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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket November 19th 2014

Tina Writes After a few days of doing very little we finally sorted out some trips. Today we were headed on a zipline activity. There were loads of different companies offering the same thing much like GoApe here. It also wasn’t cheap, £32 each for about an hour of activity. It was in the afternoon so we lazily had breakfast and waited for or pick-up. We picked up another 2 people. Two girls from NZ. The zipline was much further away than expected and it took an hour to get to the place. When we arrived we had to walk a bit to the base as it was right in the jungle basically. Walking up hills in this kind of heat is very tiring but we were there soon enough. Much to my delight, the first ... read more
Kitten suckling Rob
Rob Zipline (2)
Rob ready to Zipline

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket November 16th 2014

Rob Writes After thoroughly enjoying Cambodia we took a flight back to Bangkok, followed by another to Phuket. We were back in Thailand. On arriving at Phuket there was some serious rain, rain which we just don’t see in the UK. It was the kind of rain that turns roads into rivers within minutes. It was fun. The temperature drop that came with it was also well received. We paid 180B each to take a shuttle bus to Patong, where we would be staying. We had heard the shuttles buses from the airport can be a little dodgy in that they stop half way through the journey at a travel agent in order to try and sell you tours. I had read some accounts of the travel agents in this scenario attempting to scam people by ... read more
The Nap (5)
Patong 1st Room (2)
Patong Room (3)

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap November 12th 2014

Day 5 Our flight to Cambodia was at 10am. With a 20 minute taxi journey, I planned to leave around 8.15/8.30 but reception thought we should leave at 7!! Well they know better, the traffic must be a bitch at that time. 7.20am and we are at the airport. Now we wait. It was our first of a few flights with Air Asia. We had flown with them before when we returned from our big trip when they still flew to London. They are the equivalent of Ryanair/Easyjet here. Very very cheap! The flight was fine but I did notice they tended to break up people travelling together that had not pre booked their seats (we had) even although the plane was only half full. Very mean I thought but you could just move to the ... read more
Angkor Wat (5)
Angkor Wat (11)
Angkor Wat (9)

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 7th 2014

Arriving in Bangkok Door to door, that is, our house to Holiday Inn Express, Bangkok, took us about 21 hours of travelling. I would like to say it was great, but it wasn’t. I detest travelling on airplanes a lot. Most people I know have something which really gets up their nose, causes an unjustifiable rage like no other. Tina for example, hates ironing and when she does rarely have to do it, you could mistake the steam coming out of her ears for that coming out of the iron itself. Well, mine is flying. The second I set foot into the departing airport I want to start throwing shit about, right up until the second I leave the arriving one. Anyway, I might as well write a bit about it. We flew with Emirates, which ... read more
Tuk Tuk
Long Boat
Floating Market

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 12th 2013

Danny Writes: It was our last day in San Francisco, and the last day of the trip as a whole, so we tried to squeeze in as many things as possible before we left for the airport. We vacated our room and asked reception if we could leave our bags at the hotel. The reception staff kindly advised us that we required the assistance of the Bell Man. We left our bags with the Bell Man and the Bell Man stored our bags in the Bell HQ, under the name 'Smath'. Easy mistake to make I guess, not exactly a common name is it? We then decided to go for a walk down 'Fisherman's Wharf' which was the seafront/fishing port area of the bay we were staying in. It was at this time that that Rob ... read more
Fisherman's Wharf Seafood
View from Golden Gate Bridge (2)
View from Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 11th 2013

Tina Writes: The mornings were starting to get tough and mustering up the enthusiasim to get up in good time was really difficult. At that moment sleep was better than anything I could possibly imagine, so a slower start to the day than planned when we finally got up at 9.45am. The night before, Danny had been checking out some info on Alcatraz which was going to be the main attraction for our time here. I had booked tickets for the scary evening tour about a month ago. Turns out is a national park. I don't think I can express in words the disappointment at this discovery. Once again, just like the hotel we had booked for the Grand Canyon, we did not receive and email or any communication from the company to tell ... read more
View from top of a big hill
Golden Gate

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 10th 2013

We left Morro Bay early in the morning but not before we had eaten yet another ridiculously portioned breakfast at one of the local cafes. Tina had spent the night throwing up after her one alcoholic drink she had consumed the night prior, so I was surprised to see her so keen for food, which wasn’t ice-cream. We tried to spot the crazy Morro Bay resident that morning during our departure for San Francisco but unfortunately, we failed. He must have been back in his crib after a night of getting fo shizzled out of his nizzle from all the cigarettes he had scrounged the previous night. We decided to take the scenic/coastal road to Monterey, which according to the sat nav would only take two and a half hours to drive. Two and a half ... read more
Entering San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
Driving over Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » Morro Bay October 9th 2013

Danny Writes: Time to leave LA. Personally I wont miss it one bit, it was my least favourite part of the trip which is unfortunate since, along with Vegas, I was looking forward to it the most. In hindsight I'm not really sure why, although I'm guessing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas probably had something to do with it. I didn't really 'get' LA, it just seemed like a whole lot of fuss about nothing. I'm not particularly the most celebrity obsessed person in the world and so the novelty of seeing "this is where so-and-so overdosed" and "this is where whatshisname got caught engaging in sexual antics" soon wore off and it just seemed like a dodgy area filled with shops selling tourist tack and not a lot really happening; not a lot of substance. ... read more
Morro Bay
Morro Bay

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles October 8th 2013

Tina Writes: We took another walk along the Walk of Fame, it was almost impossible to avoid as it was the first main street next to the hotel. I had been searching for Esther Williams but never seen it. I did walk past a building used in Pretty Woman, where ‘Skinny Marie’’ was found dead so directly across the road was The Blue Banana. Of course they look nothing like how they did in the movie. We had decided to walk to Rodeo Drive but after a while we realised it wasn’t as close as it seemed so decided on a star tour instead which would show us Movie star homes and take us through Rodeo Drive and end with a view of the Hollywood sign. Our driver was quite entertaining but also a homophobic racist. ... read more
Tom Cruise's Hoose
Hey Yo Viv
Rodeo Drive Baby!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hollywood October 7th 2013

Rob Writes: Oh look! It’s my turn to write a blog again on a day which we did nothing but drive. Hold on folks, this is going to be an exciting one. We awoke early at our holiday resort hotel in San Diego and were keen to get our stuff together as we were driving to LA. First things first, however... breakfast! After we had satisfied the Escape’s everlasting thirst for its favourite tipple (87RON, pumped, not poured) we me moved onto satisfying our own breakfast needs at the Broken Yolk Cafe. This one was one of those Man v Food restaurants that all the kids talk about and served a right beast of a plate, one of those were you get it for free if you manage to conquer it alone. We had no such ... read more
Broken Yolk Cafe challenge - food won
William Shatner

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