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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 19th 2017

Today’s blog title says it all. In preparation for the Men’s Elite Individual Time Trail tomorrow – and because I never knew what a funicular was until we came to Norway – we decided to preview the end of the course. We had read that the four time world champion. Tony Martin (aka the Panzer Wagon) was upset that the end of the time trial was uphill. Let me tell you – it’s not uphill – it’s up mountain. The last 3.5km is about a 9 percent grade. The funicular goes from near downtown up to the top. But, instead of taking motorized transportation, we walked it … slowly, thinking all the time .. I would not want to ride up this. But we did see people riding it – some enthusiastic leisure riders --- and ... read more
Decorated Trees
Decorated Trees - a Close Up
Bikes, Bikes Everywhere

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 19th 2017

I know I am writing this on Tuesday instead of last night … all I can tell you is that the jet lag got me last night at about 7:30, and I decided sleep was the next thing that had to be done. But 12 hours later – we are ready for business again, or at least we will be when Dave gets back with the coffee. Flying into Norway was amazing – you fly in over the islands and then you land on what seems to be one of the small islands on a mountain ridge top. As it turns out, there was enough room to land, but I am glad we came in on a city hopper plane. I was looking on Wikipedia – and there are 67 named islands that are listed as ... read more
Umbrella Street
Something for Everyone
Reindeer Dog Stand

North America » United States » Minnesota September 17th 2017

We wanted to check in with everyone before we actually leave for Norway. Right now we are sitting in Black Sheep Pizza in the Minneapolis Airport – eating pizza and watching the World Championship Team Trial from earlier today. We are already having an awesome vacation! Yesterday we visited Uncle Earle, Aunt Betty Jane and Lynette. Dave brought them up to date on the ancestry project he is working on; some new facts about the family in the 1917-1918 period. And as we always do – we learned new stuff about Earle and Betty Jane that we didn’t know. This visit, we learned that they had a Coast to Coast store after Earle returned from WWII. Betty Jane is a second generation American – her mother was born in America, but her grandparents came from Norway. ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 12th 2017

Everyone feels better today after a good night's sleep. Breakfast from the bakery down the street was a good start to the day. We decided that since the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, we would visit it today. As we told Emy, Sam and Connie, it is a rule that everyone that visits Paris has to go to the Louvre. Mom wanted to see the French Impressionists, and Connie the Venus de Milo. Sam and Emily are ready for any adventure. Dave and I had decided that we were not going to the Louvre, but would meet the rest of the group about 2 hours after they started out. We explored around the area, and had a coffee at a street cafe. After we met back up, we got to hear about their morning over macrons ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 11th 2017

Well our first day in Paris is nearly over. We arrived early this morning and breezed through the airport. We found our taxi waiting for us coordinated for an early check in and seemingly had things under control. We did have a small issue with motion sickness in the group - a residual effect of the extremely turbulent over night flight - but nothing that a shower, a cool, dark room, and some sleep did not cure. The cottage is an awesome blend of old and new; private and group areas with some interesting quirks. It is located on a small dead end street conveniently located to the grocery, bakery, and bank - everything we could need. We are about a half miles from the Opera House - and we even managed to navigate the streets ... read more
The Opera House
We liked the stone work

North America » United States » Iowa » Davenport June 8th 2017

Well it is time for the next installment of our vacation adventures. We are travelling with our family to Paris, London, and Wales over the next two weeks - and are looking forward to the sight seeing and the adventures we always have travelling. Our first stop is Paris where we will spend 3 days. From there we will take the "Chunnel" to London and sight see there for 3 days. At the end of the first week, we go to Wales and pick up a canal boat and will spend the second week touring the canals in Wales. We are in Chicago, waiting for our plane to Philedelphia. Connie has already located the child she most wants to sit beside. The other good news is that both flights are totally full! So far, so good ... read more
We are ready to go
Emily and Sam are ready too

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Lincoln January 16th 2015

I am happy to report that we have had a successful vacation and still have a day left to ski. We met the conditions for a successful vacation yesterday when Dave completely tired me out. There we were, skiing at The Great Glen Nordic Center - home to 45 km of groomed trails. We had skied most of the trails - though I don't think close to 45 kms - and there were two trails left. Thumper and Peacemaker. I was defeated by Thumper. I could have done it I am sure, but was really too tired to think it was a good idea. As it was, it took most of what I had left to ski back to the Nordic Center. Thank goodness it was Thumper that did me in and not Fuzzbottom or Hairball. ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Lincoln January 14th 2015

We are a couple of days into our first ever ski trip to New Hampshire and wanted to give you all an update on how it is going. Even though it is cold here - minus zero overnight and between 9 and 16 during the day, it does feel slightly balmy coated to the Quad Cities. And we have been lucky enough to either have no wind or to be able to ski in the woods and get out of the wind. The forecast for the week does warm up into the high teens and mid twenties, so we at looking forward to that. Our plan is to cross country ski, do at least one day of snow boarding and do some fat tire biking. We are waiting for the warmer weather to do anything but ... read more
The Ski Lodge at Bretton Woods
Look at that snow plow
We got the camera timer to work!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria June 17th 2014

Today we are in the heart of Bavaria. We are staying in a nice house in the little town of Rosshaupton. The house we are staying in appears to be a converted house barn structure ... And there are two working barns next door ... complete with dairy cattle. The very best thing is that we are close to the things we are planning to see and don't have to drive so very far. Today we went to Linderhof, Ettal, and Oberammergau. The weather was fine, the drive was scenic, and we were back to our hose in time to do some grocery shopping. We decided today's was the day for spaghetti ice, so Emily had that for a mid afternoon treat. Tomorrow our plan is to go to Neuschwanstein, Garmish and perhaps Fussem. Hopefully we ... read more
The Basilica at Ettal
Emily and spaghetti ice

Europe » Germany June 16th 2014

Rothenburg is such a pretty town. We spent today touring the town and enjoying the local delicacy - Schneeballs. Our tour guide was a retired teacher whose family can trace its history in the town back to the 1200s. It was also nice to meet up with some fellow Americans on our English speaking tour. Amazing that we ran into someone from Iowa City today as well. Thank goodness the Cyclone fan from several days ago was not in town. We took a lot of pictures, and they look just like the postcards and pictures everyone has seen. But our guide debunked several of the Rothenburg myths 1- the town was saved during the 30 years war, not because the old mayor could drink a liter of beer in a single gulp, but because the wealthy ... read more
The Rathaus and White Tower
Rothenburg ... Pretty as a picture

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