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16th April 2016

Sorry you didn't enjoy Railey...
it's one of my favorite spots. Glad yo made it home to recuperate.
16th April 2016

The little we seen was lovely but difficult to appreciate when youre that ill :(
4th March 2016

"For all I know the fish deserved it" pissing myself on the train here Rob!
From Blog: Goodbye Vietnam
14th February 2016

Candy flosssssss
Ooh Penang looks good. Rob, Rob I have left my bottle of water in the kitchen. Since you go to the gym can you nip down and get that for me? 😋 xxx
13th February 2016

Stop trying to get killed Rob ... 😋
11th July 2015

Hello Tina and Rob
Fantastic to see you blogging again. We are so eager to go to Poland. Really enjoyed this blog.
22nd November 2014
Sushi (2)

Phooey on Phuket
Sounds as if the very yummy meals were the highlight of the visit. Crowded beaches, sleazy geezers and a damp hotel--I might pass on that. Hope your next stop is better!
15th November 2014

"She loves it when something claims to be cheese when it isn’t." - This is the best thing I've ever read.
From Blog: Hot in the City
22nd October 2013

Good Stuff.
We have enjoyed your enjoyment enormously!
22nd October 2013

Glad to see you enjoyed the States...
and you had the grace not to mentioned a couple closed national parks and some obnoxious people...perhaps because there were still fantastic sights such as Monument Valley and there were many more very nice people. You toured our favorite part of America...I can't believe you did it in two weeks! Come back soon.
19th October 2013

Back to the Future
I can fully sympathise with your experience as the exact same thing happened to me in San Francisco in the last government shutdown in '95.... I've still never made it to Alcatraz! Still, as I always say, it's best to leave something for next time...
14th October 2013

see below
.....she said it was better than "The Pirates of Penzance...."
12th October 2013

So funny!
Sitting here, laughing out loud--great blog! So sorry you experienced all our California craziness. Yes, freeways and Hollywood Blvd (and Las Vegas, another popular destination for foreigners) are full of nut cases, but so glad you got to feel the footprints of your fave stars. Leno's offer completely sucked, but so glad number 100 provided a good show--I wonder if they pay him to do that, so people get something for all their time wasted. Could people understand your Glasgow accents (I couldn't).
From Blog: LA Meltdown
12th October 2013

The walk of Hollywood
It is fun checking out all the stars. I've got a few photos also. Fun.
From Blog: LA Meltdown
11th October 2013

HAHAHAHAHAH.......I loved Amy, her food looked good on the show, and Ramsey is a tool! She is a mad Cat lady as well, enjoy what time you have left there peeps and well dne on the driving Rob xxx
9th October 2013

oot yer nuts in Vitamin c hahahahahah..........you should be a comedy writer Rob!!!! poor Tina though!
8th October 2013

I'm also on holiday.
Well done guys, I'm sat in my friends room in Brescia reading about someone else's holiday. Francesco wants to go out and have some pizza or something but I just want to read more...
8th October 2013

Welcome back...
I was worried that after you cut your last trip short, you might have given up on travel. I'm sure this trip will be great! You are touring my favorite part of my country.
8th October 2013

Congratulations on your wedding
Sounds like you had fun. Glad your family could watch on the video cam.
24th June 2012

In my opinion, it is only natural that people stop enjoying trips that are just too long. My longest backpacking trip was 4 months, and I had had enough after it. I find now after a few decades of travel experience, that a month of travel is what I really enjoy. More than a couple of months would be too much. And, as you mentioned it costs a lot of money. I have fulfilled even some of my non travel life dreams, and they dont make me delighted every second either. I am still pleased and proud of fulfilling my dreams, but there are times when too much of a good thing is not so great and that applies to all dream fulfillments and gettings of what you want. Maybe, you can continue to travel, but be more moderate about it. Then you would not need to give up the security, and comfort of home, job income, friends nearby, family nearby... :)
24th June 2012

Thanks Mell. Yeah we will definitely travel again but will do it in much shorter bursts.
20th February 2012

Getting home can be good
Being home for the holidays can be good. Have no regrets.
29th December 2011

No regrets...
We agree that you shouldn't feel like you have failed at all. The thing is, life is too short to force yourselves to do something you don't enjoy - whether that's working in a crap job or travelling. You tried it and have some fantastic memories from the things you have already experienced. Everyone is different - travelling like you did is very tough at times, we hope that it hasn't put you off travelling forever. Best wishes for the New Year
28th December 2011

Bravo :-b
Sad that you are home and that we won't see you until the 15th January. Missed you both, Sizzler on the 16th??? :-b x Thanks for sharing your adventure with us :-b
25th December 2011

cannot believe what I am reading guys ;-( After all the prep work you have done for this trip. It is nonsense to feel that you failed as anybody who has ever traveled extensively knows how hard it is at times.Besides you have covered some fab places and experience great stuff. I am sure you get to travel again somehow. All the best and good luck in Scotland. Cheers, Beata

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