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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 14th 2016

Day 10 Gringer Creek Shelter to Roadhouse to Gringer Creek Shelter to White Horse Hills Shelter 16.6km as per the Bibb Track Guidebook (23.5km for some of us- you'll read why) Please watch for markers carefully as walkers have a propensity to become geographically embarrassed leaving this campsite" A nice surprise visit this morning from Geoff (husband and birdwatcher). I walked out to the roadhouse to pick him up and take him back to the shelter- I thought he'd appreciate the bird life. Make him a cup of coffee and dig out a biscuit- it felt a bit like inviting someone around to "my place". Why he didn't bring me something (cake, fruit salad, yoghurt...) is beyond me! Anyway, after that we head off... in the wrong direction. Thoroughly geographically embarrassed. We come out at Wearne ... read more
Somewhat Trashed Bibb Track Sign
Geoff Heading Off
Boonering Hill In The Distance

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 13th 2016

Day 9 Nerang Shelter to Gringer Creek Shelter 16.5km A low key, low visibility day that was over in less than half a day, having left Nerang at 08:05 and arriving Gringer at 12:39 (including a 50 minute break)! The resounding theme of the morning was smoke and mist until 09:00 and then just smoke until 11:00. No gunfire. No hills. The track today was all about wandoo. This is what I now know about wandoo (given that it was such a short day I felt compelled to pad out today's blog entry): AKA Eucalyptus wandoo and is endemic to the southwest of Western Australia. There are two subspecies (wandoo and pulverea)- today's episode is brought to you by Subsp. wandoo (Subsp. pulverea only grows north of Perth)- it is a medium-sized tree 10-25 m tall ... read more
Mist or Smoke?
Smoke, Definitely Smoke

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 12th 2016

Day 8 Mt Cooke to Nerang- 13.4km Today is all about a big hill, guns and smoke. Big Hill Mt Cooke (582m ASL)- a very good climb through the butter gums and up the rocky path in perfect weather, get to the top in 45-50 mins despite my full pack weight. The views from the top are superb- pine tree forest, regular forest, farmland, mine site, etc. What is even more impressive is firstly, the smoke haze to the north and secondly, the extensive boulder collection scattered randomly across the ridge of Mt Cooke. Spent about an hour up here taking it all in, refuelling (food) and taking photos. Pam and Doug and then Mel arrive at various intervals - more photos are taken. Final goodbyes are said. The last bushfire is very much in evidence ... read more
Summit Shot
Summit Box
Views Over To The Mine Sites

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 11th 2016

Day 7 Monadnocks Shelter to Mt Cooke Shelter via Sullivan Rock > 15.1 km (13.6 km + 1.5 Sullivan Rock Spur Trail + searching for Callum distance) Timeline for today's adventure 07:37 Leave Monadnocks 08:30 Summit Mt Cuthbert (500m) 08:46 Descend Mt Cuthbert 09:20 Summit Mt Vincent (491m) Lose Track of Time Got to admit I am slightly nervous about today in that I am wondering how I'll go lugging my pack up and down "one of the more challenging sections of the track" (Bibb Track Guidebook 1). However, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I guess my pack is lighter after eating 6 days of food AND I'm excited- one of my kids is coming to meet me at Sullivan Rock with lunch and my first resupply box. The trail ... read more
Mt Cuthbert
Ascending Mt Cuthbert

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 10th 2016

Day 6 Canning Temp Camp to Monadnocks Shelter km's - who knows, officially 27.4, maybe 30 plus-ish Today was a 6 hours of walking (and 1.5 hrs of stopping) on the really long gravel powerline road day. The start of the day was awesome- my first experience of packing up a soaking wet dewy tent (I'm sure the backpack weighed at least 2kg more with the wet tent!) and then a dewy, misty, atmospheric walk. The vegetation was dripping and before long so was I- literally- walking through the fog I got supersaturated and big fat droplets started falling off my hair. The light was very striking, the spider webs were sparkling and I really enjoyed watching the mist lift as the sun came out. What I didn't enjoy were the 30 alcohol cans (Bundy and ... read more
Fog to the South
Sparkling Piece of Perfection
Social Spider Web

