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9th May 2016
2016-05 Golden Gate Bike ride (4)

Love a fit biker!!
Great view (of the bridge!)
30th April 2016

Vegas is BLING dahling!! Thats why it's so much FUN!! You mean neither of you gambled?????? Must be the only tourists who went there and didnt try the slots at least lol!! Enjoy it and great blog!! xxx
From Blog: Exploring Vegas
27th April 2016

Good Group!!
Looks hot mmmmmm
27th April 2016

Love reading your fun at Coachella. Think the drinking stuff is ridiculous!! What a pain!! Hope Hugh is being a good boy!! Looks like he is!! xxx
27th April 2016
Coachella 16 (91)

Trippy!! Were you really there or was it all a dream!!??? Love this look hun!! xxx
17th April 2016

Bon Voyage
Look forward to following your adventures!! Can't wait!!

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