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Europe » Belgium April 5th 2018

Scheldprijs - the oldest bike race in Europe. What a fun race! It is a small one day race that starts off and ends in smaller towns - so much fun to visit. Yesterday we started off in Terneuzen which is a small city on the water - that leads to the North Sea we think based on our rudimentary Dutch speaking ability. This was their first year hosting the start of this race, and they did it up proud. The school kids lined the presentation path and cheered for all of the riders - who stopped for autographs and pictures to the delight of the kids. Dave and I did wish Taylor Phinney a good race, and I think that is the reason he finished first from his team and 19th overall. It was a ... read more
EF Drapac Team Presentation
Have a good race Taylor!
Race Infrastructure

Europe » Belgium April 3rd 2018

Well, the weather was cooperative today and we were able to get a 3 hour bike ride in. We rented our bikes from the city center and that was one of the highlights of the day. You see, there is an art exhibit currently at the city center, that consists of a bell that rings every 9 seconds. between 10 AM and 4 PM - one gong for every person living in Ghent. Residents had the option of sending their name in to be displayed when the bell tolls for them, or the display reads "anonymous". We had wondered what the deal was with the bell that rings all of the time - and yesterday we only saw anonymous - so I thought the town bell had been hacked. Turns out that most residents of Ghent ... read more
For Andy
Lunch in the Park
Cycling Scenery

Europe » Belgium April 1st 2018

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: Wow ... The days go so fast! Saturday we were in Ieper for a tour of the medieval town, and Sunday was the Tour of Flanders. The visit to Ieper or Ypres - same town different name -was really good. We already knew that Ypres had been completely destroyed in WWI and then rebuilt, but our guide explained how that actually happened. The town leadership prior to WWI had hired a city architect to renovate and refurbish the aging town structures. So this person had all of the town plans. He evacuated Ypres in 1914 or 1915 with the plans. So when the decision to rebuild Ypres as it had been was made, all of the plans were available. Some interesting facts we learned 1-certain modifications were made during the rebuilding. For ... read more
Monestary Ruins
This one is for Andy
I look Flemish too

Europe » Netherlands March 30th 2018

Friday- Starting tonight for the next week we are basing out of Ghent. It is about 140 miles from Amsterdam to Ghent, but it took us nearly 3 hours to get here because of the fact that we were never on the same road for more than 18 miles, heavy Easter weekend traffic, a weird toll road that backed up traffic for it seemed like forever, and multiple loops around our apartment building because we were counting round-about exits differently than our navigation system. But - Dave persevered, and dodged the people, the bikes, and the trams to successfully complete our journey. We spent most of the day in the historic downtown of Amsterdam - and Dave saved my life on multiple occasions by pulling me out of the way of an oncoming tram, bike, car, ... read more
Draw Bridge
Crying Tower
Sea Going Tall Ship

Europe » Netherlands March 29th 2018

Wednesday - Travel Day. Watching people is always fun, and today was no exception. We were having lunch in O'Hare and noticed a young man in an Olympic jacket. At first, we thought he had probably just purchased it; but then we noticed the Team USA backpack and duffel bag. No gloves visible though. We spent the next 30 minutes surreptitiously listening to his conversation - what we could hear - and trying to guess what his sport was. We thought hockey? Skeleton? Ski jumping? but hated to leap across three tables and start questioning him. We pulled up the Team USA website and tried to match the pictures to the face ... Turned out to be way harder that we expected. Then he left, and we were left with a mystery and you know how ... read more
Partly Cloudy
Talking with the Aussies

North America » United States » Minnesota March 7th 2018

First some background. Dave and I skied the Gunflint Trail some 30 years ago and we loved it. For our friends that may not know, the Gunflint Trail is basically on the US - Canadian border, and was first and Ojibwa built village that became Grand Marais and then a trading post and a center for logging and commercial fishing. Originally a foot path for travelers from inland lakes to Lake Superior, the trail was eventually widened into a roadway. Today the Gunflint Trail is a trail through the Boundary Waters that connects a number of lodges and lakes ... It is gorgeous up here. We haven't been back for so long because it is hard to get here. The closest large town is Duluth and it is about 3 hours south. But, we finally got ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 25th 2017

The races have been amazing. We are so glad we came to Norway for the races. Both the elite women's and men's races were exceptional with huge and huger crowds .. and the Dutch fans finally showed up. Saturday was enjoyable with two races that day - ending with a decisive victory for Chantal Blaak from the Netherlands. Sunday was the men's elite race - and the crowds were enormous. We started the day out watching on TV as the race started 40kms or so from Bergen. It was a long race, so we had time to go and watch the circuit from several spots. We had intended on watching the closing laps from the park or the main square - but there were so many people you could hardly see or move ... so we ... read more
And they dress up
Chantal Blaak
The Norwegian Salmon Industry was a Sponsor

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 22nd 2017

A short post today for a change. It was the Junior Women (Elena Pirrone - IT) and the Under 23 Men's Road race today, and we decided to walk the course to find the spot we wanted to watch the main races tomorrow and Sunday. It sounded like such a good plan - we could scope out the best places, see where the fans were gathering, and check out Salmon Hill. So off we started, following the race barriers - and we walked and we walked and we walked. Up hill and down hill for 19.1 KM. And we determined the best place to watch is where we have been watching from - the Starbucks in the morning; the park in the afternoon; and the plaza at the very end. We did find several Norway cheering ... read more
One of the Norwegian Cheering Zones
Yarn and Bicycle Art

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 21st 2017

Today is an off day for cycling, so we decided to take the Norway in a Nutshell tour. It takes you by train to Voss, where you change to a bus and drive up and down the steepest road in Norway, down to Gudvangen and onto a ferry that takes you through the narrowest fjord around to another fjord, on to Flam, and then on a mountain road up to the top of a mountain, before you get on a train back to Bergen - all in a day. It was a scenic day, and today's pictures will tell the story of what we saw. A few highlights though. Norway in a Nutshell is an unguided tour that is really just a sequence of tickets ... We had a good Rick Steves book that helped us ... read more
Closed Yarn Shop
Stunning Scenery

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 20th 2017

The Men’s Elite Time Trial did not disappoint … much. My favorite, Chris Froome, took third; but it was an exciting race. Tom Dumoulin won in convincing fashion - and he looks just like his picture on the pavement. Tony Martin had a top 10 finish - and rode better than expected in some really tough conditions. We talked yesterday about the potential for riders to change bikes before the 3.4 km climb. This morning when we were having our coffee at Starbucks – right by the base of the climb, they were putting down red carpet on the cobbles to make the official bike change zone. You had to change bikes in the area of the carpet; you could have 3 people assisting you – and one could give you a push – but only ... read more
Bike Change Zone
Ready, Set

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