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South America » Brazil » Alagoas » MaceiĆ³ June 24th 2007

Yeap! Not all travel is about fun. Some are about sorrow and loss, like this one. My father passed away and it wasn't easy not having the chance to say goodbye. In Tibet it takes 3 days from death to burrial and in the US usually 7 or more days. In Brazil, however, it all happens in less than 24 hours, and I did not arrive in time to be there at the end. For those of you who live away from your families, I say this: visit as much as you can and make every minute count. Find ways to make the distance shorter. I am glad to say that this travel blog got me closer to my Dad more than anything else this past year. He was an avid reader and knew a ... read more
Fim do dia num rio
Morros de Camaragibe
Pedra nos Morros de Camaragibe

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 18th 2007

Hi there: After 4 incredible days exploring St Pete, mostly in the great company of my 2 new British friends, I can recommend it as a great destination, particularly for those who enjoy walking while exploring incredibly beautiful buidings, churches, and canals. Lot's of Russian history on the streets and museums. MOSCOW: Beautiful metropolis, fascinating churches, with fairly unfriendly people, very high prices and horrible traffic jams. That's a simplified descripition of the capital I have extensively explored on foot for 3 days. From the still enigmatic Kremlin, the sight of Lenin's body, which has been preserved since he died in 1924, to the beautiful metro underground, you are reminded of the soviet era. However, the contrasting sight of very exclusive shops, the unbelievable number of very expensive cars, and the innumerous elegant cafes/restaurants, ma ... read more
Saint Basil's Church
Lenin: the world's most famous mummy
Kazan Cathedral

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg May 16th 2007

"Priviet" (hi). As promised, here are some pictures from St Pete. I was fortunate to have a true Russian experience, as I stayed with a Russian couple. I got to taste real Russian food (mostly delicious), coffee (nice and strong), and champagne (yeap! I really liked it, and I did even know Russia had anything but vodka). I got to see a Russian production of the Swan Lake and I got to go to a party, which lasted until 3:3am, on a week day. Talking about politics, people fell much better off since the fall of communism, love ex-president Michael Gorbachev, don't love president Putin but think he is much better than the previous alcoholic Yeltsin, and hate president Bush and the late Stalin. Sasha is a physician but says the pay is so low ... read more
Russian fashion
View from my room
In Russia as the Russian

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg May 15th 2007

Zdrah'stvooite! No, I am not insulting you. That's how we'd say HELLO in Russian. If you guessed that I have been saying "hello" instead, you were right! I can manange "da" (yes) and "nyet" (no), and "spasee'ba" (thanks). The 10 hr flight from Atlanta to Moscow was okay. I read my "travel bible" (lonely planet) to get a refresher on Russian history, from Ivan the Terrible, to Peter the Great, to Lenin, Stalin, ... and all the way to president Putin. Than... the American by me started to talk (yeap! I was not the one talking, believe me). He happened to be working on building a facility to destroy Russian chemical weapons!!! US brings personnel and money for the plant, and contributes with other projects like hospital, orphanage, etc. According to him, the new cold war ... read more

Europe » Russia May 12th 2007

Hello all! A few months ago I heard: "I'm going to Russia". Impulsivelly, I immediatelly announced: "I am going too!". Tickets bought quickly, a bargain flying out of Gainesville to Atlanta, and from there directly to Moscow. Just couldn't let the opportunity go by, even when Russia hadn't been on my destination list. Lots has happened since the day I decided to take a peek at Russia, and despite not being on my usual "exciting exploratory mood", here I go. I dedicate this trip to my Dad and hope he will be well enough for me to share this blog and journey with. Talk to you soon, hopefully.... I will be taking a plane within Russia, on what I have heard to be "unregulated sky". Patricia... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town December 10th 2006

Hello there: It's summer down in South Africa, but I landed on a rainy and cold Cape Town!!! Shunt towns around the airport area, just like the ones in Brazilian "favelas", started to appear. "Apartheid ghost?", I questioned, and right than, a huge billboard announced " Comfortable Housing for All". Hummmmm!!!!?????? At the hotel I am warned not to walk alone, for safety reasons, and right after I met a Peruvian woman who had been already mugged. My South African friends back in Namimbia had already warned me that S. Africa has a lot of crime and to be VERY careful. Well, I was careful, but how not to walk on the streets if that's where you see the locals? I did walk daily, but during the day time. The area where I stayed was where ... read more
Cape Town from above
At Table Mountain, after a great hike
Sunset at Camps Bay 1

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund December 5th 2006

We now drive west and across the "Gravel plains", and as if in the dessert, I see water just ahead, many times. Oh, well, in reality I kept seing mirages, tricks of the desert. I think of loved ones during the boring drive. Some who'd love this experience, the many who will be content to just hear about it, and the others who will still think "Is she crazy?" Crazy is to think this trip isn't worth it. 116 from Uis we can see the Atlantic Ocean and finally feel some cooler air. We are now at the SKELETON COAST, on Henties Bay. The arrival at CAPE FUR SEAL colony at CAPE CROSS, was announced by the strong, pungent , almost unbearable smell of the thousands of seals. They were noisy too, and can number as ... read more
Seals and more seals
baby seals
Mom and baby

Africa » Namibia December 3rd 2006

We are now in DAMARALAND, on Northwest Namibia. Africa is regarded to be the cradle of mankind and here in Damaraland palaeontologists have found fossils of our ancerstors. Today we will be hiking to see rock art of closer "relatives". Up at 5:00, still dark, to prep and get on the road. Today is to be the most most physically challenging day. We got dust and more dust, on a very bumpy ride on this semi-desert land. Some donkeys, kudus, spingbocks didn't distract us much. THE PETRIFIED FOREST: It was hard to enjoy this geological wonder under 40C heat. The once trees have been fossilised into rocks 240 to 300 millions of years ago. The most interesting was to see the "Welwistschia mirabilis" plant, a sort of underground tree, in reality. Two leaves are exposed and ... read more
The group
Rock engraving
Exausted hikers resting

Africa » Namibia » Kaokoland December 1st 2006

BEFORE YOU READ ON: COULD YOU PLEASE do me a big favor and SEND ME A MESSAGE (click on send private message or comment at the bottom ) AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU FOUND THIS BLOG. This is important. THANK YOU. The African animal kingdom attracted me, but from the early stages of my planning for this trip to Namibia, without a doubt, my greatest desire was to get to know, even if only a little, the people of the land, and in particularly the Himba people. Here, south of Etosha, I could meet the ovahimba who have migrated from the far north region of Namibia, the Kaokoland. What I came here to really experience was African people and culture, and the Himba people fascinated me the minute I read a little about them. ... read more
First woman I saw by the road
First glace at village
Himba young woman

Africa » Namibia » Kaokoland December 1st 2006

DAY 3: Elias' wake up call at 5:45am sounded like music to my ears. Happy as one rested person could be, I announced outloud that I'd gotten a full-night of sleep: 7 hrs straight! My recharged body won't have to run on adrenaline rush any more. A quick cup of coffee and to the bush we go again by 6:15am. The sunrise was gorgeous and the picts for that morning I've sent already. Breakfast was a delight to the Brits and Germans: eggs, bacon, baked beans(!!), ketchup (!!). I kept to the basics, off course, which was delicious, anyway. The whole day was spent driving through thebumping and dusty roads by the Etosha pan, and under the 38C African sun, I felt I was being cooked for a draai, Namibian barbecue. My arms are deep red ... read more
Best Shower facility ever
Me, The Brave!!!!
Me somewhere

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