Published: June 9th 2017
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Today Jeanne and I had to head out after her run with her friend Susan because her cleaning ladies were coming. After stopping at the only used bookstore in Kailua, we headed to the beach. This time we headed to Waikaloa and the A Bay Beach. That is not the official name, but it is this long Hawaiian name somewhere in the vicinity of 12 letters, mostly vowels, long. It ia a beautiful beach with well maintained bathrooms and showers, but more importantly with a lot off palm trees for shade if needed. Since we were there for the sun we did not take advantage of the trees, but they were still there. It is totally different from Hapuna. The sand is courser and more of a beige color, there are under water reefs pretty close to shore with razor sharp rocks, and right after the reefs the bottom drops quickly. We were there as the tide was coming in, I presume that at high tide there is more room to maneuver before the reefs. Did not matter today anyway, we went for the sun and instead we got onshore winds and clouds mostly. Had a great time talking and reading though. The whole thing was as it should be. After about an hour and a half we realized there probably would not be any sun so we packed up and headed to the King's Shops for lunch at the A Bay Cafe ( at least I know the A Bay is correct, Cafe sounds good to me). I had an excellent grilled chicken breast sandwich with bacon and melted Swiss, Jeanne had the Chicken Caesar Salad. When we got home we were greeted by two dogs and the smell of corned beef cooking. Took the dogs for a walk around the block, boy, was I tired. For those of you who never read my old Hawaii email blogs, Jeanne and Larry live about 3/4 of the way up the side of the dormant Hualalai volcano. The only level streets connect to the main road, which I can't spell. All the other streets slant down the mountain. Jeanne lives on the corner of one such street, so we walk the dogs to the mostly level street and then do an around the block, down a steep slope, across a primarily level street and then back up again. I do well until the last 200 yards or so, where it is steepest and then my calves start hollering I should surrender. We made it back and then while I defatted and pulled the corned beef she made saused vegetables and cauliflower soup. I must admit I am eating well here. Nice to try new things once in awhile. We spent the evening playing with the dogs. That was our day. Tomorrow Jeanne starts to slowly ramp up for the Marathon my last weekend here. We are going to stay at the Waikoloa resort for 5 days so she can get ready for, run and recouperate from the race. Until tomorrow, Aloha!


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