drizzle starts. Rob and Hugo are having a more leisurely start - Hugo says he likes leaving last because he likes to clean up the campsite on departure- I acquiesce, I don't mind a morning off of sweeping and raking (these are some of the "jobs" to be done every day along with cleaning out the fire pit and making sure nothing has been left behind). Last year when doing this section we missed a turn off adding 4km's onto the day- I'm not making this mistake today, ... read more
Salmon Coral Fungus
Fungi 3
Mossy Tree Trunk

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dwellingup May 16th 2016

Day 12 Mt Wells Shelter to Chadoora Shelter 15.6km Another shortish, easy walking day with absolutely no hurry. I don't leave till 08:30-ish as I have the opportunity to mess around with my packing technique- there is so much clean space to get everything out and re-roll, re-configure, re-think, and finally re-pack. Get completely distracted all the way down the hill, it is a beautiful still morning and apart from lots of interesting naturey things to look at there are lots of emerging hazards. Feet need to be carefully placed (see below). Lethal Death Traps (revenge of the animal and plant kingdoms) (Part 1) 1. Small animal digging holes- sometimes deviously covered by leaf matter- designed to fool you into twisting your ankle, or bare and open which will still get you if you're not paying ... read more
Room With A View
Breakfast Deliciousness
Persoonia longifolia

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 15th 2016

Day 11 White Horse Hills Shelter to Mt Wells Shelter 16km Wake up to a kangaroo passing. A short days hiking ahead. An easy breaky around the campfire with my new best friends before they send me off with extra teabags and coffee sachets. I head off at 08:36 on the trail heading up hill and am struck with the realisation that my pack is feeling very comfortable on the up hill- another degree of trail fitness has been achieved I think. The actual walk up hill is superb- lots of rocks, big boulders and granite outcrops. Superb configurations. Other random observations - golden wattle - several species of fungi - overcast skies - 09:27, 2.3 km in, there are the most incredible views from the granite dome of the southern summit of WHH- almost 360 ... read more
Leaving Camp
Fungi 1
Granite Re-emerges

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