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North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona June 14th 2017

Jeanne is going to be ramping up for the marathon two Saturdays from now, so I am out running around on my own. Went back to Hapuna State Park this morning. Walked the entire cove beach and then headed into the water. I forgot my hat so had to face seaward the entire time in order not to sunburn,. Luckily it was cloudy part of the time giving me a chance to check out scenery. Was probably neap tide when I got there, that space between low and high tides. The waves were pretty gentle for awhile. After about 20 minutes I noticed my bandage from yesterday's lava cut was starting to slip. Not wanting to pollute Mother Ocean, I headed back to my stuff. Suddenly I heard this lady say, what is that big dark ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii June 13th 2017

Jesnne's run group invites us to a BBQ yesterday down the coast at their house. Jeanne, Larry, her friend Susan and I took the smaller ElJobean and headed sourh. Once we exited the harbor, Larry opened her up and we practically flew. We were going over 35 knots, which is probably about 40 miles per hour. Doesn't sound too fast until you factor in the different conditions on the water. Let's say it is a good thing that bathing suits are rather restricting in the chest area, I was bouncing around quite a bit. 25 minutes later we arrived at their house. If we had gone by road would have taken us closer to an hour just to reach their driveway, then the long haul down to the beach house.First you had to account for traffic, ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii June 12th 2017

Spent last night on Mauna Kes and did not get home until midnight. We are off for a boat trip today on the smaller El Jobean. A friend of Jeanne's rented a house further south on the beach and is having a BBQ. Thought I would get this written before I have to pack up my stuff for the trip. Should be on the water a couple hours before we get there. Have never been on an open boat for that long a period, so need to pack well - hat, long sleeved rash guard, book, water, snacks, etc. Whoops, almost forgot the most important thing, tons of sunscreen. Right now I can see how bright it is down the mountain by the ocean. It is only 6:10 and the sun is shining down there. Should ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii June 11th 2017

Jeanne and I took a tour day today. We headed out around 8:30 driving South on the lower highway. Went through a bunch of little towns along the way. Biggest town we went through is Captain Cook. This was his final, and I do mean final stop on his explorations for England. He had been here once before and was worshipped by the natives who had a legend of a God coming by a ship different from their canoes and rafts. Only problem was on the second stop he got injured and was bleeding and the natives got restless and killed him. There is a statue in a bay that can only be reached by boat or a long hard hike that commemorates his final resting place. Much further south we passed the turnoff for South ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona June 10th 2017

Today I have to start out with a retraction. In yesterday's blog I said the Hualalai was a dormant volcano. When I woke up this morning I had a niggling idea that I was incorrect, and I was. Hualalai is actually the third youngest and third most active volcano of the six here on the Big Island, the island that is actually named Hawaii. It has been inactive since the early 1800's, but is expected to erupt sometime in the next century. Does not seem to bother people who live on it's slopes, even Jeanne and Larry are not worried at all. The airport down the mountain to the northeast and is built on a lava flow. That does not seem worrisome unless you realize that at that time the edge of the lava flow was ... read more

Today Jeanne and I had to head out after her run with her friend Susan because her cleaning ladies were coming. After stopping at the only used bookstore in Kailua, we headed to the beach. This time we headed to Waikaloa and the A Bay Beach. That is not the official name, but it is this long Hawaiian name somewhere in the vicinity of 12 letters, mostly vowels, long. It ia a beautiful beach with well maintained bathrooms and showers, but more importantly with a lot off palm trees for shade if needed. Since we were there for the sun we did not take advantage of the trees, but they were still there. It is totally different from Hapuna. The sand is courser and more of a beige color, there are under water reefs pretty close ... read more

Slower day today. Jeanne managed to get sinusitis and she is under the weather. Even went to bed before eight. Joined her and her friends at the pier again today. Sunnier weather than Monday. Water pretty nippy, but after you got fully wet, it was actually very pleasant. I even swam out to the second buoy. Does not seem like much when you think that the rest of the group went out at least 1500 meters or yards, I never can tell. I stayed inshore and did a lot of aerobics again. We ran a bunch of errands and went to Costco to get a corned beef to cook tomorrow. Picked up Larry and went to the Kona Brewing company for lunch. I had a fantastic garlic oil, mozzarella and spinach small pizza. There is still ... read more

This morning I went to my favorite beach here at Hapuna State Park. Jeanne had some errands to run so she gave me the Ford F-150 to use. I think the last time I drove something that big was when I was an E-3 attached to the German shed in New Londo CT. I used to have to drive a five ton stake truck filled with fuel drums and boat parts back and forth between New London and Groton because I worked in the supply department. The German shed was an actual deterrent camp for German prisoners of war during WWII. So, here I am sitting way up high in this Ford and feeling like I was almost in a semi cab. And the 150 is the smaller of the trucks here at the Peardon house. ... read more

Really interesting day today. Woke up at 5:15 feeling really rested. Should have joined Jeanne and Cayo on their three mile beach walk, but guess my internal clock is still on eastern time because I expected it to be dark and yet the room was light. Missed that opportunity. Maybe later this week. Did join her and her swimming buddies down at the pier in downtown Kailua. They were all going for a morning swim out to sea. I opted to stay close to shore. It was really cloudy and slightly cool when we got there. Lots of people go down early for morning swims or aquaerobics wearing flotation belts. Jeanne's friend noticed some dolphins out at the quarter mile buoy. There seemed to be quite a few of them leaping and frolicking out there. Was ... read more

Writing two days today. Too tired to write last night. Wind and sun will really take it out of you. Yesterday we were really busy. Jeanne and Larry left here at 0 dark thirty to get Jeanne to the start. Onshore wind was gone for the swim, so the sea was calm. Yesterday when we dropped off her bike the ocean was really choppy. I did not get to see her do the swim or bike, her friend Susan brought me out to the Fairmont Orchid about halfway through her run. We found some shade on the golf course and watched her complete her first lap and begin second lap through what the runners call either Hell's Kitchen or The Death March. Part of the 13 mile run, It is a three mile section, done twice ... read more

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