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5th April 2012

I am still reading your blogs!!
Hope you guys are having a fantastic time!!
1st April 2012

Wow, looks like so much fun!
30th March 2012

Your Holiday
Loving reading your blog Abby, its so interesting reading about your travels with the family,Enjoy it all and safe travels..
From Blog: Day 3
27th March 2012

oh you Guys!!!
Hey, top marks for keeping your friends well informed. You guys really know haw to travel stress free. Looks likeyou are having a great time. Bet you not many one year olds have helped their family plough through 1kg of scallops! Good on you frankie! We hope the blessings of a new country and lots of family time keep on reainig down onyou all, see you when you get back, Burnsiesxxxxx
From Blog: Kota Kinabalu
26th March 2012

Hi Lovely Harveys, wow looks like you are having the best time :)
From Blog: Day 2
25th March 2012

Just letting you know i actually read your blog!
Have a fantastic time guys and please stay safe!
From Blog: Kota Kinabalu
7th August 2010

mmmm sticky date pudding xo
From Blog: Day 31 Bigfork
7th August 2010

So neat that you are all together for Jen and Jakes wedding, Have a fantastic day and love to you all, We have loved reading about your amazing travels. Thanks !
From Blog: Day 31 Bigfork
6th August 2010

What a beautiful place, it looks so perfect for relaxing.
1st August 2010

Lovely to see you all together in Portland. How long before Rob and Karen will be joining you?
31st July 2010

Wow, Portland looks nice, '' but it looks like its cold there, '' Jens mum and dads home looks huge. 2x more sleeps and we are outa here ..................... woohoo
29th July 2010

Smoke House
Richard and Calvin like! Gail, Koren and Crystal agree with Danika!!
29th July 2010

Portland looks nice, Abby, stu was brought up on wild blackberrys living at Lake Okareka, he would know a goodie from a yackie , Avril used to make a wicked apple blackberry pie. Looks like a big nite coming up meeting up with all the family. all our love from Morayfield
27th July 2010

he he he, good point Sue - now that would be a challenge fixing that leaking roof!!!
27th July 2010

Beautiful photos! So glad you guys are seeing the Redwoods. Can't wait to see you!
27th July 2010

Have a safe trip as you travel to join up with the rest of the family. Your travel blog is also a highlight of my day. xx
27th July 2010

I wouldn't rave too much about this living roof concept as it could be bad for business!
27th July 2010

Muir Woods reminds me of the Redwoods in Rotorua.... I used to love walking there. OMG heaps of fog... also reminds me of NZ!!!! Missing you all but loving your travel blog xoxoxo
27th July 2010

San Fran, looked cold, hopefully the weather will pick up as you make your way up to portland.Thanks very much for the info about what to see at fishermans whalf,as we only are there for 7 hours. Hi to my ,Outthere, beenthere,donethat grandkiddies xoxoxo Robby
27th July 2010

Run Forrest ,run..
We just have to go to Bubba, s , the meals look fab. looks like you will be headed up the north coast soon, wishing you all a safe and happy trip. '' rain here today '' ,i got a heap of skylights to do before we too, head over Stateside , just off to have lunch with the wifey ,Narnie and i love the news and photos each day, it has been the highlite most days reading what you'' Harvey Mob'', have been up to. Bobby
26th July 2010

Guys it looks like you're having such a super time! There are so many things going on to our 'must see' list for when we make it back to the States!! It's great following your progress and seeing what you're up to. Love you all xxxx
26th July 2010
Which colour would you like....??

Oh my goodness! They've changed the display since we were there!!! There are HEAPS more colours now!!! Wish I was there to sample some!!!!!!
24th July 2010

The Transformer fan loved Hoover Dam. Steve's toes were curling about the skywalk back in Oz. WOW! What a day
24th July 2010

Those strawberries look YUMBO....the hotel looks pretty amazing!
24th July 2010

Hay , great photos again, veiws very, very nice. looks like there were not many cars on the road up in the Nat park. Stu, the sky jump would have been a buzz. You can now say, been there ,done that wicked Bro love Robbie and Narnie

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