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October 12th 2013
Published: October 22nd 2013
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Danny Writes:

It was our last day in San Francisco, and the last day of the trip as a whole, so we tried to squeeze in as many things as possible before we left for the airport. We vacated our room and asked reception if we could leave our bags at the hotel. The reception staff kindly advised us that we required the assistance of the Bell Man. We left our bags with the Bell Man and the Bell Man stored our bags in the Bell HQ, under the name 'Smath'. Easy mistake to make I guess, not exactly a common name is it? We then decided to go for a walk down 'Fisherman's Wharf' which was the seafront/fishing port area of the bay we were staying in. It was at this time that that Rob spotted a shady looking shop and took the opportunity to buy several pairs of counterfeit Levis. A holiday wouldn't be complete without the staple trip to a jeans outlet, and two hours of waiting for Rob to decide if he liked the blue pair or the lighter blue pair had worked us all up an appetite.

We decided on getting something from the fresh seafood restaurants on the bay. After another two hours of perusing menus, we picked the only restaurant without outside seating. The reason we picked it was because of the staff outside informing us that we can order anything which was for sale on the street stall inside the restaurant as well. We're not sure where he got this information from, he couldn't have dreamt up a bigger lie as a 3-piece fried seafood medley for $9.95 at the stall outside, had turned into a $125 imperial fish sampler served with fava beans and a nice chianti. Frustrated and hungry, we stayed put and ordered. Tina picked the Boston clam chowder served in a bread bun bowl which looked excellent, I picked a fresh crab sandwich served on crusty bread with coleslaw which was fantastic, and Rob picked... fish and chips.

Next up, we had a choice. Check out the Golden Gate Bridge on foot, or take a ride on the infamous San Francisco trolleys. We must've spent at least two hours attempting to decipher the San Francisco bus routes on a map at the bus stop. During this time, a kind gentleman asked me if we were 'sticking around for long', and then passed me a day ticket for the trolleys. I didn't have the heart to tell him our flight was at 7pm so I accepted it. After two hours of wandering around arguing, we stumbled upon the trolley station, and were greeted by an hour long wait. We quickly decided we didn't have enough time for that so we chose to jump in a cab to the bridge instead. I tried to give my ticket away to someone in the line but they refused to accept it because they 'didn't want to ride the trolley all day', they only wanted to take 'one trip'... IT’S FREE.

After what seemed like a two hour cab ride to the bridge by the world’s worst taxi driver, we took a walk to the centre of the bridge, admiring the 'please don’t jump' and 'you don’t have to kill yourself, there’s always hope' signs along the way. The view from the bridge was spectacular, although it was a little too cold, windy, and noisy to really appreciate. Unfortunately our time in San Francisco was quickly coming to an end so we headed back and jumped in a cab to the hotel. If there's one thing I've learned about America from the trip, it's that all cab drivers ARE as insane as the movies would have you believe. This one had a terrible habit of insulting every single other road user he saw. We arrived back at the hotel, collected our bags, and shortly after boarded the shuttle bus to the airport. Once at the airport, we took the opportunity to end our holiday the only way we knew how, and the same way as we had started it 2 weeks earlier: by stuffing our faces and drinking cocktails while waiting to board the airplane.

Danny's Conclusion

A week after returning to Ol' Blighty, I dearly miss America. It is a fantastic and diverse country, which offers so much variety. We started our trip in the neon lights and baking heat of Sin City, trail blazed the Wild West, freefell over sunny southern Arizona, and roasted in the intense heat of So.Cali, before ending our trip in the chilly city of San Francisco. Where else can you experience such a variety of scenery and climate, as well as the people? It has always been a dream of mine to visit the land of the supposedly free, and although it wasn't quite what I had imagined, it was absolutely amazing. I'm afraid Britain just doesn't cut it. It’s October and its pretty miserable and drab outside, and that about sums up the entire country. America has a certain magic about it, one which I will definitely experience again in the future. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rob and Tina for the experience of a lifetime, made all the better by being able to experience it with them, and wish them a very happy life together, although I am certain that they do not require my blessing.

Tina’s Conclusion

Yes, a week home and what I wouldn’t give to turn back time and start again. It was everything I had hoped it would be and totally worth the months and months of endless planning, booking etc. Our wedding was great fun and just what we wanted with a fabulous honeymoon attached which I enjoyed not only with my husband but with my Brother-in-Law, two of my most favourite people. Having been together for 7 years now, a traditional honeymoon was neither required nor wanted. Me, traditional, nahhh. We ticked a lot of boxes on this trip and there’s nothing more I enjoy than a good box tick and to share that with Rob and Danny is even better. I would say Monument Valley was pretty special, for me. San Francisco being my favourite city. The thing standing out most is how accurate America is portrayed in the movies. You always think it’s not really like that, but it is! I think what I will miss most of all is the fabulous, tasty, ridiculous portioned food. We see excessively overweight people on TV from America and it’s easy to understand. I’m impressed 100%!o(MISSING)f them aren’t all that size with those portions! Thank God I don’t live there or I’d be dead in 6 months.

Rob’s Conclusion

I thought it was shit...

Arriving back in the UK that is!

As it happens I’m very fond of the UK and I’m very fortunate to have been born here, but for me there’s one thing it doesn’t have that the US has in abundance, and that’s space. I liked the space the US had to offer. Miles and miles of nothing but desert and tumbleweed is quite a relief when you’re used to living in one of the most densely populated countries in the world. That, I will miss whole heartedly. As a result I would admit to favouring the first week of our trip as it wasn’t plagued by cities and traffic. This brings me onto my favourite part of the trip, Monument Valley. I loved Monument Valley for all of the above reasons, in addition to its breathtaking views. After natures gift which was Monument Valley in first place, I would like to place Phil’s BBQ second. Their BBQ beef ribs were freaking delicious! Those cows did not die in vain, thank you again Mother Nature. Seriously though, I’ve thought about that place every day since. All in all I had a fantastic time. I was very disappointed I didn’t get to see Alcatraz up close, but apart from that everything went swimmingly. Dan you ask? Yea, I guess he was alright. He behaved well and ate all of his sandwiches so I can’t really complain. I’m glad he could make it. He’s sometimes a bit funny, which is nice. Tina? She’s still here, despite all the food she consumed. I like her a lot so hope she hangs around.


22nd October 2013

Glad to see you enjoyed the States...
and you had the grace not to mentioned a couple closed national parks and some obnoxious people...perhaps because there were still fantastic sights such as Monument Valley and there were many more very nice people. You toured our favorite part of America...I can't believe you did it in two weeks! Come back soon.
22nd October 2013

Good Stuff.
We have enjoyed your enjoyment enormously!

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