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So. After loosing out on tickets to Burning Man, we decided we should try to do Coachella instead. Friends of Hughs wanted to go as well & so the girls sat together, fingers poised over the keyboards, and after 20 minutes, tickets to Coachella 2016 were secured. What started out as just a short trip, ended up encompassing, LA, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite & San Fransisco.

North America » United States » California May 5th 2016

So the saddest day has finally arrived and we pack up and get ready to leave San Francisco and drive back to LA for the flight home tomorrow. We thank Eric for letting us use his apartment for a few days. Sad to be leaving the bed as it is so big and comfy! Hugh makes a note of the make as he wants to buy one! We cook off the rest of the vegetables we have left and eat the antichokes and put the asparagus in a bag with some butter to eat later. This turns out to be a great snack, but the butter has gone cold and hard again and is a bit too much! We decide to drive the scenic route along the I-1, but it takes us forever to find it! ... read more
Rookery Elephant Seals 2016-05 (5)
Rookery Elephant Seals 2016-05 (9)
Rookery Elephant Seals 2016-05 (16)

So, after going out with the boys, I collapsed into bed and forgot to book the tickets for Alcatraz! Get up and get on the computer and there are loads left for the day so pick the 12.30pm one thinking that will give us time to get breakfast or lunch & we have to move the car by 11am anyway. We get there around 12, i have made a packed lunch, so we get coffee and sit and eat. Get on the ferry and off we go! The ferry journey only takes a few minutes and we are there. When you get off you get a sense of the size of the place. It is pretty big. You also get a sense of how depressive it is too. We make our way up to the main ... read more
2016-05 Alcatraz (14)
2016-05 Alcatraz (36)
2016-05 Alcatraz (39)

Hugh has to work in the morning and so we chill for a bit, he moves the car at 11am because we only get 2 hours parking and we leave the apartment around 12.30 to go out, but we have not just one parking ticket but two! One for parking in residential overtime and one for parking on grades! What the hell is that. Ask the concierge and she says you can't just move the car round the corner, it has to be at least a block away, but no one knows what parking on grades is! I look up parking in the centre and find a parking place for $18 a day. Wasn't expecting that expense! We get lunch at a little jacket potato place and fill up on jacket with prawns and salad. Yummy! ... read more
2016-05 Golden Gate Bike ride (4)
2016-05 Golden Gate Bike ride (6)
2016-05 Golden Gate Bike ride (8)

So, after 2 days on the road, we finally get back in the car and drive from Monterey Bay to San Fran which is only a 2 hour drive now. We stop off at a fruit and veg place by the side of the road and I finally find where they sell all kinds of things! There is every kind of fruit and veg, as well as dried fruit too! We buy some dried mango and kiwi, just because! As well as some artichokes, sweetcorn, asparagus, kiwis, cherries, strawberries, almonds, avocado and some salad. Never thought I'd crave fresh fruit and veg so much! We devour the strawberries in seconds in the car and eat the avocado on the way too. Finally get to San Fran around 5pm, go to the apartment and book into the ... read more
2016-05 Seals ar wharf (2)

We leave Vegas around lunchtime after we both finish some work and pack! The host of the airbnb, Bud, doesn't mind us being there a bit longer as we have vacated the room so he can have it cleaned. So we finish what we need to do and get on the road! We don't go very far before we spot an In n Out Burger that we have both never done and everyone recommends so we stop and take a breather and get some food & it lives up to expectation's! It's a very simple menu, 4 choices of burger and one fries and a drink, but their Double Double Burger is amazing. I order 2 burgers, 2 fries and a drink to share, but we really only needed 1 fries and as Hugh pointed out, ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 29th 2016

I have always wanted to see the Bellagio Fountains and so off we trotted this afternoon to look at those. Stood there for ages and they didn't start! The security guard tells Hugh that they are off for a couple of weeks while they set up a new one. I am so disappointed, my little face drops, but Hugh gives me a big cuddle and promises me a big ice cream instead. So we take of to look at Luxor, Paris & Mandalay Bay. Get the bus up to Manadaley Bay and try to go to the pool area, but this is only available to guests with room keys, so we get some lunch in their food court and chill for a bit, then we decide to get tickets to Shark Reef. The aquarium in the ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 28th 2016

So, we want to go to one of the hotels and use their pool so we get everything together, pack a couple of beach bags, get some drinks together and then it rains! So we abandon that idea and decide to just go see the hotel pools instead. Get to Wynn and spend far too long just walking round it trying to find them! The place is huge and very confusing. Find a bar outside which has a waterfall backdrop and the bloody sun comes out! It's lovely so we sit and have a drink. Get talking with a lovely couple behind us who are very friendly, but it soon becomes clear we have very differing views on certain things, namely Trump! We have met a few people who not only think he can win, but ... read more
04.16 Vegas (47)
04.16 Vegas (56)
04.16 Vegas (62)

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 27th 2016

So Wednesday saw another lazy morning and then we went to The Mob Museum for the afternoon, we thought it would take maybe an hour to get around, but even after 3 hours we could've stayed longer! It was amazing. All about how the mob started and the influence they had on the US and how involved they were with Vegas and how the authorities finally clamped down on them and got rid of most of them. It was really well done, with lots of info and great pictures, but you could sort of tell it was a dumbed down version as it felt like it was written for children to read. There were lots of photos of dead gangsters! Also, all the conspiracy theories and how anyone could own a hotel in Vegas before they ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 26th 2016

We are both exhausted from Coachella and the drive over to Las Vegas and so we chill out for the morning. Hugh has some work to do and i have some emails to answer and so we get down to it. Decide to take a drive out to The Strip later on that afternoon, as we come out of the apartment and drive onto the main road that is the actual strip! We are between Wynn and Circus Circus so the north end, but still really close to everything! Drive around for a bit and go up to the top where downtown and the old bit is. Then we drive back to the apartment, abandon the car and go for a walk. Get something to eat at Dennys as we are both starving by now and ... read more

North America » United States » California » Joshua Tree April 25th 2016

The last morning at Coachella and we are sad to be leaving everyone we have made friends with. We miss saying goodbye to Jenny, Denton, Carley & Ashley as they have to leave before we have even woken up! But we have nearly everyone on facebook so we can stay in touch and exchange photos! The boys are all still around and so are Richard and Hannah. So, we slowly pack up and get everything in the Mustang ready to go. Decide to have last minute shower before we go, but when we get there the showers are closed so we have a wash at the water station instead. Hugh empties buckets of water over his head, but i just wash myself down and stick my feet and head under the tap to get the grime ... read more

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