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 9th 2016

Day 5 Mt Dale Shelter to Canning Temprorary Campsite via Brookton Shelter 11 km Fantastic sleep, so quiet. Lie on my mat watching night turn to day. Another short day due to two diversions- one first going around Brookton Shelter, and the second one that has been put in place is for a section of the track from Brookton to Canning. There is prescribed burning scheduled for the Monadnocks National Park which includes the Canning Shelter - 21.3 km of the track has been closed necessitating a 24 km diversion and a temporary campsite has been set up for walkers. The prescribed burn information became available to me just before I left through the Bibb Track website so I knew what to expect. The BTF outlined that there was to be water and a portaloo at ... read more
Wandoo Flats
Mud Map

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 8th 2016

Day 4 Happy Mothers Day Beraking Shelter to Mt Dale Shelter 11.6 km Today was going to be an easy one at only 11.6 km. The decision to have such a short day today was made largely due to the next shelter - Brookton, still being closed after the 2015 bushfires and Canning (the one after) having a diversion in place for prescribed burning. After a fairly wakeful night (the youngest child staying in the hut was really sick with a sore throat and fever- poor little thing) I set off late but in very good spirits after my most favourite breakfast to date (banana porridge with cinnamon and pecans). My body was feeling very good this morning- could I be getting my trail rhythm together already? Fingers crossed. I had three big highlights today: 1. ... read more
Pine Plantation
Black Cockatoo Country
Black Cockatoos

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 7th 2016

Day 3 Helena Shelter to Beraking Shelter via Wallegh 18.3 km Poor Meg, after a painful night we pack up early (although not the earliest- the elderly lady is already gone at 4:30!). Meg starts hobbling off at sunrise, insistent that I take more time and just catch up with her off track at the designated rendezvous point (Driver/Allen Rd). I catch her as she, Geoff and Dean are about to head off- they seem to be very well equipped - ambulance like even- without the siren and lights. They are slightly nervous that they are in a no entry area but I think they have a good case. Wave goodbye and head back onto the track which has now become very foggy. Find a perfect place for breakfast before hitting the up and down section ... read more
Morning View Toilet
A Sign
Another Pocket of Mist

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 6th 2016

Day 2 Hewett's Hill Shelter to Helena Shelter 21.5 km Somewhat fitful sleep, dreaming vividly, too hot in my sleeping bag even with just leggings and a tshirt. It will be a learning curve getting it right. Wake up > 5 times, it's raining on and off - I actually don't mind being awake, it's pitch black and I like the noise of the rain on the tin roof. The birds start at 6, I give in and get up at 0615. I try to stay quiet, Paul's still asleep but not for long. The immediate challenge is now to develop some sort of efficient packing up routine that is going to make me look and feel like a seasoned long distance hike... Another learning curve right there... This morning's effort goes a little bit like ... read more
A Few Signs
Heading Out Day 2
Bit of Rain Overnight

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 5th 2016

Day 1 Northern Terminus to Hewett's Hill Shelter 12.1 km After much preparation and anticipation it's time. Reluctantly one of my sons drives me to the Northern terminus in Kalamunda, it's only 40 mins drive from our place. It's a largely silent drive. I ask what he thinks about me doing this - his response is, "it's just another one of your treks really", so, with those sentiments ringing in my ears, "just another one of my treks" begins... But first, accost a random stranger to take the obligatory photo of me at the trail head and at 09:55 I take my first fully loaded steps. It's an overcast 21 degrees C, perfect southern hemisphere autumn walking conditions but at the 20 minute mark it's already time to strip off a layer. There's light local foot ... read more
1st Waugyl Marker
So Many Markers, So Many Signs

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