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9th April 2018

R.I.P. Michael Goolaerts
So sorry to hear of this during the Paris-Roubaix race. So young. What a loss. Bill
9th April 2018

I know, truly tragic.
Most of these kids look sooooo young. Amazing support during the race though to get to him, treat him, and air evacuate him. The support train that rolls along with the race is an impressive thing to see.
18th September 2017

Singapore Grand Prix
How about that start on the Grand Prix. That was a crazy way to begin.
17th September 2017

I'm jealous already and you're not even in Norway yet!
14th January 2015

Awestruck & Annoyed
Kathi would be in the former set; Bill, the latter. She looked at your pix and story and gushed about how doing something like that would be “so wonderful,” etc. I think all of you are slightly insane. OTOH, if I injured myself early on, I could sit in the inn lounge, sip an appropriately "enhanced” hot drink and talk about my exploits on skis before my unfortunate spill. We will, btw, Dave & Jimmie, be that way later this year … as in the WARMER part of this year. In late June, at Swanzey (“Greater Keene”) for the national Moto Guzzi rally. Yes, I know, how could you miss that? :-) Bill’s mom — now 94 in a nursing home — still remembers with a smile, even in her sad dementia, cross-country skiing in the valley of the Upper Danube in the 1930’s. Sehr deutsch. Enjoy that trip! B&K
12th June 2014

Love the updates!
It's fun to hear from different people about the same day! I love the pictures too! Are you using a pocket wireless device on this trip? I had good luck with the TEP Wireless in 2012 and am thinking about using it again.
13th June 2014

Tep wireless
Deb ... We are using the TEP again and it works as good as last time. Some coverage issues in the north with the mountains .... But working very well.
11th June 2014

Here we sit, at the top of Virginia, under a tornado warning -- i.e., not watch -- down in our basement ... and we have to read about the fun you are having in Germany and such other places as your Garmin took you. Seriously (tho that was), we enjoy reading about your travel adventures. Keep writing. Bill & Kathi
12th June 2014

Hope you weathered the weather OK
We had some kind of weather here as well ... But all is well now. Hope to make it out your way this summer.
11th June 2014

Woo Hoo too!
Happy the technical difficulties have been overcome! GREAT comments - really like that you all take turns writing. Nice perspective from everyone. Gotta say though, I think the pic Dave got in trouble for is wonderful! I envision many captions that I might get in trouble for!
7th June 2014

Confused in Cross Junction
OK, first, I am officially jealous. Second, I am also confused. The blog subject (or something) says: England Here We Come." The air itinerary ends in Frankfurt. Am sure your pix and narrative will explain. Have a very fine time. Bill
7th June 2014

I know
I can barely figure out how to work the blog software. It is all very confusing. I am looking forward to 2 weeks away from the office. Hope you are having a good time .....
23rd January 2014
Split boards

I bet he would be going nuts for one of those right now!
23rd January 2014
Cow bells

More Cowbell
Give in to the temptation!
22nd January 2014

Jimmy we wore shorts that short in the 70\'s. Look like you are having a good time. We are in the deep freeze again; Daryl was elected to the board at our timeshare. He is now the treasure.
21st January 2014

good time
glad your having a good time
21st January 2014

How come i have to get blog updates from mary jeanne?? just wondering - she forwards them to me and I forward them to Connie. should I be forwarding them to steve?
From Blog: Easy Day
21st January 2014

Blog updates
Guess I didn't have your email address. I added you now though. Think I am using Connie's four kits address
From Blog: Easy Day
18th January 2014

Boy, am I jealous!!! Looks and sounds wonderful!!
30th March 2013
Carnival ride

Luke perked up when we were looking at this picture. He told me that he wants to go to Europe. Thanks for taking this picture!
From Blog: Waterloo
30th March 2013
Carnival ride

You know I did that on purpose :)
From Blog: Waterloo
28th March 2013

The coastal defenses you passed by were probably the Atlantikwall museum in Ostend (Raverszijde). It's one of the best preserved parts of Hitler's Atlantic wall.
27th March 2013

I saw in some of the pictures TV cameras. Is that for the jumbo tron at the race viewing areas, or are they for broadcast TV? Just wondering if they are for broadcast for networks to buy their feed and do commentary over it. I think that was what they were doing last time I watched a race with Pop. Also any sighting of your salted fish skins? We're loving the blog.
27th March 2013

They televise all of these races over here's crazy. I can also report that the fish skins seem to be available everywhere ... We aren't buying them and haven't seen anyone eating them yet. Crazy
26th March 2013

Very envious
Great to get your blog and photos, and know that we are connected vicariously thru you to the Classics! Bill and I have yet to make it to Brugge, but it is high on our list. We were headed there one day in 2009, but stopped in Roubaix and ran into a friend, a journalist, that was doing a video story on the velodrome, and Bill ended up doing a couple of laps, and we didn't make it to Brugge. If you are still thinking about riding around Lille, Roubaix, Tournai, we have to recommend that you stop into to Tournai, as it will be much less urban survival than the other two. We liked the Hotel d'Alcantara, a little off the main square, easy walking to good restaurants, although the hotel served us some very nice and simple meals. We're doing RAGBRAI this year, after all this time. We'll be in touch with Mary Sue with details. One last thing, we know you're having a great time without our advice, but, if you have time, we recommend going to see the great Belgian Sprinter, Freddy Maertens, who runs the Museum - Ronde van Vlaanderen, (Tour of Flanders), in Oudinarde. He was there in 2009, and I hope he is still active. He was a green jersey winner TDF twice. It's about a 30 minute drive from Tournai. you can ride a "cobble simulator". Have a great time and we look forward to your well described travel descriptions. We would love to get your recommendations on visiting Brugge. Warm regards, Diane George

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