Published: June 7th 2017
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This morning I went to my favorite beach here at Hapuna State Park. Jeanne had some errands to run so she gave me the Ford F-150 to use. I think the last time I drove something that big was when I was an E-3 attached to the German shed in New Londo CT. I used to have to drive a five ton stake truck filled with fuel drums and boat parts back and forth between New London and Groton because I worked in the supply department. The German shed was an actual deterrent camp for German prisoners of war during WWII. So, here I am sitting way up high in this Ford and feeling like I was almost in a semi cab. And the 150 is the smaller of the trucks here at the Peardon house. Found out rather quickly that it was a cinch to drive. Not bad to park either. I even did a little shopping on the way home. Got to the beach around 8:30 and there were no more than 30 people on the whole beach.so first I walked from one end of the beach to the other, trying to get my nerve up to go in. Silly me! The water was not bad at all and really clear. There were quite a few ocean swimmers out where the blue water started. One guy still had his number on from the Ironman. Jeanne says it is really hard to get off, she uses a lot of lotion and a loofah. But what can I say, guess this guy just wanted to wait until it faded off. Bet he has quite a wait ahead of him. Around 9:15 we began to have a pretty strong offshore wind and the sand started kicking up pretty hard. I decided to just get in and walk down to the lava walls, then back to the natural rock jetty and back and forth. Only got to do the whole thing twice, it is not as easy to walk in neck deep ocean water especially with the tide rising and the outgoing tide becoming stronger. So after the second time I decided may be it was time to get out and dry off a bit. Unfortunately by the time I got back to my towel, both it and my beach bag were filled with sand. Off to the shower I went, shaking out my towel all the way, then taking everything out of the bag and cleaning them off, shaking the bag and refilling it where I could. Had to wash off my hat too. It was wet around the back anyway, but then it dropped onto the sand. Here I am taking an outdoor shower and washing items from my bag. I was ready for changing clothes in the changing room and leaving. The wind was picking up more and sand was everywhere. Hapuna Beach is amazing anyway, it is a white sand crescent shaped beach in a well-maintained state park. Still the best one for parking, sand, amenities and water-wise I have found. I will be back at least once more before I go, I hope. One of the amazing features is the view of the observatories on top of Maura Kea. I have been searching for a glimpse of them ever since I got here, but from the highway they seem to be covered In clouds. I will be heading there for Sunset on Mauna Kea on Sunday. Being up on the summit, seeing the observatories open up their telescopes and being able to see the stars in all their majesty humbles me. Makes me realize how small we all are. I read somewhere that from space the earth looks like a smooth blue marble, that mountains look flat. Here we think about how hard it is to climb a hill or a mountain, yet from space that means nothing. Makes me feel very insignificant sometimeS. Anyway, that is not unail Sunday. Jeanne and I went to a yogi class tonight with her friend. I pretty much amazed myself. I was able to do every pose even though I modified some. Did not make too much of a fool of myself in front of Jeanne and some strangers. Am taking it dpay by day here. I am just very grateful to be able to be here after all this time. Does not take much to impress me, I just enjoy the kid's company. Can't wait to see what tomorrow bring. Aloha until then.???‍♀️??Oh, no! I fund the emojis.


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