Published: June 10th 2017
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Today I have to start out with a retraction. In yesterday's blog I said the Hualalai was a dormant volcano. When I woke up this morning I had a niggling idea that I was incorrect, and I was. Hualalai is actually the third youngest and third most active volcano of the six here on the Big Island, the island that is actually named Hawaii. It has been inactive since the early 1800's, but is expected to erupt sometime in the next century. Does not seem to bother people who live on it's slopes, even Jeanne and Larry are not worried at all. The airport down the mountain to the northeast and is built on a lava flow. That does not seem worrisome unless you realize that at that time the edge of the lava flow was less than a mile from where the kid's house is now. The entire slope is filled with houses. The youngest shield volcano, Kilauea, is the only one currently erupting and that goes in cycles. There was a 5.3 earthquake on the eastern side off shore from Kilauea yesterday. We felt nothing on this side. But there was also one on the 6th 14 miles off the coast of Kailua-Kone, a 2.9 and we were here and felt nothing. There are a lot around here but most are way offshore and do not result in any damage. First thing the news people announce is that there was no chance of a tsunami, which is what people need to hear. So on to today. Jeanne and I took the dogs to the beach below here in the industrial park. It was the first time that her rescue dog Abaco (my son-in-law likes to name their dogs after islands, thus Largo, Cayo and now Abaco) had been to a beach. He loved it. We walked along the old lava flows and on the sand, while the older dog chased balls. He had a great time until Jeanne tried to get him into a tidal pool. He tasted it but did not get in. Jeanne started to do a little more to get ready for her marathon in two weeks. This was supposed to be her recovery week, but you can't keep an athlete down. So while she was off starting her training regimen, I took the F-150 and went to Safeway and the post office to get boxes to send stuff home in. I felt like a local in that big truck. We took Larry some stuff he needed for his big tournament tomorrow then came home and just hung with the dogs. I promise that tomorrow's blog will be better, Jeanne and I are going island exploring. ALoha!


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