Jen And Sven


Jen And Sven

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca June 26th 2016

Part 4 Mallorca June 24 We landed on the island of Mallorca and rented a car. We were so releived at how easy Mallorca is to drive. The roads were well marked and the infrastructure is better than barcelona. That was a nice change. Once we arrived, we quickly left the bussling city of Palma and headed to the rural center of the island. After a short drive, we arrived at our destination, the beautiful Hotel Rural Sa Torre de Santa Eugenia. The hotel was an old vineyard farmhouse was converted into a lovely villa in the middle of wine country. It looked as though we were in a spanish house in Paso Robles. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. The hotel is surrounded by meditteranean gardens and all of the aged masonry shouted, "Old Spanish Villa." We spent ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona June 22nd 2016

June 22 It was highly recommend by a friend that we rent Vespas, so we did! Steven joined us and we toured the city via Vespa loaded with gps. Was by far one of the funnest ways to see the sites. Since Sven and I had decided diving a car in the city was a bad idea, this was the perfect alternative. The three of us toured all the way to the top of the city, to Tibidabo cathedral, a few minor wrong turns which we like to blame on the gps, stopped for yes more tapas and sangria at Mira Blau, and followed the tour through the city and down to the city's edge and ended in a botanical garden. The views were gorgeous and the sites were incredible. We sadly returned the Vespas and ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tossa De Mar June 19th 2016

June 19 cont. We headed north towards Tossa del mar. It was nice to do some highway driving vs driving in the city. We arrived at our hotel in the afternoon about one block from the ocean with a view of the Mediterranean and a historical gothic castle. We unpacked and ran down to the beach. It was warm, beautiful, and so relaxing. So relaxing in fact that I fell asleep for about 45 minutes. I found it so strange to be at the beach and have the sun set behind me, this California girl is not used to that. I dipped my toes in the Mediterranean for the first time, Sven's second. We reviewed the restaurant scene and settled on a delicious tapas place and sipped on sangria. The owners of the restaurant provided complementary ... read more
Beach day
Beach day!
Castle at sunset

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 17th 2016

June 17 Our first actual day in Barcelona started with a Cooking class! It was a class of the local cantalonian/spanish cousine consisting of 9 other people And a wonderful spanish chef. It started by taking us to la boqueria market where our instructor lead us around explaining different food items and teaching us what to look for in good products. We gathered all the ingredients and started cooking. Together we made traditional Spanish gazpacho, Spanish potato and onion omelette, Paella de marisco (seafood paella), Pa amb tomaquet (tomato bread), crema Catalana, and drank lots of wine. It was a great class and very beneficial. (Thanks Ali for the fabulous recommendation!) After, we explored La Rambla and some other stores/markets and street art. Due to our previous day traveling, we needed an afternoon siesta. After our ... read more
El xamponet

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 16th 2016

It has been almost two years since Sven and myself have checked in and done any worth while traveling. We are currently checking in from Barcelona, Spain! We set out on our journey from San Francisco, Ca and headed to Europe With a short lay over is Düsseldorf, Germany. We arrived in Spain shortly thereafter, about 10pm. We decided to rent a car (for reasons that will later make sense) and head to our AirBnB located on the border of the gothic district. Side note; Sven has been to Spain about 12 years ago on a high school trip and this is my first time out of the country (I know, crazy). Anyways, we had a tough time finding our sleeping location due to barcelona's tight streets, unfamiliar location, and having little idea of how the ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Belfair August 9th 2014

Day 33 and 34- Packed up quickly and headed east for a family reunion on the Hood Canal in Belfair,WA. First things first, it was so great to have a long hot shower after five days without one! Shortly after, my dad, stepmom Vicki, and more family arrived. It was a lot of fun to see everyone. We kayaked, paddle boated, ate, drank, and enjoyed each other's company. The next morning, we ate a delicious breakfast and waited for even more family to arrive. While waiting, some of us dug for clams while the tide was out. Nothing better than harvesting your own fresh clams and enjoying them with family! Fabulous tradition ;) Sadly, it was time for our adventure to take the turn back towards home. Sven and I packed up the car and some ... read more
Hood Canal
Paddle boating with cousins
Dad, Jen, Vicki, sven

Day 31- We decided we wanted to explore some more of the area. We checked out Hurricane Ridge and then jetted over to the coast and played at Rialto Beach and camped not far away at Mora campgrounds just outside the Quileute Indian Reservation. After dinner, we tried the magnificent Reese's S'more! (putting Reese's cup in place of the chocolate) OMG. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Unfortunately, the idea must be credited to the pregnant checker at Safeway in Sequim, WA. Day 32- Hiked about 9miles round trip through the Hoh Rainforest. Saw the Giant Cedars and a few slugs. It was actually dry and warm but it was very beautiful with moss everywhere you looked. We stopped in Forks, WA on our way back to the campsite to gather a few supplies for ... read more
Stephen with Stephen's Peak
Hurricane Ridge

Day 28 and 29- We loaded up and met up with Sareena-another nutrition gal and her boyfriend for brunch downtown Portland,OR. It was great to catch up and discuss life as a registered dietitian with another friend. It's so close yet so far for me! After, we headed north to the Olympic national forest in Washington. We didn't really know what campsites we were looking for or which area to start with so we decided to take a gamble on a side road noting the entrance to the national park. Hamma Hamma, It ended up being one of our favorite spots! The next day I was feeling a little rundown so we went driving on some dirt roads in the back country that led us to this beautiful little lake with only a small hike to ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 2nd 2014

Day 26- Hiked a few miles on the south west side of Crater Lake. The view was amazing, the water so blue and clear. Drove a few hours to Portland and crashed with some of Sven's mt biking buddies from Chico, Kevin and Cory. Day 27- Cleared out our cooler and made some breakfast for our hosts. We headed downtown to meet up with one of my nutrition girls, Megan. She introduced us to a few other Chico State alum. and we all went to Deschutes brewery for lunch. After, we parted ways with that fun bunch, I dragged the boys to the Nordstrom Rack... For some internship clothes. Duh ;) We were so exhausted from exploring and having some beers in the heat of the day, that we headed back to ... read more
Oregon roadside
Crater Lake

North America » United States » California » Eureka July 29th 2014

Day 23 & Day 24- Made our way to Swimmers Delight campground about 45minutes south east from my sister's house. We got camp set up and went exploring. I had so much fun watching Galena run around, climbing, exploring, swimming, and helping cook campfire meals. We spent most of the day swimming in the river and creating campfire masterpieces. Sausage and pepper sandwiches, toasted s'mores, bruschetta, campfire biscuit "quiche", etc. Like I said before, we never go hungry when with these guys. Yum! Day 25- Packed up camp, slowly. Rolled my bad ankle while loading up the roof rack which hurt pretty bad, more than the actual sprain, but luckily after a few hours it was back to "normal". We followed my sister and her family back to their house for a quick shower before heading ... read more
Chubby cheeks full of grapes
Hammock time

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