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Europe » Germany » Bavaria January 18th 2014

Garmisch - Saturday We are here! Checked in, unpacked, a few groceries and refreshments cooling in the mini-fridge, hotel explored ... And now we are sitting in the hotel bar having a nice, cool beer. We plan on having an early night tonight though so we can be ready to go bright and early in the morning. All of the transportation went very well. Dave booked us for an empty row on the international flight, so we could stretch out and get some sleep. It is handy that Dave can sleep sitting up, because there was only room for one of us to stretch out. We landed in Amsterdam, and successfully followed the signs for our connection _ a little confusing for us because we did not expect to have to go through customs, but we ... read more
The final leg
Almost there

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders March 30th 2013

Another cool day today in Belgium. Even the natives think the weather has been nearly inhumane. We decided to take a guided tour of Flanders Fields and the WWI battle sites around Ypres. As we have been lost on and off in Belgium for going on a week, we had been through a lot of the area - but having a guide explain what was happening, when and why made for a more interesting experience. As you all probably already know, the Americans did not play much of a role in the fight to liberate Belgium - but there are two divisions who did participate and have a memorial. The 27th and 30th divisions - both National Guard Divisions - and both played a role in the battles around Ypres .. Specifically the fight to seize ... read more
One farmers recent discovery in his field

Europe » Belgium » Walloon Brabant March 29th 2013

Started off cold this morning, with a dusting of snow still on the ground from last night. We travelled down to the Waterloo battlefield sites today ... and were surprisingly impressed. The battlefield complex is not at all like you would think it would be ... kind of like Gettysburg. Instead, it is a visitors center, a huge pyramid with a lion on top that overlooks the main battlefield, a cyclorama and a wax museum. We started off in the visitors center with a surprisingly good movie about the battle. I think this movie featured some of the reenacters in the footage and it was narrated by a historian. The next movie featured excerpts from a Waterloo movie that was shot in Russia. It was good too. After both of these movies, even I had a ... read more
226 steps
The view for the top

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders March 28th 2013

It is still cold here and the wind is blowing ...bonus tonight - we are having snow flurries. Looking on the bright side, if it is this cold, snow is better than rain. We learned some interesting things this morning about the B&B we had been staying in. The converted farmhouse that have stayed in was built in 1379, and the farm is still owned by the descendants of the aristocratic family. The Countess of Loppem owns several buildings in the village, and you can tell which ones by the color of the shutters. Red and White shutters, means they are her properry. Our Garmin is still sulking I think from our time in the mud bog in Roubaix. She directed us onto a path that ended in the middle of a field again today. We ... read more

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders March 27th 2013

Everyone over here cycles .... Grown ups, women in skirts and high heels, kids, cycle fanatics ... Just everyone. So i noticed the other day, a group of decked out cycle fanatics - each wearing their favorite pro cycle team spandex and with sleek racing bikes - struggling up a pretty steep hill. Behind them, a lady, probably in her late 20s or early 30s on a town cruiser was pedaling the same hill. She didn't catch them, but she didn't fall behind them either. This made me think of two things. The first thing I thought of was of a friend of mine who trained for and entered a triathlon a few years back. He did fine, but he tells the story of running along, and being passed by a lady who was probably at ... read more
It's art
More art
Everybody cycles

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders March 26th 2013

Spoiler alert - Peter Sagan won the stage today. It was a photo finish after 187 KMs. Dave has made a habit of picking Sagan, and has been annoyingly right most of the time. This was Sagan's seventh victory this spring already. Here's how we got there. We started off today in Middelkerke - a beach resort town on the North Sea. It reminded us of Myrtle Beach ... There is a beach there, but it is not tropical. But the good news today was that it was considerably warmer - we started the day at 5 degrees and got as high as 8 degrees -- and it was sunny! Now if we could just do something about the wind. It was a great place to start the race. The riders cycled in to sign in, ... read more
The starting point
And they are off!
The Peloton buzzes by

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders March 25th 2013

Well, we had a great sight seeing day, but before I tell you about that, I wanted to tell you about an item on the menu at the restaurant last night. They had frog legs ... Now, I have never been any place where frog legs were an option to order - though Dave has had them and swears they taste like chicken - but the great thing about them was the Dutch word ... Kikkerbillen ... I can see the little guys kicking their billet right now. What a great language. The other thing I forgot to tell you from the day we got stuck in the mud, was to highlight the improvised roundabout. I stuck a picture in, but it is hard to tell what I was taking a picture of. There was a ... read more
Horse drawn tours
Canal Tours
The tower

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders March 24th 2013

You know we had chosen a parking ramp as the place we were parking our rental car. Well imagine our surprise when this morning, bright and early, we walked to the ramp to get our car - so we could drive up to the race - and guess what? Yup - the ramp was closed. I don't mean just not open where there is no attendant or you can't park. I mean CLOSED like in garage doors lowered - no one gets in or out. Hmmmm ... This is potentially a schedule altering problem. We went back to the hotel to regroup, and try and figure out if the ramp will be open at all today. We start by looking up the name of the casino that the garage is attached to ... In the "you ... read more
Racing figures
The Australian blogger Caille
Here comes the band

Europe » France March 23rd 2013

The title of today's blog is - a few bricks short of a road. An alternate title for today could be - how annoying can Americans be? After you read about our day, let me know what you think the title should be. Dave was so excited to start the day .. The parking ramp we are parking in overnight gave us free parking! So, today started off even better than planned. We were first going to go and find the Roubaix velodrome and the Pave clubhouse. What we had hoped to do was to have some coffee at the clubhouse and maybe buy a Roubaix coffee mug. Well, we found the velodrome without much trouble - and it was pretty much what we had read it would be. An outdoor velodrome, the huge paving stone ... read more
The chained fence in the mud

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders March 22nd 2013

Happy Friday! Day 2 of our vacation. First of all, I would like to tell everyone that we were REALLY tired last night, and did not spell check or reread our post before posting .... looking at it this morning, you really had to hang in there to figure it out.. The good news is that we are not so tired tonight, so this should be a better effort. Before I start about today, I wanted to tell you about the hotel we are staying at. It is about a half block off the main square in Roubaix and is an older hotel. The rooms are small but comfortable, and best of all we have figured out how to work everything. Today was a race day. The E3 Harkelbeke begins and ends in (you guessed it) ... read more
Our room in Roubaix

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