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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island December 16th 2011

Tina Writes Next stop was Queenstown. The home of adrenalin fuelled activities. This is where Bungy was pioneered and we had come here to do just that. On the way to Queenstown we stopped off at ‘Blue Pools’ as recommended by Rob’s skydive master. There were suspension bridges built over the beautifully blue waters. I jumped and rattled them as much as I could until I got scared. We walked down to the water side and discovered there were loads of perfect skimming stones, so we had a skimming match. These waters are amazing for skimming, we were getting 8’s and 9’s and even all the way over to the other bank. On the road again as we neared Queenstown we came across Puzzling World. This is a place I have read about in other travel ... read more
Rob is standing normally, Puzzling World, South Island, New Zealand (122)
Kawarau Bridge Bungy, South Island, New Zealand (132)
Kawarau Bridge Bungy, South Island, New Zealand (141)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island December 9th 2011

Rob Writes We arrived in Picton on the south island in the early afternoon and had a drive of about 140km down the west coast to reach our campsite for that evening, just outside of Blenheim. It was a DOC campsite called Robin Hood Bay, which like all DOC campsites was a further 4000kms (I may be exaggerating here but it felt like it) down a dusty, gravel road up and down a mountain range. This is the first RWD vehicle I have owned, so I took this opportunity to try hone up my power sliding skills, which I don’t have, and neither does the van. A slow and boring drive this was indeed. We spent that evening skimming stones in the bay and then I went for a jog while Tina made the dinner. She ... read more
South Island, New Zealand (21)
Rob gold panning, South Island, New Zealand (7)

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island November 26th 2011

Tina Writes For the past two weeks we have been travelling the North Island in our van ‘Donkey’. After our first nights campervanning, we headed further north, in fact we went to the most northerly part of NZ, Cape Regina. It was a nice drive up. We parked and headed down to the lighthouse and lookout point. There was information everywhere about the traditional Maori views about this area. This is where the spirit goes to after death. You can also see the Tasman Sea meeting the Pacific Ocean. We soon headed back down the coast and decided to stay at the same free DOC campsite as the night before. Setting up camp can be good fun, one of us cooking and the other setting up either outside or inside the van depending on the weather. ... read more
Donkey on Ferry to Russel, New Zealand
Bagend, The Shire, North Island, New Zealand (20)
Bilbo & Frodo's House, The Shire, North Island, New Zealand (31)

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland November 16th 2011

Rob Writes The flight to New Zealand wasn’t great, but then I don’t like flying because they design aeroplanes for people with no legs. We arrived in Auckland, New Zealand at about 4am and didn’t get through customs until about 5:30am. The flight crossed the international date line so 7th November 2011 will never have existed for us. Time travel! We hadn’t made plans for once we arrived in New Zealand other than to get a shuttle bus into the city centre and find a place to stay, but we ended up tagging along with a couple of Irish girls we had met in Bolivia (and again in Peru) who happened to have got the same flight as us and had booked a hostel. So away we went. The bus into the city centre and to ... read more
Auckland, New Zealand (11)
Auckland, New Zealand (4)
Bus to Aquarium, Auckland, New Zealand (14)

South America » Peru » Arequipa November 6th 2011

Tina Writes This is a short one because for the past 6 days we have done virtually nothing. We arrived in Arequipa on Halloween and quickly found a hostel for 65 Soles per night (£15). The hostel was still being built and looked like it would be nice when finished. When I was shown the room, the guy quickly offered a room away from the road if we preferred it quiet. This made me happy, finally a hostel that understood their guests might want to sleep. So we took the room at the back of the hostel. Once settled we took a wonder to the Plaza de Armas, I think all Peruvian cities have one of these. It seemed a lovely city with most of the cathedrals and churches made out of sillar (white volcanic rock). ... read more
Arequipa, Peru (3)
Arequipa, Peru (4)
22. LeFleur Hostel, Arequipa, Peru

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina October 30th 2011

Tina Writes We had allowed for two days of recovery in Cusco before moving on. As we were now in a $50 a night hotel, recovery was fast. A good bed and shower make a world of difference. We both went for a massage, this time paying a little more for better quality and hot stones, it was fantastic! Then straight to, you guessed it, Maccy D’s. Ahhhhhhhh. We later met up with two of the people we met on the trail, Mitesh and Deepa. We had got on really well on the trek, plus the fact that Deepa’s pace was similar to mine and Mitesh being a good friend and staying with her, just like Rob had for me. We all went for a drink in the world’s highest Irish pub, swapped emails and went ... read more
Huacachina, Peru (12)
Huacachina, Peru (21)
Huacachina, Peru (36)

South America » Peru » Cusco October 24th 2011

Rob Writes We were up at 5:20am. This would usually be way too early for my liking but excitement had got the better of me and was wide awake. It was a cold morning so we had to wrap up warm before heading downstairs to wait for the trek company to pick us up. We weren’t waiting long, maybe twenty minutes or so and we were soon in a bus with about a dozen other people, heading for Ollantaytambo where we were due breakfast. The bus ride seemed to take forever partly because I was keen to get stuck into the Inca Trail, Tina on the other hand was quite nervous. We arrived in Ollantaytambo at about 9am, the bus taking about three hours or so. Although we weren’t sure at the time, it turned out ... read more
Inca Trail (Day 1), Peru (7)
Inca Trail (Day 1), Peru (21)
Inca Trail (Day 1), Peru (17)

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco October 20th 2011

Tina Writes The hostel didn’t have a ‘matrimonial’ room so we had to take a twin room for the first night. It was a bit of a dive and I wasn’t very happy. Rob was quite content, I think he is cut out for this more than me. We headed out and found a set menu for £1.16 each. We then headed to the main square, the Plaza de Armas and it was stunning. It’s such a pretty city (in the centre). Surrounded by huge old churches and cathedrals, a beautiful fountain in the centre, all lit perfectly. It’s also very touristy. We were offered Alpaca hats and jumpers, paintings and massages as we walked down the street constantly. Most people come here to do the Inca trail or some sort of trek, so massages are ... read more
Main Square, Cusco, Peru (4)
12 Sided Stone, Cusco, Peru
McDonalds, Cusco, Peru

South America » Peru » Puno » Puno October 17th 2011

Tina Writes We were expecting prices to shoot up as soon as we entered Peru but were pleasantly surprised when we got a hostel for S40 (£9) per night. I say hostel but this was a lot more like a hotel room. It was decent enough and even had an Ethernet connection to the net, so we had a really good connection. It did get very cold in the room and I had to have a hot shower to heat up before I went to bed. It was the best shower I have had in South America, with actual hot water. It was difficult to get out. There had been some sort of concert and parade going on in the square nearby all day and when the parade passed our hotel it was rather noisy so ... read more
Floating Island, Puno, Peru (1)
Floating Island, Puno, Peru (6)
Floating Island, Puno, Peru (7)

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana October 15th 2011

Rob Writes Once we had arrived in La Paz we just wanted to get to our hostel but we still had to find it. The air was thin and our bags were heavy (the ones under our eyes) and we were hungry, which made the trek to the hostel even more demanding on us. We found it eventually and it was a nice enough place so we got settled in. We soon headed straight out in search of food and found a nice (cheap) place just around the corner where we each had a set menu meal for 15Bs (£1.50). The menu consisted of a soup starter, a main featuring a meat of your choice, rice and vegetables, and a desert of which seemed to be whipped cream with a strawberry. Couldn’t go wrong for £1.50 ... read more
Our bus on its boat, Copacabana, Bolivia
Picture window, Copacabana, Bolivia
Copacabana, Bolivia

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