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Europe » Germany June 15th 2014

Wow ... Lots of driving and driving and driving today. Today was the day we picked to visit the Black Forest, Baden-Baden and close with a visit to Pirmasens and Muenchweiler. Connie and Emily both have cuckoo clocks now .... After comparing and debating and evaluating somewhere close to 1,000 clocks. We were back and forth between stores looking for the perfect clock. And they both finally found what they wanted. So what we learned was ... 2 weights are clocks that cuckoo but don't play music; 3 weight clocks cuckoo and also play music; but you can turn the music off. They have clocks that you wind every day, or every week, or ones with batteries that you don't have to wind. Also, in new cuckoo clocks, the cuckoo has a light sensor and he ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse June 15th 2014

Today was Nuremberg - an interesting day. We toured the museum there and walked around the main market square. At the end of the day we drove over to Furth - almost like a sister city. Furth is also very pretty, but truth be told, we went there because Dave's brother-in-law's family name is Furth .... And who knows, they may be from there. After that, we had found a huge rose garden that we wanted to visit in Hagenhausen. It was supposed to be closed, but we spent some time walking along the front part of the garden admiring the roses. And good news for all of you who were concerned with our navigation situation ... After preparing to navigate from a map ... We figured out how to work the system in our van. ... read more
If you look hard you can pick out the fountain
The documentation center

Europe » Germany » Hesse June 13th 2014

Today was a rest and recover day. After today though, I think Dave might need another one. Our Garmin continues to be uncooperative ...which means that we are navigating using a combination of Garmin when she is willing, road signs and google maps. Manual map reading - Let's be nice and say that reading maps is a dying skill and German roads are not very well marked. In fact, I am not sure how they get mail here ...neither the roads or houses are reliably marked. But we eventually found our next apartment and spent the day looking for the beach. First the apartment ... it's in an industrial park - not an ideal location, but nice apartment. Emily and I had to track the owner down ...using my best bad German, we were remarkably successful ... read more
The Bunny Guinea

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate June 12th 2014

Thursday Another great weather day. We went to Ahrweiler today. Originally to see the West German Atomic Bomb Shelter - which was closed - and ended up spending the afternoon in the walled city instead. What a cute little town .. Lots of shops and restaurants ..and the weather was perfect for strolling. Once we were done there, we went off to the Bridge at Remagen, and toured the site and museum there. The Meuse, is the Peace Museum, and it had some interesting artifacts and exhibits. We decided on an early day and then fought with Garmin all the way home. Tomorrow we change locations and will be just east of Frankfurt. Dave continued to make sure we got where we were going, and were almost legally parked. The walled town was a pleasant surprise. ... read more
A cathedral in Achweiler
The remainder of the railroad bridge in Remagen
The remaining part of the bridge at Remagen

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate June 11th 2014

Today we went to Trier, the oldest town in Germany, and then we were just a Couple of miles from Luxembourg, so we had to go even though you do not score passport stamps and Then we went to Aachen which had a marvelous old chUrch and Then we were just a little ways from Belgium so we went there too so today we scored two new countries and we found a mcd and I had chicken. Connie here. Things I learned today: even though Sue and Dave already told me this, I saw it in action today. If you are ordering one of something, hold out your thumb like you are hitch hiking. If you want two, hold up your pointer finger. Pointer finger up in the US means one, here it means two. Sue ... read more
Emily's ice cream treat
The cathedral in Aachen

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate June 10th 2014

We have been having technical difficulties for the past couple of days .. So here is what you have misse Monday Wow .. We are having quite a thunderstorm tonight. We were sitting on the patio, but the wind and rain drove us inside So today we explored the castle we stayed at last night ... We had a good time. We have decided the people that lived back then were related to billy goats. Lots of steep stairs and climbing in those castle walls. And it seems the siege was a very effective type of warfare - and castles everywhere spent most of their waking time either preparing to be sieged or being sieged. This seemed to be common theme for castles on the Rhein. Lots of great photos from today - and some Dave ... read more
Connie on the terrace
In the Rheinsfelds castle
Connie and Grandmother from the top of the tower

North America » United States » Iowa June 6th 2014

We are getting ready for our trip. Busy day tomorrow ... We are leaving tomorrow afternoon, flying through Atlanta, then to Charles DeGaulle and on to Frankfurt.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria January 21st 2014

Well, there was no skiing today. When we got up this morning, we couldn't see the mountains from our room, and a quick look at the weather forecast and the webcam at the top of the mountain boded for a cloudy, foggy day with no sunshine insight. Having skied in these conditions before, and not liked them, we decided to hang out in Garmisch-Partenkirchen instead today. We did accomplish a couple of things though. 1) we had coffee and pastry in several coffee shops and erased my caffeine deficiency of the past few days. 2) as we browsed around town, we found some candidates for next year's Christmas stockings 3) we took a quick tour of the Olympic Stadium and their exhibition "the Dark Side of the Games" We did walk through town, and you will ... read more
Our church for the day
Roof tiles
Split boards

Europe » Germany » Bavaria January 20th 2014

Another sleep in day today. We didn't wake up until almost 9:00. This made making the 8:30 ski bus tough. We also didn't make the 9:30 bus. The good news is, we made the 10:30 bus and we were off to the Zugspitzbahnhof. This is a sleepy little bahnhof, doesn't look like much is going on. They had two lines, one Deutsch and one English - staffed by the same guy. I walk up and stand in the English line, but the guy makes me move to the German line. I make a funny (obviously to me alone) joke about wanting to stand in the English line. The worker was not amused. However, when I dropped my helmet, and Dave dropped a snowboard looking for something, the guy could not help smiling. Score one for funny ... read more
Inside the Zugspitze train
Amazing scenery
Glacier station

Europe » Germany » Bavaria January 19th 2014

Well, we didn't do much today. We didn't even wake up until almost noon. And, it was about 55 degrees here today ... we are starting to think that we are not going to get much skiing in on this trip. Last night we had planned to catch the 8:30 ski shuttle this morning. Well, we didn't. Instead we took a "get acclimated day" and took it easy. There is a swimming pool / spa facility in Grainau, so we decided to walk there. It helped that the Garmich tourism committee had given us free admission in our welcome packet. So off we went to find this place and partake of the hot tub. We found it with no problems, following the signs, about a 30 minute walk from our hotel. And it was a very ... read more
They have big trash day here too
Love this sign!
The water park

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