Saturday and Sunday

Published: June 5th 2017
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Writing two days today. Too tired to write last night. Wind and sun will really take it out of you. Yesterday we were really busy. Jeanne and Larry left here at 0 dark thirty to get Jeanne to the start. Onshore wind was gone for the swim, so the sea was calm. Yesterday when we dropped off her bike the ocean was really choppy. I did not get to see her do the swim or bike, her friend Susan brought me out to the Fairmont Orchid about halfway through her run. We found some shade on the golf course and watched her complete her first lap and begin second lap through what the runners call either Hell's Kitchen or The Death March. Part of the 13 mile run, It is a three mile section, done twice through lava fields with no shade or breeze and lots of heat. I was the lucky one to see her first as she came up to the finish line. She was dressed in black and blue patterned top and bottoms and a black visor. From where we were waiting, she was pretty hard to spot. Lots of runners dressed in dark clothes. Her outstanding attire feature was a pair of fluorescent lime green running shoes. So for the longest time I was watching the path for her only to see orange or black or white shoes right before the last curve. Close to two pm, I finally spotted those bright lime sneakers and we rushed down the hill where we were waiting to catch her coming in. She looked fantastic, at least to me, smiling, still running and looking like she had not broken a sweat. She did actually break one, but I was just so happy to see her finish the 70.3 mile triathlon. Her time was four minutes slower at 6hours 50 minutes than last year, but the winds into Hawi on the bike were really bad. She said sometimes she felt like she was pedaling like crazy and not moving forward at all. Then the kicker was that after she got her bike we probably had to walk a mile and a half back the the graded lave field where the car was parked. Everyone was grateful to pile into the air-conditioned car for the ride home. Less than three hours later we were off to dinner, which by the way was scrumptious. Jeanne and I had Caesar salads and Larry had a squash soup, followed by spicy shrimp fettuccini for Jeanne, rigatoni with sausage for me and crab manicotti for Larry. By the end of dinner we were all tired, came home and hung for less than an hour and slept again. Since I have been here, I am awake everyday around 6.
This morning we went for a long walk with Jeanne's running friends. Not sure if Jeanne walked for my sake or because she really needed a recovery day, but I am grateful she asked and I went. I kept up with her the whole time, or maybe she held back, but I felt really good afterwards. Only had one calf cramp and it only lasted a couple of minutes even though we were walking up and down hills much steeper than Floridz. I know, what hills in Florida? My point exactly, these were actual hills. Afterwards we hooked up with those who actually ran or walked faster and went for coffee. Jeanne had another cryotherapy appointment and since the owner opened up on a Sunday for recouperating triathlon participants and no one else was scheduled for awhile, I did it too and I got a cryofacial too. Now my blood is full of super oxygenated and my face has a few fewer wrinkles. The chamber did not bother me a lot and I stayed in the whole three minutes allowed. It was a very interesting feeling. After running some errands, we stopped to see Larry working on his boat which had been in drydo k for a couple of weeks. He and his buddy Robbie are working extremely hard to have it shipshape by next week's fishing tournament. Now we are hanging here a home with Jeanne doing laundry while I am typing this and then we are going to play with the dogs more. Great day here onthe Big Island. Hop someday you can all come and see what I love about this place besides Jeanne, Larry, Cayo and now Abaco. Until later - Aloha!


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