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North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 28th 2010

We got up and had brekkie at the hotel. We decided today was going to be a slow one. After brekkie we went to Home Depot (basically like Bunnings) and Stu was in heaven. He found a few things he wants to get before going home and said he would pop in by himself so the girls don’t get bored......nice try. After looking around Home Depot it was time for me to get my fix by dropping in to..........wait for it............IKEA. Yes, you guessed it. I couldn’t let the opportunity go by and not look at one here!!! We walked in through the front doors and we could have been at the Logan store. It is pretty much identical. The girls asked if they could go in to the playground. How could we say no? And ... read more
Dani diving in

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 27th 2010

Today was going to be another long day of driving as we headed further north up towards Portland and into our 4th State. Our first stop was in Eureka where we had brekkie and a cuppa. We carried up the west coast on highway 101 towards Crescent City and then inland towards the border. We stop off along the river to have a rest and take a few pics and noticed wild blackberries on the side of the road. We picked a few to eat and they where yummy. We carried on to Grants Pass and then on to Roseburg on highway 5. The road was a really nice drive to take as we went over mountains and though valleys and rivers it was a good route to take. We headed towards Springfield and on to ... read more
The motel we stayed at
Driving through the fog
Coast Road

Today we were heading towards Portland. We weren’t too sure where we would end up as we had the next few days to get there. After brekkie we jumped in the car and headed towards the worlds crookedest street which is not too far from the Hotel. Lombard Street is the world’s crookedest street and it is famous for the sharp turns and being very steep. We drove down and took a few pics before heading north over the Golden Gate Bridge. Today the weather was not the best and very foggy. You couldn’t even see the tops of the towers on the bridge. When we got over the other side we headed towards the Muir Woods National Monument which is one of the last stands of old-growth Redwood forests on Earth. It has trees that ... read more
Building down our street
View down to the Bay and Alcatraz

Today was our last full day in San Francisco and we were determined to make the most of it. We set off to the Golden Gate Park where the California Academy of Sciences is located. We started our way through the African exhibit where we saw different African animals - and some we haven’t heard of. Most of the animals were not live but there were Cheetahs, Klipspringer, African Hunting Dogs (not live) as well as other animals. Then we went on to the Islands of Evolution section where we got to have a look at how animals have evolved over hundreds of years. We were next on to the Swamp where we saw a live Albino Alligator. At first we thought it was fake but eventually it did move. Was very cool to see. Next ... read more
African Exhibit

This morning we got up and made our way down to the harbour by way of Muni with every intention of hiring bikes and riding along the wharf. When we got down there it was overcast and dreary and the wind was howling like anything. We decided to give it a miss as we had plenty of other activities to do with our GO Cards. We walked up to Bay street where we took the historic cable car up the hills to only 2 blocks from our hotel. It was a great experience and amazes us how they work. We headed back to the car and made our way over to Alameda where we hopped onboard the USS Hornet. This navy ship is famous for all the battles it was involved in as well as being ... read more
The cable cars get really packed
Beautiful buildings
Photo 4

After a good night’s sleep we woke up to go and explore some of the immediate San Francisco area. Breakfast is included here at the Mayflower Hotel which we forgot to mention yesterday is a hotel that was built in 1929. The building is obviously very old but has so much character which is very much what this city is like with all its old pretty and attractive buildings. The breakfast is simple but everything that we need. There are hard-boiled eggs, toast, homemade bikkies, cakes and muffins, cereals, fruit, juice, tea and coffee. We headed out onto the street where the weather was still overcast and the wind was very cold. We made our way to one of the cable car lines but Stu read the map wrong and we ended up going the opposite ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada July 23rd 2010

Today we left Las Vegas for San Francisco. We decided to head out to Death Valley from Las Vegas and drive up through the middle of Death Valley. Before getting to Death Valley we drove through Beatty where we filled up with petrol and bought some fresh "wet beef jerky". It was very nice. The shopwe got it from had all types of jerky from turkey to beef to buffalo and venison. After a while we came across the Rangers station stop where we needed to purchase a permit to drive in the park. It was $20 dollars so we carried on into the valley. At the top of the valley the temp was 32 degrees and by the time we reached the bottom it was 44 degrees so we cranked the air-con up a bit. ... read more
A mine
Yummy Jerky
 Heading out of Beatty

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 22nd 2010

Today was our last day in Las Vegas and we didn’t get up to an awful lot as we are up for a big drive to San Francisco tomorrow. We did a bit of souvenir shopping and the girls had a swim. There was also the dreaded packing to do too. We decided to book in and have dinner at the Top of the World restaurant in our hotel. It was on the 106th floor and was a bit fancy. The floor rotated 360 degrees every 80 mins so we got a fantastic view the whole time. We dined on a seared tuna salad for entree. For main Stu had an alfredo homemade pasta with lobster, prawns and scallops. I had salmon and the girls had potato and ricotta gnocci and potato gratin. The meal was ... read more
Stu and his 40 ounce
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon July 22nd 2010

Was an early start this morning. Up at 4.50am (a hell of a shock for me as anyone who knows me, I am not a morning person) and we were left by 5.20am (and I have to add that there were people still playing the pokies, blackjack, etc and drinking as we left - still funny to us). We got to see a beautiful sunrise while driving; our photos don't do justice as they were taken while driving. We drove out past Lake Mead (which was stunning in itself and is the largest reservoir in the USA) and onto Hoover Dam, which was also our crossing into our 3rd USA State of Arizona. Wow. It was amazing to see the Hoover Dam. They are building a new bridge so traffic can be bypassed through as the ... read more
Driving out of Las Vegas
 Driving into the Hoover Dam
Photo 20

North America » United States » Nevada July 22nd 2010

We started off the day by just driving around Las Vegas and having a look at a few sights and the strip itself. It was another hot day and we decided to wait till tomorrow to check out the strip. We went looking for a few different shops that we saw on the net that looked good for the girls but the problem was when we typed the address into the tom tom it didn’t come up or it sent us miles in the wrong direction. It was very frustrating so we sucked up a few hours doing that. We did finally find what we were looking for though! We also went looking for collector bottles of Jack Daniels’ for Stu but to no avail. Before we knew it we were looking at the time and ... read more
Luxor Hotel, looks like pyramid
Zav having a go on the Smart Cycle
View of surrounds of Vegas

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