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Europe » United Kingdom » England May 16th 2012

Today we began our boating adventure. The day started out in London where we ate breakfast next to a couple from Des Moines Iowa. What a small world it is. They had just arrived and were planning to spend a week in London followed by a week in Paris. We have run into several groups who are doing the same thing. We told them all we had done, what we had liked and what we did not think was worth doing. Then, Andy led us off to the train station and we started the journey up to Birmingham and Burton-on-Trent. The marina was easy to find and they had a nice tea shop where we had lunch. After lunch, we lost track of Mom. She set out looking for restrooms and the next thing we knew, ... read more
Baby ducks
Coming onto the boat
The evil swan

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 15th 2012

Well, today was quite an adventure. Dave, being the nut of the group, got up before sunrise, worked out, and walked all around Hyde Park. The rest of us slept in. Dave came back and reported that today was a little cool, windy and rainy and that we should dress accordingly. Today we planned to visit Hampton Court .... A very nice Tudor castle - about a half hour by train. Our first mishap of the day was when we discovered that we had left our train tickets at the hotel. Andy and I were dispatched back to the hotel to get the tickets. The good news is that we found the tickets ... The bad news is I lost one of the nose pieces to my glasses .... More on that later. But we were ... read more
The joker
Walking to Hampton Court
Making the plan

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 14th 2012

Today was a typical London day ...Rainy and a lIttle cool. But we were ready for this and had jackets and rain gear - so we were comfortable all day. Today we went on the London Eye .... A really tall Ferris Wheel on the banks of the Thames. It takes about 30 minutes to go all the way around .. And on a clear day you can see 30 miles. Not sure how far we could see today, but it wasn't a clear day for sure. We tried to start out on the London Eye - but it was closed for maintenance. This made Grandmother a little nervous, so we agreed we would not go on the first ride after it was fixed. So while we were waiting, we went and toured Westminster Abbey. Built ... read more
Bag piper
Security at the Parliment Building

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 13th 2012

Well, here we are at the end of day 2. Today we went to the Tower and St Paul's Cathedral. We - I mean Andy - navigated the tube without incident. The one time we did get lost it was because I convinced the group that the Bank of England was in fact the cathedral. Four blocks into the journey, we noticed the signs for the catherdral, were pointing the other way. At this point all the group indicated that they never thought we were going the right way. So we turned around awhenever saw the cathedral - which turned out to be one block from where started. Andy says this is not surprising having traveled with me before. Grandmother is being very supportive of my navigational skills as she knows where I got them from. ... read more
At the Marble Arch Station
Enjoying the tour at the Tower
Tower tour

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 12th 2012

Well we got here. The flight went pretty fast, but we almost froze to death...those light blankets just don't keep you very warm. Heathrow went surprisingly well. We picked up our luggage and our portable mi-fi device so we always have Internet, found the train to London and off we went. Met a bunch of Americans who were on their first visit to the UK and we were the travel experts. Andy was concerned about this, since we have been known to get lost before and sometimes we make unfortunate travel decisions .... But this time we all got to Paddington Station safely. Then we were off to the underground .... And the stop by the hotel was really by the hotel. The hotel .... Well all I can say is Dave is amazing. The hotel ... read more
Andy is planning
The marble arch
Our sight seeing tour

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 6th 2012

Well, we have one week before we leave for our trip. Had a great day today - Andy graduated from North Georgiatoday and we got to watch the Kentucky Derby. Almost done planning the trip and making sure mom is ready to go .... So far she has almost sent her passport in to get her visa for Kenya and she was thinking that we weren't leaving until next Sunday. But we seem to be on track. Dave is planning the route we will take on the canals. T here is one route he is thinking of that is "not for beginners". I think he would like to take it, but he is worried that I may be a beginner....probbecause causdoff the near ramming incident Andy and I had last time. I think we are good ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa April 16th 2012

Well - we spent today trying to get ready for our trip> Planned our itinerary, made hotel reservations and bought our train tickets. We are planning to spend a couple of days in London - seeing the sights ... and this time I will go on teh London Eye. Mom says she doesn't mind ferris wheels .. and that is good, becuase I bought her a ticket too! We are going to use the Original Tour Company to tour the prime spots in London - the tower, Westminster Abbey. Dave has us staying at the flagship Marriott neat Hyde Park for the first couple of days. We also hope to make it out to Hampton Court - a great tour, and then to eitherCanterbury and Dover or Salisbury and Stonehenge ... we can decide once we ... read more

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