Published: June 6th 2017
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Really interesting day today. Woke up at 5:15 feeling really rested. Should have joined Jeanne and Cayo on their three mile beach walk, but guess my internal clock is still on eastern time because I expected it to be dark and yet the room was light. Missed that opportunity. Maybe later this week. Did join her and her swimming buddies down at the pier in downtown Kailua. They were all going for a morning swim out to sea. I opted to stay close to shore. It was really cloudy and slightly cool when we got there. Lots of people go down early for morning swims or aquaerobics wearing flotation belts. Jeanne's friend noticed some dolphins out at the quarter mile buoy. There seemed to be quite a few of them leaping and frolicking out there. Was not easy to see them from the shoreline, but everyone coming back from their swim was saying that there were at least a hundred of them and they kept swimming over, under and next to the humans. Jeanne said it was amazing, because they stuck around at least the whole time she was out there. Wish I had been brave enough o go out there, but I can be a chicken once in awhile. I don't feel as if I am a strong enough swimmer to go that far anymore, besides the fact that everyone I saw was a much faster swimmer and I would have been left far behind. Not that that is a bad thing, I like my alone time, but distance and strength were a little daunting. After our swim, Jeanne headed up for a recovery massage while I walked around the shopping center, stopping for breakfast and a cup of tea. From there we headed back home until it was time to head for my next adventure in cryotherapy. Not going to say what I did today, just check me out when I get home. On our way back home we stopped at the marina where Larry continues to work on the newest El Jobean, the kids' charter fishing boat. It is back in the water from dry dock and Larry and his buddy Robbie are working really hard to get it ready for the Rock and Roll tournament this weekend. Fishing tournament season starts this weekend and will go on for most of the sUnder. There is even one for the girls only, though the captain can be a male, called the Wahine tournament. One of the boats brought in what the guy called a short-billed sailfish (?). They filleted it and then threw the carcass into the water tied to a line to the pier. As we were heading back up to the car, a small crowd had gathered because a sea turtle, a honu, was attacking the carcass. He must have been over three feet in diameter across his shell and was covered with barnacles, even on his fins. The guys said a tiger shark was in the marina too, but he didn't show up while we were there. But as we were walking further down the pier another turtle surfaced near a boat. This one was about 2/3 the size of the first. Turtles are sacred in Hawaii, there are laws against "molesting" them. That means anything from touching them to chasing them. They are so magnificent that I cannnot understand why anyone would try. The fact that they look so ungainly but move so easily is mind blowing. Had a wonderful rotisserie chicken salad for dinner. The others, including the dogs have gone to bed. Even though it is not even 9pm, I am right behind them. Tomorrow Jeanne is giving me the smaller of the two trucks and I am heading out to Hapuna State park and my favorite beach for a few hours. Hope it is not too windy, otherwise there is be sand devilbs to contend with. It is really hot here during the day, but I am surely enjoying myself. Busy week just hanging. Until next time, Aloha and Mahalo for reading this.


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