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North America » United States » California » San Diego October 6th 2013

Danny Writes: We woke up to a scorching hot day in San Diego, California. This was by far the most typically holiday part of the holiday, since we were staying in a coastal resort hotel. The plan today was to check out SeaWorld. I wasn't really sure what to make of this initially because of the whole SeaWorld controversy, but it’s hard to make a judgement on something you've never witnessed yourself, so off we set. I don’t want to make this blog a couple of paragraphs about my take on SeaWorld so I’ll try to avoid that. The walk to SeaWorld reaffirmed what we’d already discovered about the USA in Vegas and Flagstaff; they have no pavements. We tried to walk down the ‘side walk’ but found ourselves stranded when they just suddenly stopped. We ... read more
Yes please.
Phil's BBQ.

North America » United States » California » San Diego October 5th 2013

Tina Writes: We were due to skydive this morning but I had remembered the wrong time and we were now running an hour late, so we chucked the gear in the car and floored it. This was the only hotel that came with breakfast as well and we could only grab a wee bagel each. We arrived and although late, it was no problem. We had a bit of a wait, just enough time to watch others land and to start shitting ourselves. We harnessed up and boarded the little plane. My skydive master was all but silent. Rob and Danny’s were much more talkative and as it turns out more fun during the dive. As the plane levelled out I started to get nervous. Rob jumped first, then me then Danny. The freefall was as ... read more
Bahia Resort
Danny pro swimming
Bahia Belle

North America » United States » Arizona » Scottsdale October 4th 2013

Rob Writes: We had enjoyed our time at Monument Valley and it was now time to leave. It had been a great place to escape from our lives and unwind. I will miss it. I feel fortunate I was able to experience what it had to offer and would recommend it to anyone. Time to hit the road! Woo-fucking-hoo. As I write this we have just completed the final leg of our 2000 mile drive, so forgive my pessimism, but right now I hate driving. At the time however, I was quite enjoying myself. We were now going back the way we came, towards Flagstaff and further south to Scottsdale, Phoenix. It was our first long drive, about 5 – 6 hours in total and all in all it was quite uneventful, well, for Tina and ... read more
Amy's Baking Co

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 2nd 2013

Danny writes: I have a feeling that this might be a hard day to blog. Although it was our only full day in Monument Valley and the experience of the valley was amazing, there’s only so much you can write about some large red rocks and mesas, you know? However, one of them was shaped like a giant phallus so that might make it a bit more entertaining. Our Navajo guide referred to that particular formation as 'The Three Sisters’. I guess 'The Throbbing Red Shlong’ doesn’t really go with the theme of the place. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s slow down. As I write this I’m actually sat in the back of the DOG Mobile on the way to Morro Bay, California (west side, throw up the dubs, etc) so we are ... read more
Yee Haw
Out on the trail

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley October 2nd 2013

Tina Writes: I had slept all throughout the night without waking up to vomit etc so I had high hopes as I awoke that I had indeed had food poisoning and it was now cleared up. If I could bottle that feeling of relief I would be a gazzillionaire! And what a relief it was as today we head to Monument Valley. I have been looking forward to this the most. Due to the shut-down of The Grand Canyon we decided to go and see the biggest meteor crater in the world, something we had taken off the itinerary due to time constraints previously, so not all was lost. The crater is privately owned land and they have built a visitor centre with a museum attached. Of course it costs to get in but $16 each ... read more
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff October 1st 2013

Rob Writes: Today saw an early start as the time had come to hit the road. We packed our bags and enjoyed a light buffet (buff what?) breakfast at the Spice Market Buffet in our hotel before checking out. Next we headed to the lobby to catch a cab which would take us to collect our hire car. As many may know, I like driving, both leisurely and otherwise, so needless to say I was excited. I was also a little apprehensive (read shitting my pants). Since our arrival, I had attempted to take in as much as possible with regard to driving in the US, but there isn’t much to learn from the passenger seat of a taxi or my observation point from the side-walk. I figured I would pick it up on the job. ... read more
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas September 30th 2013

Dan(ny) Writes: Okay, first off, let me explain that the hooker discount coupons were for the purposes of research and because Claire wanted to see them. I personally find them disgusting. Anyway, moving on... The third day started off pretty badly for me. I woke up pretty early after a wild (solitary) night on the Vegas tiles 50 bucks poorer and with a slightly sore head. Pretty convenient because about 5 minutes later Tina called me from their room asking if she could come get the laptop charger before they disappeared on their three hour Vegas timeshare sales pitch extraordinaire. I went for a walk around the strip to try find some WiFi (which is surprisingly sparse in the USA of all countries) before finding a smidging of internet outside Bubba Gump’s. I sat on the ... read more
Tommy Gun!
Vegas from the Stratosphere
Dressed up!

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas September 29th 2013

Tina Writes Next day we woke up naturally, very very early. Got up and headed to Paris for breakfast passing through the casino’s on the way (you can’t seem to avoid that). It became apparent that most of the casinos all look exactly the same as the next. I don’t know why, but I didn’t imagine it to be as digitalised as it is. The casinos are exactly like home but much more expensive to play with a min $10 bet on most games. So we didn’t do much gambling. We then went for a walk to New York New York to see if we could book tickets for Cirque de Soliel’s Zumanity. There was a guy sitting out at a wee stall seemingly selling tickets. After a long conversation we ended up booked on a ... read more
Vegas wedding
Vegas wedding
Vegas wedding

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas September 28th 2013

Tina Writes Other than a short trip to Paris to get engaged for a few days, this is the first time we have been away since returning from the big trip. It couldn’t come soon enough! So ahead of us (me, Rob and Danny) is a 2 week road trip from Vegas through to San Francisco. We arrived in Vegas after a very long, crappy flight with BA at about 3.30pm. The sight of The Strip is amazing and you can see it from most places as it’s so big. We got in a taxi and headed to our hotel, Planet Hollywood. Driving passed the likes of New York New York, Excalibur and The Luxor. The size of these hotels is insane. Checked in and after 2 room changes we were upgraded to a cracker of ... read more
Our room
View from room
Danny on the plane

Asia » Indonesia December 24th 2011

Tina Writes The flight to Indonesia was long and boring as usual but also the most eventful flight I have ever had. We had hit turbulence a few times but nothing out of the ordinary. The plane was only half full so we moved to an empty row of 4 seats so we could spread out and try sleeping. We were both lying down, top & tail, and suddenly it felt like we might hit the ceiling. It only lasted a second or two but there was a major drop in height. There were screams throughout the plane and I very quickly sat up and put my belt on (as if that will help me!). Rob sat up too but like the earthquake in Huacachina, his response was delayed and he wasn’t too bothered. It really ... read more
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